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  1. tigerviper

    Revell 1/72 Sea King SAR

    Hello, Finale finished something again. A dear collegue of me at the Belgian Search And Rescue service goes on retirement. After 21 years as an Search And Rescue Medic. 250+ scrambles and 150+ pick-ups/lives saved. Had to build something as a modeler. Frame from ikea, groundplate is plaster, Revell 1/72 Sea King with Daco decals. Hope you like? Greets
  2. tigerviper

    Belgian NTM F-16 2016

    Just seen on FB. The 31Sqn NATO Tiger Meet bird. After a long time again a full colored Viper. Grts
  3. tigerviper

    RSAF F-5T Tiger sheme;

    Hello, Saw this new cool sheme for the F-5F from Singapore. Anyone planning some decals for it???
  4. tigerviper

    Iron Maiden 2016 Ed Force One model kit to be made

    The kit I bought is the Lufthansa kit from Revell. The Ed Force One kit willalso be a rebox off that kit with new decals. But designed by daco. I found some resin engines from Braz models and just wondered if I could use aftermarket engines on the kit. I bought resin engines for the previous ed force one liverys. Thanks
  5. tigerviper

    Iron Maiden 2016 Ed Force One model kit to be made

    I have the V1 decals for this 747. The Revell kit is on the way via eBay. What engines are used by the Ed Force One? PW4000 or the Rolls Royce Thanks Youri
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a pdf, scan, copy or original instruction manual for the Academy 1/32 F-16CG box? Also the weapons decal is missing, can somebody help me with that? looking for a aftermarket ACMI pod too, some suggestions? Thanks in advance Greets Youri
  7. tigerviper

    What you going to Build EH?....

    Hello, I'm in for a Westland Seaking Mk.48 of the Belgian Search and Rescue service at Koksijde. The RS04 as on the pictures. Using the Hasegawa 1/48 seaking AEW.Mk.2a box with a lot of extra's. Daco decal sheet. Montex mini mask Flightpath seaking conversion set. Cutting edge sponson and radome set Eduard cockpit set. And a lot off scratchbuild. As a Search and Rescue Medic on duty, I took some pictures with the actual helo. I'm a very slow builder so hopefuly done before end of june???
  8. tigerviper

    Search and Rescue group build

    Hello, Waiting, waiting, waiting. First time try to superdetail a modelkit.
  9. thank you for adding me as a friend.


  10. tigerviper

    Tiger Meet Group Build

    Hello, My F-104G is at the decalling stage. So I Will try to find another participant for the GB. Greets, Youri
  11. tigerviper

    Search and Rescue group build

    Hello, As a SAR Medic I can not stand aside. I am in with my office in the Belgian Airforce. The platform for SAR in Belgium. In service since 1976 soon be replaced by the NH-90 NFH or by civilian company (Défense budget) The Westland Sea King Mk.48. Looking forward to start. Grts, Youri
  12. tigerviper

    Tiger Meet Group Build

    Hello, Can I join with an model already started? The BAF F-104G 1978 tigermeet. 1/48 Hasegawa with Revell decals. Grts Youri
  13. tigerviper

    1/72 Sea King Mk48 SAR

    Hello, A dear colleague of me is retired from the service. After 14 years of dedication to the Belgian Search and Rescue Sqn at Koksijde airbase. So as a fellow SAR medic and modeler i had to make him a retirement present. After some talks about his favorite helo here i decided to build him the RS05 with a special livery from some years ago. The RS05 was painted overall black with the Belgian flag from back to front to celebrate the 25 years of Seaking SAR at Koksijde. The helo stayed in this color's from then nearing it's 40th celebration in 2016. The kit i used is the Revell Seaking with DaCo decals and a home made base. For you "SIMBA" enjoy you're retirement and keep in touch. greets Youri
  14. tigerviper

    1/48 F-16 Belgian & Hellenic AF

    Hello, Great idea to combine the Greek and Belgian roots of the boy in a modelplane. Nice Work. Grts Youri