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  1. Thats really ecxellent mike Im going to build mine in those colors. Jets are'nt my thing but I picked up a revell stelth fighter kit for just $9.99
  2. Su-weet Bell X-1! That has to be one of Mr Guildings builds surely :o Ellis Big fan off X Planes
  3. Wow that is flaw less carbine I wish I could paint that good. Ecxellent photos too :D Whats the yellow stripe on the gear doors? Ellis (Needng a P-51B on my shelf)
  4. Now thats what Im talking about Aweesome build I wish I could get my mottleing to look as nice. Ellis
  5. That is ecxellent Jared great attention to detail on the missiles and panle high lights. The one colour grey scheme looks smart. Ellis (WW2 prop fan but recognizes a nice jet when I see one)
  6. That is some awesome air brushing camoflage on a 1/72 model Eddie what kind of air brush do you use. Your skyhawk looks great. Ellis
  7. Thank you for the suggestoin Bill Ill try that. Ellis
  8. Hey those are some NICE models Rob. Ive never heard of a Blackburn Rock it sure is ugly ;) all though you have built a great model of it. Is the fulmar the old frog kit in a SMER box? Ellis (Old enough to rember buying frog kits)
  9. Ive had a Airfix 1/24 stuka on my shelf for all most 20 years Ive never built it because the decals are dryed up and useless. I suppose I could paint the crosses but not codes and badges same with there 1/24 Bf109 which I also have. Ellis Big airfix fan
  10. Wow that is absolutly superb Bill and so are the photos. I have a freind who used the WEM paints and he had problmes with them did you have any? Anyway your 108 looks awesome especialy the cockpit
  11. Ellis

    B29s in olive drab

    Hi all Im building a 1/48 B29 but Im too chicken to do a NMF finish Can anyone reccomend good on line or book/magzines that show OD/NG finished B29s? Thanks Ellis (stocking up on OD paint)
  12. Wow Nathan you do good work much better than mine at 19 in fact better than mine noow I like the hellcat what do the red cross markings indicate? Ellis
  13. What MickeyFickey said. Those spocked wheels are amazing. Ellis
  14. Looks real nice Touvdal! Is it resin kit? The camerflage looks ecxellent Ellis
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