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  1. I have a Tu-95 here that I could build. I never enter in a Group Build here, where can I found the rules? thks!
  2. Hello Paul, I´ll post it here, and share the art decals for download too :D Best regards!
  3. All right! I´ll draw it for myself :D :D TheFlyingDutchman your model are perfect! Thanks to all!
  4. Hello, I´m going to do this aircraft and I´m making my own decals, I need a help to try to find this font: http://www.tnmc.cz/fotodet.php?fd=walkaround&fsd=letadla/li2&ff=052&fl=52 It looks like the font called AERO. Some ideas? Thank you!
  5. Hi Boz, I think you are talking about the old OKB kit: This kit is terrible, I just use the PE in Amodel kit. If you need some pics, I did a walkround of this bird: http://www.spruemaster.com/blog/2011/10/walkaround-yak40/ Happy modelling!
  6. Thanks Le_boz, This kit is like the new "short run" kits from Czech Republic, here you can see a review (you can translate the text using the tool at the left): http://www.spruemaster.com/blog/2011/11/review-144-yak-40/ Here the step-by-step construction: http://www.spruemaster.com/blog/2013/03/yak-40-1144-azmodel/
  7. You can find it on Modelimex, plus a lot of aftermarkets. I bougth from this store a lot of times, and the service is very good. www.modelimex.com
  8. I agree, you can wash the plastic with washing powder.
  9. Fantastic! :jaw-dropping:/>
  10. Here in Brazil the problem is the price, a single X-20 bottle costs about 12USD,and it is not always available at stores. So almost 90% of modellers use Isopropyl alcohol (2-propanol), it´s less hazardous and do the job well. Recomended.
  11. Lucas


    Thank you! :D This little diorama is a sensation on Plastic Model Shows :D the modellers like it.
  12. I do not build my model, what´s the problem with decals? they are wrong?
  13. Just finished: A step by step post is available at my Blog here (to translate to english use the google tool at the left) http://www.spruemaster.com/blog/2013/03/yak-40-1144-azmodel/
  14. The kit from Pit-Road comes with this decals.
  15. I did a review of the Pit-Road kit... it is here: http://www.spruemaster.com/blog/2012/11/review-1144-avro-vulcan-b-2-pit-road-p3200/ The text can be translated using the tool at the left bar in website.
  16. I´m starting this new project (from Easter Express kit). The manual (as usually from easter express :( ) don´t give any good indication of colors, they just say "grey" I found some pictures of the subject, and now I would like to know if it is only one grey, or two greys. At this pic looks line just one grey: http://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/43TsBPiPLS/i-wzDPL2R/0/O/Dyagilevo_part2_18.jpg http://russianplanes.net/id28821 But this pic looks like that are two greys! http://russianplanes.net/id45624 here some more pics: http://vitaly.livejournal.com/131608.html So my question is
  17. Lucas


    Good Idea! I´ll send a message to him :D tks!
  18. Lucas


    Thank you to all, Holmes, (don't my secret about Lucas! ) I only manipulate the cow legs to looks like is "flying", at the link below the pics are some more pics and a step-by-step video. Kiowafixer, yes, it's a party cup.
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