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  1. hi everybody! this time i'm gonna break the rules and publish on this forum section rather than the "display case" which i deem to receive little attention in our forum. hope that i won't get a stick hit on my fingers... yeah, my guys, i have built the thud and with her i have completed my 1/72 "century series", which makes me, modestly, PROUD! the previous project, the super sabre, was a former step in this achievement, but the lack (!!!) of the warning red stripes on the decal sheet -i am waiting stripe decals to be delivered as aftermarket item- make her labeled as "incomplete", thence i will publish the album only after she will receive her due warning stripes. both kits are trumpeter's, and i might say that, decals accidents apart -i also had ro resort to a set of xtradecal's stars and bars as the blue of the original ones was too light and somewhat metallic- they both did build with plain pleasure, with the due challlenge of complex steps, but what i got from those two projects was truely, even in the most hazardous passages, just pure fun. i confess that i had never tried trumpeter before, but if the going is this, i'd dare to compare the quality of detail and engineering with -let me add an "almost"- tamiya! the thud is a true war machine, born to bear at supersonic speed a nukeload in her bellly, and bare metal like this she's even more warlike and deadly than with the s.e.a. camo and the pure wild force of tenths of iron bombs hanging. i know that someone's brows will rise up and fall back to their naps about the type of green i choose for the fuselage. actually, i feel the need to tell you something about the apparently eccentric whim that brought me to choose f.s. 34102 euro 1 dark green for the green area. i had used that paint only once in my life when building the a-10 warthog, enjoyed the euro camo effect, and stowed it away with the rarely used paints. when it came to thiis thud's green, i had something dark in the back of my mind, and now i know what it was: the black spine of the monogram "action" thud artwork of my childhood. thus i tested a lot of different greens that could be, from vallejo nato green, to mr. hobby field green, to f.s. 34079 -which btw, also looking at some pics, should have been the "right" one- but each and everyone looked too light and a somewhat faded green. in search of a darker and "greener" green i tested also r.l.m. luftwaffe's schwarzgrun, and usmc green. no way: too gray the former, too dark the latter. eventually, the classic "lightbulb" went on in my head, i did some archaeology and brough to the light the euro 1. i tested it. it was definitely not the green that appears in most of the pictures i had seen, though there seem to be there exceptions, but IT was the color i had had in my brains for so long: not black (that btw was on the very early thuds) but dark and green enough. hit! i will be happy to get your comments if you will have a look at google photos album here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4wjoisCWz2FWKNbAA yeah, the fuse and the canopy have different hues, rather densities. this is due to a stupid accident that brought me to paint gloss aluminum the canopy apart in order to latter mask the yellow seals...only to realize, seals masked and done, that i should have painted it green! by then i had already discarded the eduard masks so i masked again, but only along the frames limits using my "maketar canopy survival kit" -i recommend it!- and micro tapes, and handbrush painted green. unfortunately, the model master acryl fs 34102 is particularily sensitive to air or hand brushing, so there's a difference. perhaps someday if i get inspired i will pass a coat of heavily thinned paint hoping that it would end out lighter... it might be that i've gone out of my head, but i'm even sure that this paint is no extravagancy albeit the true color! and i'm not the only case... it seems that this indulgence is more diffused among the modelers than one could expect, for i have seen several thuds in all scales that had been painted with a dark and green spine, not the faded green (fs 34079, and various shades of o.d.) which should be canonically perfect for f-84 and -a tad darker- for f-86. best ciaos, my friends, season greetings to all, and...happy modeling! bobo.
  2. Bobo1953

    B28 nuclear weapon markings?

    dear solo: thank you very much! this is a precious info, all the more so as i live too on the eastern shore of the pond, i.e. italy. then, poland is much more accessible than the transatlantic places; also, i see that the company is really specialized in custom modelers' decal production, which isn't easy to find. as for translation, i see a british flag in the upper right of the page but it seems to be not working yet. in case, i will try with google transaltor, or, with many thanks, i will take advantage from your -surely more reliable- translations. i will p.m. you, ok? thank you very much again, and...happy modeling! best ciaos, bobo.
  3. Bobo1953

    B28 nuclear weapon markings?

    hi solo. great job! always searching someone who would make custom decals, could you disclose the contact to your "small company"? thanks in advance. best ciaos, bobo.
  4. Bobo1953

    an update from bobo 1953

    thank you very much, sbarc, very kind of you. so you're from b.c., canada: 26 years ago my future wife and me traveled from seattle, wa, where she was for a master in hindi language at the uw, and came right up to british columbia (awesome primordial lagoon landscape from the ferry), then reached vancouver and went back down to the u.s. in seattle. it was christmas holidays... we enjoyed each and every mile of that trip! after that, on the shore of lake washington, i asked her to become my wife....wow!!! have a great day, be well...and happy modeling! best ciaos, bobo.
  5. Bobo1953

    an update from bobo 1953

    hi people! i've been so busy with modeling that i didn't have mind to publish what i was, eh, modeling, since several months ago... then you'l lfind herebelow the links to the google photo albums dedicated to each subject, if you'd mind to have a look. -f-84g+mk vii: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KLkXGegwNAwazuzKA -b-17g "little miss mischief": https://photos.app.goo.gl/oF8WTTK7SPXbnEWM8 -b-17f "memphis belle": https://photos.app.goo.gl/X3V7oCPDX9YLBmjU9 -b-24d "dopey": https://photos.app.goo.gl/SZ2QBZvnhtfv2ecc6 -b-29 korean war "united notions": https://photos.app.goo.gl/xEtGdbUd68Ea42Ax9 -b-24h "gemini": https://photos.app.goo.gl/y9M2Doe2jskuwB2F7 -f-101a voodoo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VK4ZdQJ9H2jrYekL9 generally speaking, there's just something notheworthy to say about the splendid tamiya 1/72 f-84g kit plus valom mk vii nuke, and the 1/144 conversion of a minicraft b-17g to an "f" model to make the "memphis belle", as in 1/144 scale there's no "f" available and you have to convert the minicrafts' "g"s. actually, the custom conversion was more worrysome to think than to realize. sure the scale helps, but i'm particularily satisfied with the outcome, milliput-shaped drop nose antenna included. last but not least i want to tell the story of the "ugly duckling" valom 1/72 f-101a. the kit was wicked. yeah it had a spell on itself that began with the absence of pin-and-hole references (i hear that it's a no surprise with the east european kits) nor, as for that, almost any reference as to where, from the bigger to the smaller part, were supposed to be placed. also -they're mad with p.e.- even the landing gear doors were photo etchings, resulting in something too thin for realism, and eventually warped from handling. well, i confess that i had a bad imprinting from the first look at the kit...and it paid me back with all sorts of problems and glitches. i tell you, i became convinced that the kit was charmed in an evil way, and that this was just an ugly model that could never have been mended. ugly, yeah an ugly -and evil...- thing. as a friend modeler of mine said, it's hard to turn chicken shoot into chicken salad... all sort of accidents and shortcomings happened until, first time in my long modeler's life, i became so disgusted with the project that i packed all that was done at the time, cast it aside and wanted to forget about it. thereafter i started the minicraft 1/144 b-24h "zodiac sqn." though the scale is an "easy" one only at a superficial sight, it built and painted like a clockwork, and in a relaxed and serene state of mind. it was "happy modeling" again! when "gemini" was completed and photographed, i was reconciled and reassured with my modeling skills, the spell cast away, and i eventually felt like taking up the voodoo again. well, i must say that although it wasn't a piece of cake, this second round was less a fight between "evil" and "good"; i possibly assumed a more relaxed attitude accepting the snafus for what they were, just snafus, without anger. there was no alignment mark for the cannon's fairings? well. a look at the pictures, and there! i pasted this delicate detail almost carelessly, on-the spot, on the fuselage...and -roughly- i got it done right... if you look at the pics now, one couldn' tell the hardships that are behind what all in all showed to be just an ugly duckling... thank you for your attention and hope you will enjoy watching the pics as i -a tad vainly- did. happy modeling -anyway and in any case!- to everybody. best ciaos, bobo.
  6. hi everybody. again, looking for the "same-old-story" unavailable and badly needed decals. looks like a curse: i see hundreds of f-105's decals but for the ones i want...i.e. the red stripes and ace of spades tailed 563rd tfs's. does anybody have a surplus or at any rate willing to part from, 1/72 microscale f-105d #72-178 decal sheet? i would buy one for -almost!- any reasonable price. thanks in advance for checking your decal dungeon😀...to help your search, please look at the attached image. pleeeaaaseee...don't leave me wait too long...🤤 have a happy modeling! best ciaos, bobo.
  7. Bobo1953

    second intruder/crusader type pilot by Reedoak

    norbert we are not acquainted, but let me say in capital letters that this is a true masterpiece! how were you able to make head/helmet with such fine tolerances that they can fit one ino the other so perfectly?!!! great! best ciaos, bobo.
  8. Bobo1953

    RF-101C Anti Glare Green

    ok: as seen in the pics i perfectly agree with niels. it's the same green you had on the '104 nose. but on the starfighter it was glossy, and the best match i was able to find is f.s. 14108. sure the pics are very tricky: the difference of light makes changes like the one between the first two and the last photograph, where it looks matt, and definitely tending to O.D. for my starfighter i was definitely satisfied with lifecolor UA 086, f.s. 14108. happy modeling! ciao. bobo.
  9. Bobo1953

    RF-101C Anti Glare Green

    sorry, but 34079 is the "dark green" used in the s.e.a. camo; unless you're doing the 'nam version with this camo pattern, it wouldn't fit elsewhere. ciao! bobo.
  10. Bobo1953

    RF-101C Anti Glare Green

    hi billS. i haven't seen the kh rf-101, but if the anti glare looks green, well i can grant you that, sorry, but it must be one of the infinite shades of the elusive O.D. be it f.s. 34087 or 34088 or O.D. ANA613... personally, for thet plane i would choose the f.s. 34088, but i should do some research about before telling it for sure. hope this helps. best ciaos, bobo.
  11. Bobo1953

    the lilliput bomb wing

    thank you for your appreciation, guys. i'm flattered...😎 actually, dnl42, when provided i prefer to leave the transparencies clear. to me they look more natural, you can see the light through them, the interior is not more complex than a brush stroke of interior green or similars, and you still can have something to show -ideally- inside. i remember the scratch building of the cockpit with seats etc, on an 1/144 c-130a, or the realistic, though impressionistic, sight of red points of the headrests through the windows of a same scale sr-71. think that minicraft b-24 offers seats and consoles, and even a decal for the i.p... as for the fujimi b-29 prop hubs it's a true oriental mystery: in such a nicely detailed kit they made those awful hubs: really no earthly explantion! but this is not the only fault: fujimi did a very nice kit, showing bombs and their racks but forgot the catwalk duct that is very visible through the open bomb bays, and the bays rear bulkhead. i had to use a plastic straw (!) and a rounded piece of plasticard to overcome this omission... i don't want to sound self laudative or vain, but if you want you can have a look at the b-29 and the bombers other than "a bit o' lace" which i have already published. b-29: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xEtGdbUd68Ea42Ax9 b-17f memphis belle: https://photos.app.goo.gl/X3V7oCPDX9YLBmjU9 b-17g little miss mischief: https://photos.app.goo.gl/oF8WTTK7SPXbnEWM8 b-24d dopey: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SZ2QBZvnhtfv2ecc6 again, thank you for your attention and have fun! best ciaos, bobo.
  12. Bobo1953

    the lilliput bomb wing

    hello guys and gals. some time ago i submitted the 1/144 b-17g "a bit o' lace" and shared with you the idea of building a true fleet of ww ii bombers in their so variated liveries and nose art. well, the idea has become a real project and i have built to this day one b-24d, "dopey" from the "snow white and the 7 dwarfes" sqn., two b-17g and one b-17f converted from a "g". it seems impossible but in this scale you can find only "g"s, so i tried and, i believe, succeeded in transforming a "g" with a little improvisation and scratch bulding into the "f" "memphis belle". the two "g"s are the said "a bit o' lace" and "little miss mischief" so now we have 4 a/c of which the three b-17s together have already the look of a powerful, consistent number. plus there's the "dopey" b-24d and for the moment left aside as from another war, a korean war b-29, a really great fujimi kit. now i'm gonna take a pause and build in a bigger scale for a while (1/144 is much more demanding than one could expect); anyway, next lilliput to come will be a b-24j from the "zodiac" sqn, possibly "leo" or "capricorn". i apologize for the poor quality of the fuzzy pictures but the glass shelves give really nasty reflections. here is the link to the googlephoto album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/sKs8o2V7m1Pd3DZdA thank you for watching. best ciaos, and...happy modeling! bobo.
  13. Bobo1953

    98th bg snow white B-24s n. africa: boots or no boots??

    dear greg and steve, thank you for your contribution. actually, i must agree with steve as though i can't tell from a b/w pic an overexposed o.d. from an underexposed desert pink, for sure this dopey is from another a/c than the lybian one of the 98th. at 98th, this nose art was done first on an a/c that was burned as steve says, and it was a slim dopey with a gothic font writing; the second had a bigger and better drawn dopey with the same writing. so, i'm sorry for the pain you took getting all those links, greg, but' i'm aftraid that it's not the "right" dopey. on the kits world decal instructions it seems to have only the tail boots, but i don't trust the instruction sheets from any brand: found in my long modeling career all too many imprecisions, improvisations and blatant mistakles. anyway, if some further help won't come from our honorable society i believe that i will contact the kits world boss and ask him about his sources. thank you very much to both of you for your kind attention. best ciaos, and...happy modeling! bobo.
  14. hi nice people! very short: i am building a snow white's group b-24, dopey. i searched and searched but i'm just more confused: did the a/c have deicing boots or not? and, if it had, was it on all leading edges or just tail? thanks you all guys. best ciaos, bobo.
  15. Bobo1953

    Print Scale Decals?

    hi glynn. print scale are good decals as for colors and registry. as for the correctness i can remember a warning on a uh-1c chopper tail where " keep away" was written "keep awey"... also, on a va-176 ad-1 skyraider the kill score was less precise than some other brand's, and the wasp's grin was definitely wrong. all in all it's not bad stuff, but for the excessive thinness. as vg 33 says the film is too thin and due to surface tension the decal is, to say the least, whimsical, and in general very hard to handle as it curls, slips on the bottom of the paper support instead than on the model, and at worst -but not rare- it sort of rolls into a ball that will stick to itself and is very difficult to undo. i have two suggestions. no 1 is to use a lot of water -the more the better- when applying, as the decal tends to "relax" in a water drop, free of the weak forces' action. no 2, which i definitely recommend, is to shoot the whole sheet a good quantity of microscale's "liquid decal film" thinned about 50/50 or a little less with isopropylalcohol (also home alcohol can do, but it stinks) in order to get a bit thicker and more manageable decals. it cures in minutes and you can proceed with four to six coats almost in no time. at least, this is the result of my tests. to thicken more will need microsol to have decal to set in some spots, but ain't it the same with most of the decals on market? all in all you can make your own trials and see how much more thickness is better fit to your inclination. ah, i was forgetting to say that if you don't have an airbrush, the liquid film can be handbrushed without problems and, if you're careful enough, leaves no brush strokes as it is self-leveling a bit like future. let me say that printscale has an awesome catalog covering really a lot of subjects. were it not so, i very happily turn to some other brand. hope this helps. best ciaos, and happy modeling. bobo.