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  1. Well. This is one of the most outstanding clips i ever watched!!!!. I mean, never saw such a detailed sequence on fusing a bomb!!! Thanks very much, shion! Going to the question, well, i believe that you have two options at the least: 1) tactical "nape and snake". Generally speaking, c.a.s. missions below dmz with a mix of napalm and mk 82 snake eyes. 2) strategical -or so to say- mk 82/84 normal and extended fuse, plus snake eye, for sam suppression and "strategical" targets like bridges, pol, marshaling yards etc. in indian territory. Schematic, but i believe near t
  2. Hi. Sorry but i can't catch exactly what you mean by "can't seam to get the pit to fit". I'm not a resin buff, and perhaps a picture or two may help. Anyway i believe that you should be able to see 1) if the resin is just a support for the part or a feature of it. 2) by trial and error, you should be able to tell wether the said resin is an obstacle to fitting the cockpit into the fuselage -or to have the fuse halves to fit- or not. Please let me know. Best ciaos. Bobo.
  3. Rex, your point is very clear and definitive. A true "golden rule". I believe i got exactely what you mean...and the meanimg of it! Fortunately i haven't placed the landing gear yet, so it will be much easier to paint the red edges of the doors :-) Thank you very much! I am learning so many things going around this "red rims" affair...! And i realize that in aeronautics there's a whole lot more to learn hidden behind apparently trivial issues... Thanks really a lot rex! Best ciaos and happy modeling! Bobo.
  4. Dear ziggy. First out let me say that i LOVE the red trim of the white gear doors etc. on the navy a/cs. My reluctance derives from the fact that after taking some pain on the subject i had come to the conclusion that va-176 in '66 had no red edging. Pics aside, also very few models you find online have this characteristic; so few that i thought it was just the modeler's liberty because he/she liked it that way. Then in came you and jari asserting the opposite. You must admit that it was quite a shock for me, thence my resistence against this. Btw i did learn a
  5. My apologies ziggy. And again thanks for your dedication. Nevertheless, the dark area you see on the lower edge of the gear door is way too wide and extended into the insides to be interpreted as the regular red fillets. Also, they are not continued on the vertical sides of the door (fore and aft). I might be wrong, but unless they are non-regulamentar applications of the navy orders, i'd hardly think of those big dark areas as the red rims...btw one should see them also on the front/rear edge of the main as well as on the front doors...?
  6. Ziggy, please read more carefully: i said "the red edging was NOT present". USS Intrepid made another cruise in '67; perhaps the pics you refer to are from that cruise where btw va-176 wasn't aboard.
  7. Thank you very much ziggy. I got it, and though not solving the problem with tom patton's a/c it is very interesting and at any rate, as rex points out (thanks to you too, rex!) It eventually depended on period and squadron. As for va-176 during its 1966 vietnam cruise, summing up all the photos (few) i was able to collect i believe that i can conclude with a certain degree of likeliness that the red edging was not present on the skyraiders. Again, heartfelt thanks to all who participated in or will further contribute on this subject. Happy modeling to all! Best ciaos.
  8. Well andrew, you're traveling fast. If you got to the main gear, you're about at the finish mark of this building cross country. Actually in my overview of the kit's problems i skipped some other let's say "minor" nice tricks. I personally did wind up in glueing the 90° folded door section to the wing, and to hell with the surrealistic elliptical mark for the leg root... I told you it was a -the forum censor allows only this- bad girl of a kit... I don't know your building habits. I usually decal before having the gear and other delicate impingements in place; but if y
  9. Sorry, i have found a lot of interesting stuff on tailspin/tailhook topics, nut i can't find the gear doors discussion. Must say that i'm on holidays so i am surfing the web with the limited resources of my mobile. Maybe if you had a more direct link to the subject... Thank you so much anyway for your interest in my question. Best ciaos. Bobo.
  10. Ok jari. wilco, but now i'm in the aosta valley and got no pc, so on the small mobile display i can't see it. I will check when back at home, in a couple of weeks. Thank you very much indeed. Best ciaos. Bobo.
  11. Hello jari. Thank you for the effort, but the squadron is 176, not 196. Also, i really can't make out no red rim on door; there's a red rectangle in the upper left, but for the position as well as for dimensions it doesn't look a gear door rim, really... Thanks also to peter: yes, we all know the undefiniteness of these matters. That's why one asks in the forum where more knowledgeable and numerous people can -try and...- give an answer to our dilemmas... Ciao...and happy modeling! Bobo.
  12. Hi everybody. Now that i am at a forced standby on my tom patton's skyraider as the decals aren't arriving, i have too much time to develop doubtful questions. So here's today's paranoia: should i paint the landing gear doors rims red? I have seen some that had it, but in the majority of the pics they're just absent. And it is so also on another va -176 ad-h. What do you guys think of this issue? Thanks in advance. Ciao...and happy modeling! Bobo.
  13. hi gals & guys. after trasgressing and posting directly on the helo topic, i thought it better to come back to the display case to show you my vietnam trio. first came the beloved cayuse, a low budget italeri 1/72 kit that had full decals only for one side so far as nose art is concerned. strange omission by italeri indeed. then i built the classic huey c model and last, the d. it wasn't really a piece of cake, as first out, the helicopters in 1/72 are goddamn small. then,the "c" unexpectedly is a tail sitter, so as it was tooo late for anything else, i had to put a sma
  14. thank you l.d. coming from someone whose nickname's loach driver (are/were you indeed?) makes your appreciation even more valuable. you living in ireland? again, thanks. ciao. bobo.
  15. hi.here i am back. well: do you have the 1991 or the 1992 issue? because the 1991 had so many glitches that i think that they issued in shame another more correct one the year after. but i'm not sure. anyway the following applies to the 1991 issue. first the nose gear assembly- yes, you have to twist the well doors "a bit" outwards, say at a 30° angle. tweezers, and bend. the assembly is some 2,5 mm longer than the slot in the fuselage- which is the right size- so cut a tad more than 1,0 mm. fore and aft of the assembly. it will leave the well without wall
  16. hi andrew. yes you're missing a lot of things. i have almost just finished one and i would be happy to share my experience. unfortunately i have chores and i must go out. please be patient and i will be back to you. first out: don't rely on the instructions. there are things that must be done other ways... or it will be a mess... talk later. ciao. bobo.
  17. hello everybody. once again i do a little trasgression and post my models straight to the topic page instead of the dedicated "display case". after a little while i've been a member of arc, i got the impression that the latter one is less popular, and if one wants to "show off" his works it's bettter to go to the dedicated topic. this time, choppers. first came the beloved cayuse, a low budget italeri 1/72 kit that had full decals only for one side so far as nose art is concerned. strange omission by italeri indeed. then i built the classic huey c model and last, the d
  18. once more, thank you rex, for your kind dedication. have a great day, and happy modeling! ciao. bobo.
  19. thank you for the clarification, rcaffan. i'm somewhat embarassed by the naivety of my enthusiasm. there are often strange and vicious stories behind our beloved kits... maybe those koreans do really deserve one of the mr. kim jong-un's candies? ciao. bobo
  20. wow, rex! yes, it's my childhood banshee i had seen recently on oldmodelkits by my friend alan bussie. well, if it was released in 1957 in the u.s., say that it arrived in italy a year later or so, i was five and would have not started building but a year later. i don't know how, i have sharp memory of both the issues, but i see from scalemates that the second was from the early sixties, so it is probable that it's the one i have built. actually, looking at the box art, i would have said that the sequence was the opposite: the bomb run and built model photo look more "moder
  21. thank you very much rex. the info about the trim color is important. unfortunately till now the only reference to your suggestion i have found is a note about the mcas el toro 124955: http://www.millionmonkeytheater.com/F2H.html and there is a testors kit from kawk molds that is issued in the livery of a Factory Flight Test Aircraft St. Louis MO 1949. may i ask where did you get your references from? thanks a lot and...happy modeling! ciao. bobo.
  22. well, jpk. thanks. but what about the "real" all-white banshees i can't find an image of? thank you for your interest. ciao. bobo.
  23. hi mofo. sorry, but we're misunderstood. as for vintage kits i was mentioning HAWK 1/48 of 1957. as for beautiful kits, i was referring to the latest academy 1/72 f2-h3... never mentioned hobbycraft in my post. ciao. bobo.
  24. hi everybody. after searching accurately the web, i must turn to arc knowlwdge to answer my question. when i was a child i did build an hawk 1/48 f2-h2 banshee. it was a/c no 136 of an -in the box art picture- undecipherable vf. i loved that model, among the others, and i would like to build today a banshee in the all-white livery and red markings as it was in the hawk model. i bought the 1/72 academy brand new f2-h3 as in the pics it looked to be white. disillusion: it was just a lighter f.s. 36440 that looked white. by the way, it's a beautiful kit, and i will build
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