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  1. Hi guys.. Got thoses packages FS... buyer pay shipping fee.. 1..Hasegawa F-14 Tomcat .....F-14B Tomcat VF-11 Red Rippers.. and F-14D tomcat VF-2 Bounty Hunter ..both new. Both for 40$US ======================= 2..Academy Tankers .. KC-97G and KC-97L (minor build on the G).. Both for 50$US ======================= 3... Skyhawk package (bagged kit..complete undone) Fujimi A-4KU Fujimi A-4B Maverick (including Argentina decals) Fujimi O-A4M Samurai Plus.. esci and Hasegawa (builder kits) Asking 35$US =========================== 4....I
  2. Hi.. got one FS... I am located in Canada..(Quebec)..kit is new complete and undone.. If interested send e an e-mail.. rmaher1@videotron.ca
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