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  1. I hope mine comes out half as nice!
  2. Hi all, I have started my build of the CMR York conversion kit. However, mine is the "Berlin Airlift" version (it was a gift) and I'd really like to do a civil version. CMR did a civil version with DanAir and BOAC decals. I contacted CMR but no joy. I was wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get civil decals for the York, or perhaps someone built the civil version and has the other decal option laying around. Thanks, Mark
  3. Here is my build of the Tamiya 1/12 Lotus 49b. This is the old motorized release, so the engine is a bit overscale. I built it as the car driven by Walker Racings Jo Siffert. Siffert ran an early 49b without the nosevents, narrow front wings and a shorter rear wing. Intake mesh is from MFH and decals are from Indycals. First up was to get rid of the nose vents and narrow the wings. I backed the openings with card and filled them with glazing putty. Here the left wing has been modified: I used the front supports on the rear wing and removed a further 1/2in off the bottom. The finished prod
  4. Finished! This car was the last roadster to run in the Indy 500 (71) and was the last to turn a lap at IMS (77). I'll be doing the 77 version at some point in the future.
  5. This is the Lance Sellers kit of the Jim Hurtubise 71 Mallard. It is a resin kit with white metal detail parts.
  6. Glad you guys like it. No masking, that was all hand painted with a brush.
  7. I don't build many figures, in fact this is only my 4th one. I have not mastered shading and highlighting yet, so she doesn't have any. Painted with MM acrylics.
  8. Haven't posted anything since my Brabham build. I've been busy but not so busy I couldn't build something. Here are my most recent builds: Tamiya 1/12 1971 Ferrari 312B Revival 1/20 1961 Ferrari 156 "Sharknose" (metal body) Revival 1/20 1935 Alfa Romeo P3 (plastic body) American Racing Miniatures 1/25 1927 Stutz "Black Hawk" Currently in the building stage: Revival 1/20 1939 Mercedes W154 (metal body)
  9. Yes they are, she'll be my 4th figure. Nice job on the eyes!
  10. She's about half done... I always struggle doing the face. I don't really do very good figures...
  11. Here's a few pics of my Lotus 78 build. I used Museum Collections decals to do Gunnar Nilsson's car.
  12. Tamiya 1/12 Brabham BT-44b: Indycals decals and tire logos used, as the kit decals were no good.
  13. Thanks Kris, I'll try F1M. Worse comes to worse, I'll try casting a tire in resin.
  14. I know most of you guys don't build 1/12, but I thought I'd at least ask. I recently bought a Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari 312B on Ebay. Turns out it's missing the front radiator, all 4 shocks and 1 rear tire. Any chance one of you guys have a glue bomb sitting around and would be willing to sell me these parts? I can do without the radiator and shocks, but I really need that tire! Thanks!
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