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  1. It's because of a BLACK HOLE the only explanation I wrote a thesis on this and got my PHD I am also working on a theory that they grew legs and ran away hoping for a Nobel Prize in Physiology for that one take that Darwin
  2. Checked out the site saw an Eduard Tempest for a little under $18 NO WAY Retail is $60 so total scam in my opinion Ken
  3. Hey my cousin Vinnie knows a guy that knows a guy that can get us some some big TV's they fell off a truck but they're like brand new interested ? OOPS wrong forum never mind Ken
  4. Okay hadn't heard about that. Ken
  5. Unfortunately Aztek airbrushes were dropped about a year ago kaput Ken
  6. Yeah but that's the crummy type you find in public washrooms in malls and you need to pull out about six feet of it because you had tacos about a half hour ago in the food court, but can only get out about 3 inches at a time, better off buying a newspaper. Ken
  7. If your health system is overwhelmed will there be enough doctors? if you have a heart attack a stroke, break a bone, need stitches, cancer treatment, all the other diseases aren't taking a break. That is why this needs to be shut down as quickly as possible. Scooby is right this is no time to flip flop. I also have friends and all family over the world and I worry for them and everybody here. Luckily I'm retired and don't need to leave the house and a big stash. Everybody stay safe Ken
  8. Here's a link to Peter Revson's probably close if not identical can't find and period photos https://silodrome.com/ford-mustang-boss-302-trans-am/ Ken
  9. So are you doing pin-point delivery ( handing it to the person ) or carpet delivery ( unrolling it and throwing it onto the roof or trees in the yard )? Ken
  10. Well I have some Belvenie Doublewood 12yr really good some Gretzky 99 middle of the road,Tanqueray Rangpur gin very interesting, Havana Club 7 Cuban. Also some Rocky Patel 1990 Toros, 300 kits and retired. Time to hunker in the bunker. Stay safe everybody Ken
  11. KenM

    P-51 wheels pattern

    On a side note by that time of the war the USAAF had a shortage of nothing the logistics were nothing short of unbelievable. Ken
  12. Shizuoka Hobby Show Canceled Info Below https://www.tamiya.com/japan/information/20200131.htm https://www.hobby-shizuoka.com/ Not Good hope for the best Ken
  13. Ju-87 a complete blank ??? check here https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/?scale_id=955&search_direction=asc&search=ju-87&product_type_id=2677 Ken
  14. Cue Buffalo Springfield............. For What It's Worth .............There's something happening here but what it is ain't exactly clear........ Cheers Ken
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