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  1. Hence the problem with profile artwork nice but not always correct Cheers Ken
  2. Also note in the photo canopy frame in natural metal, and the landing gear different colours could be OD NG or natural metal Cheers Ken
  3. I did this plane about 12 years ago the starboard wing is natural metal was replaced port wing in OD/NG there were pics on the internet way back looked for them before I replied can't find any of them Cheers Ken
  4. As far as I can tell some minor variations but interchangeable, you could use the Eduard wheels Eagle Parts make some http://www.eagle-editions.com/bf-109-corrected-tires.html Ken
  5. You could just carefully trim the bars off a couple of the decals. Ken
  6. I'll figure how to quote one of these's days see you next weekend. Ken
  7. Yes the Reunion tour, looking forward to seeing you next weekend. Ken
  8. Omaha GREAT!!!! was there in 2011 missed last time around. Let me compute the route, pull out of garage, turn left, turn left, turn right, turn right, turn left, pick up buddy, turn right, drive about 650 miles ((1046 Km) turn right, turn left at hotel. Should be able to remember that see you there. Ken
  9. Looking forward into the future does anybody know who is bidding for the 2021 IPMS USA Nats, I like to plan ahead far ahead. Ken Cheers
  10. Well shut my mouth and call stupid so there were there,. Hard to find pics as I guess everybody was taking photos of Sabres found this one http://www.kwvdm.org/detail_artifact.php?no=1658 Ken
  11. No such thing as a gun nosed T-33, no T-33's in Korea they were trainers. ken
  12. Well the kit is 8.33 Pounds no vat at Hannants shipping 11.99 so 20.32 so roughly A $36 it's not the shipping to the hobby shop it's the shipping to the distributor that's the killer, it's a long way to Australia. As far as the manufacturer is concerned once the kit is sold to the distributor it's sold. As far as poor sales go it's hard to say, things are a crapshoot certain subjects go in and out of popularity sell better in some places than others you can always tell what's a good seller because the kit is generally always available. As to prices it's what the market will bear every shop owner realizes can't price it too high ( won't sell ) too low ( can't keep the lights on ) as for the two kits you describe in Winnipeg would be about $22 for the Tiger Moth and $65 for the Dak in the SEAC scheme with ground equipment. there's a price to pay for living in paradise mate. Cheers Ken
  13. You can't compare the price of a kit produced in the UK to it being sold in Australia, there are shipping costs, brokerage fees, duties maybe. The price Airfix lists is for the UK market nowhere else and it is MSRP the s stands for SUGGESTED a retailer can sell it for higher or lower. Airfix SELLS the kits to the importer who then sets a wholesale price to cover their costs plus profit it is then SOLD to a retailer who sets their price . You also can't use one to one currency exchange they don't do it for free add about 3%. And lastly a gift shop is probably the worst place to get a model they will get so many visitors who aren't modellers who have no idea of what the price should be. Cheers Ken
  14. I was referring to Omaha in 2021, as they are trying to get bids three years out but it looks like that is too far out in the future for anyone to commit. Ken
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