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  1. 28 year old kit originally done by Donetsk Toys Institute, so if they are paying you ...................
  2. And then there is the Treit and Davenport Target 550 they're shooting for 550 but it's been a bumpy road https://www.target550.com/#build Tey are currently in Australia a little better lake condition. On an interesting note Marlo Treit owned a number of Mig-21's and Iv'e bumped into Les Davenport years ago Drag racing, Ken
  3. It's not a Mustang it's this https://lucasoil.com/lucas-oil-news/latest-news/5217-speed-demon-streamliner-shatters-multiple-world-records-at-bonneville-with-the-help-of-lucas-oil-products ken
  4. Maybe also SU-27 colours? https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p464/Ukrainian_Su-27_–_6x_10ml_paints.html#/ Ken
  5. Well did a bit of searching around and maybe this FS35182 Model Master is the one good luck finding it Lifecolor https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=2205 AK https://ak-interactive.com/product/ak3077-deep-sky-blue/ They look close but until you actually spray them who knows like ca dog chasing it's tail at times. Ken
  6. Cannon covers spring loaded no need for prop rod, antenna wire early flat canopies had tensioner for wire later blown canopies did not. Ken
  7. Yes it was fuel conservation as the had long distances to go before getting into the fight. The Yamamoto raid 600 miles out in a round about way and 400 straight back, the grey was caused by the lead in the fuel. You could see that on on cars from the sixties, I remember coming back from the Street Machine Nationals in St. Paul MN in 1977 my buddies 70 Hemi Cuda had grey almost white exhaust tips going down the highway great mileage to almost 12MPG !!! Ken
  8. Check this out https://rshafer.zenfolio.com/p509649277/h1C7D0959#h1c7d0959 Ken
  9. KenM


    What Greg LeMond did to beat Laurent Fingon in the final time trail in the 1989 Tour de France was unbelievable to make up 50 seconds and beat him by 8, Fingon should have cut off his pony tail. Ken
  10. Yeah that's a tough one because you rarely see a P-47 with the flaps down, as Joe says natural metal since the first M came off the assembly line Oct. 8 1944 According to Warren Bodie's book. It will look cool I did Dottie Dee II about 12 years ago still looks cool. Cheers Ken
  11. My guess is it probably would be a reboxing of the Hasegawa kit as they have in the past with otrher subjects. Ken
  12. If I'm doing larger amounts I use a mixing cup, smaller amounts lets say 10 to 15 drops in cup with a toothpick or brush just needs a little practice. Ken
  13. For the same price the Belcher kit includes all this This set includes a Mk 28 (EX or RE) and B43 nuclear bomb, centreline pylon, wing pylons, Twin Stores Carriers, 5 x BL-755 cluster bombs and a VICON camera pod. Italso includes forward and rear AWR antennas as seen on later CF-104s.
  14. The new Testors building is across the street says Rustoleum on the outside, Google 620 Buckbee st Rockford Ill and checkout the streetview. Ken
  15. Belcher Bits have the answer http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/148conv/bb14.htm Ken
  16. Yes Testors got bought out by RPM but that was in 1984 so you can't really blame the parent company, my guess is either declining or flat sales and rising costs. The other thing is the way the hobby has shifted older crowd, more artistic, other companies ( AK, AMMO by Mig , etc.) offering tons and tons of new product, if you want to stay on top or close you have to keep up with trends once you fall behind it's hard to catch up. Ken
  17. Tamiya kits go together like a charm easy to assemble the Spitfire Mk Vb kit # 61033 is a good starting point check it out here https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-61033-supermarine-spitfire-mkvb--106383 Ken
  18. Yeah it was good here in Manitoba now it's worse SIGH. Ken
  19. Are the new paints better than MM I'd say yes as the don't tend to rub off when handled and don't need sealing also a wider variety of colours, as far as prices go check Sprue Brothers prices are in line eg. MM $3.99 1/2 ounce bottle. Alclad II $7.49 1 ounce bottle same value. Check out YouTube reviews there are tons out there. Ken
  20. Telford 2020 canceled https://ipmsuk.org/calendar/scale-modelworld-2020/ Stay safe everbody Ken
  21. Go here Scalemates https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q=*&fkSECTION[]=Books&fkCOMPNAME[]="Squadron%2FSignal+Publications" Ken
  22. Hannants has them listed at 107.5 pounds and presale at 96.75 pounds $ 186.99 CDN YIKES!!! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3850 Ken
  23. Well I don't think Rustoleum's the reason for the decline as they bought Testors back in 1984. The problem as I see it is that the hobby has shifted from a general one to a more specialized one, you see that guy's like AK, Mig and Vallejo are putting out stuff left, right, and centre, Testors hasn't kept up. As far as making money well if your'e selling something for $3.00 you have to sell A LOT !!!!! and I've seen certain colours sit on hobby shop racks for years. One last thing is that the Hobby in North America is an older crowd compared to Europe so more expansion across the pond. Sad to
  24. KenM

    Tamiya 1/48 P-47M

    Addicted HAH ! I've built 4 Tamiya razorbacks have two on the workbench 3 bubble tops and six in the stash never mind my 4 Hasegawa Jugs I need help I'm hooked
  25. The problem with "factory sealed " kits is that you don't know whether everything is in the box there have been cases in the past where stuff is missing or damaged, so it doesn't add value in my opinion actually might detract. Ken
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