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    Tamiya 1/48 P-47M

    Addicted HAH ! I've built 4 Tamiya razorbacks have two on the workbench 3 bubble tops and six in the stash never mind my 4 Hasegawa Jugs I need help I'm hooked
  2. The problem with "factory sealed " kits is that you don't know whether everything is in the box there have been cases in the past where stuff is missing or damaged, so it doesn't add value in my opinion actually might detract. Ken
  3. Flight footage here public flying taxi lets be honest 1% of public
  4. Well i would imagine that cutting the moulds in China would cut costs by a big margin, if you look at Trumpeters catalogue the have over 1500 kits, granted there are a lot variants but still a massive list. Their costs have to be dirt cheap. Ken
  5. Glad it worked out at least it's on an easy to do over part
  6. This just in https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/34507/here-is-our-first-look-at-the-blue-angels-new-fat-albert-c-130j-in-all-its-glory Ken
  7. Check out the Eduard mask for spirals https://www.eduard.com/Eduard/Masks/Aircraft/Spinner-spirals-Fw-190D-1-48.html?lang=1 they have them at Sprue Bros.
  8. Spiral does not go onto base plate, spinners were painted off the airplane try starting at the tip and work back.
  9. Hopefully just the convention
  10. I didn't say just I said more, 415,076 posts in Jet Modelling 126,872 in Props and 6,649 in Classic Aviation, more posts on the AMK F-14 than Classic
  11. I know this is more of a jet place but this is the iconic WW1 airplane I'm sure a lot of us will be interested supposed to be WNW molds as Meng did the tooling https://www.themodellingnews.com/2020/06/preview-meng-takes-mantle-with-new.html#more Ken
  12. I thought I'd post some info things look a little troubling. I've been following the opening up of places and see Hays county where San Marcos is has had 540 new cases in the past week, 666 current active cases 400 in San Marcos. I would keep an eyeball on this only 6 weeks away to the Nats. By comparison my city Winnipeg has 4 active cases and more than ten times the population. Details here https://hayscountytx.com/covid-19-infor ... residents/ Stay safe Ken
  13. Dylan hi try giving them a phone call might work better 905-946-9677 Ken
  14. I'm guessing it should work but you have only given half of the info need to know what paint you are using to give a definitive answer Ken
  15. Sorry to hear that, hope things get better I know where you're coming from I have some of the same issues, and I thought 2019 sucked. I was just curious because Ishylsh posted that he was in Dallas and there were travel restrictions and was hoping for Telford I'm sure in state travel will be easier way before international. Ken
  16. Have to check with Yogi Berra on that
  17. Well according to the Texas Department of Public Safety the travel restrictions were terminated on May 21 https://www.dps.texas.gov/covidtravel/ now they are asking people to stay at home but I don't see a mandate. Ken
  18. Okay clue me in what are the travel restrictions for you guy's in Texas I thought it was open, if you can't do a four hour drive in Texas I don't see Telford in November for you Ken
  19. It's because of a BLACK HOLE the only explanation I wrote a thesis on this and got my PHD I am also working on a theory that they grew legs and ran away hoping for a Nobel Prize in Physiology for that one take that Darwin
  20. Checked out the site saw an Eduard Tempest for a little under $18 NO WAY Retail is $60 so total scam in my opinion Ken
  21. Hey my cousin Vinnie knows a guy that knows a guy that can get us some some big TV's they fell off a truck but they're like brand new interested ? OOPS wrong forum never mind Ken
  22. Okay hadn't heard about that. Ken
  23. Unfortunately Aztek airbrushes were dropped about a year ago kaput Ken
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