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    I build 1/72& 1/48 scale aircraft well mostly1/48 but would like to try a 1/32nd scale aircraft.(if I can find room in the house) but also build some scifi stuff mostly star trek,I also build some ships .

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  1. Hey all, just wondering if anyone knows if there are any 48 scale after market C-130 engines to be found anywhere. Could use some help here. Thanks,Pete
  2. Would anyone know if a prop hub from a different kit but modified work in said A/C?
  3. Yes, just need the hub that the prop blades are attached to. Thanks,Pete
  4. Anyone know if someone makes an aftermarket prop hub for a 1/24 scale Stuka from Airfix? Thanks,Pete
  5. I served in the C.G. for 5 yrs and the Mi.A.N.G for 3 yrs. Yea being CO he should have known better, I don't think the guy needs to be burned at the stake. Would it be any different if it was a female CO, would she have been given the same treatment or would things have been swept under the carpet so to speak.Women can be just as raunchy as us guys. Porn in the military is always going to be there,it's never going to go away,including the sexual talk,gestures and so forth.
  6. Last week Sunday(7-20-14) watched a B-17 landing at the Louisville airport. Couldn't take a pic as I was driving impressive all the same, was heading south on I-65 when it flew past me.
  7. Now there is a plane that I would love to add to my collection.can't wait till it comes out. Sweet job Zactoman. Pete
  8. Hey tank AV8Fan, thanks guys that work perfectly. Just have to order it. Pete
  9. Hey All, quick question here. going to try my hand at building an armor kit,but I'm not satisfied with the kit barrel. Can you guy's help me out as to where I can look for a turn metal one to put on it? I have the Monogram 1/35 M-48 Patton. Thanks All,Pete
  10. Hey all, I picked up a 1:48 scale Frogfoot and it's missing the canopy and windscreen, does any one have a spare that I buy or trade for? Thanks,Pete
  11. Saw the video's, good Lord what a mess. Lord please watch over all those people and protect them all.Amen
  12. Matt, Hoping and Praying that you have a speedy recovery. Good luck buddy. Pete (superhornet1015)
  13. Thanks guy's, Mike congrats to you and the Mrs.also may you both have many more to come also. Pete
  14. Hey All, celebrated 22 yrs with the wife yesterday. I'm a lucky man to have a wonderful woman as her. :crying2: Pete
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