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  1. I wouldn't recommend using a Dremel tool to remove the step between the fuselage halves unless you have a Dremel speed controller ( which are rather hard to find and can be somewhat expensive). I say this because it didn't me very long to notice that when I did use the Dremel as a plastic cutter or sander, I was melting more plastic than I was sanding off! (and high speed drills don't drill, they melt their way through). If I had the problem you have (and every one runs into something like that once in a while), I would use a very fine file to do heavy plastic removal followed by several
  2. 25 or so years ago, I did two things - A. quit smoking and B. Quit drinking booze(beer, liquor and wine). Quit both cold turkey but not at the same time (that would probably have killed me - or drove me crazy!)
  3. 1. "Close" only applies to horse shoes, hand grenades and H bombs 2. The burst radius of a hand grenade is always 2 feet farther than you can run 3. The fuse on a standard 5 second hand grenade fuse is actually 3 seconds
  4. My first son will be 46 and his brother will be 44 (both in September, 2 days apart). My granddaughters (one for each son) will be 14 later this year. To those fathers who have worked so hard to raise, teach, support and love their children, have a Happy Fathers day!
  5. I was told a long time ago that there were two types of people flying aircraft with retractable landing gear - those who have bellied one in and those who are going to belly one in!
  6. When I finish working on it, any field that I can fly my 1 to 1 J3 Cub in and out of!
  7. Ok, if I want to build a diorama of a post nuclear apocalypse, how do I make my people glow? (I once served in an artillery unit (not as a gun bunny, but as the Bn NBC puke) - we had a Nuc mission and our motto was "Nuc 'em 'till they glow then shot 'em in the dark!)
  8. I have used about everything I could find for weight (bb's, cut up wheel weights, coins etc). Then about a dozen or so years ago, I was in the process of rebuilding a set of elevators for a 1 to 1 airplane and needed to balance them. This led to the purchase of a 25 lb bag of #12 buckshot to aid in that enterprise and once it was done, I started using that buckshot in the nose of my models. I use epoxy, CA and Elmers glue to secure it. Still have about 2 1/2 to three lbs left.
  9. Apparently, aircraft seat belts started being installed in civilian aircraft in the late '20s, or early '30s, so (lacking any pic or maintenance guidance) I would fabricate and install them (just the seat belts, no shoulder harness!). Lacking either pro or con evidence, I don't think most people would argue with you.
  10. I have a sharpener like the one The Scaremonger showed. Think I got it at Squadron for about 5 bucks - haven't used it in years. Reason? Several years ago the Army decided that it's medics didn't need scalpels and ordered that they should all be turned in and be disposed of. Between my Bn's head Medic and the Head Nurse of the Medical Bn up in KC I ended up with between 12 and 15 thousand scalpel blades (10s, 11s and 15s) so I still have a few left. I also keep a dozen or two of #11 Exacto type blades - there is a DIY store in town that sells 12 #11 blades and a short handle for a buck. And I
  11. I have mixed my own paint shades over the years and this is what works with me (Model Master enamels cause I just don't care for acrylics - although model master lists these colors in their acrylics line and if that is your thing you may be able to use those paints to make an acrylic version of this paint color.) T***y Pink (Faded ANA 616) (a) Skin Tone Warm Tint - #2003 (3 parts) (b) Sand - FS33531 (2 Parts) (c) Dark Tan - FS30219 (1 Part) (d) Add a couple of drops of thinner and then mix
  12. I start w/400 grit, working my way down to the finest grade I can find (right now I have some 2000 grit on hand). When I wash between grits, I use some cloth baby diapers I found at a yard sale several years ago to wipe down the canopy (cut the diapers into 4" squares and dispose of them before moving to the next grit). When I'm satisfied with the sanding, I give it a final wash and then break out my automotive rubbing compound (got two or three grades) and start polishing and when satisfied, I give it a final wash, let it dry and then dip it in Future. It takes time and practice but it
  13. Its the 2200 hrs, the 5th of January 2017 and over on the Spike channel, Maverick and Goose are just now intercepting four black "Mig 28s" which look strangely like F5s or T38s. Trying to decide if I want stay up and watch them or go to bed and get some sleep.
  14. Methinks that the majority of you who think GA is dying probably live in larger towns or cities with large airports and yes, GA is leaving those cities and airports. Biggest reason is that the people who operate on those airports don't want "Bug Smashers" (mostly single engine GA aircraft) on their airports. And the main reason is that GA operators don't spend that much money on their planes. On the other hand, Business a/c don't really care what they spend on maintenance and storage because they can write their expenses off at the end of the tax year. Now I live and work in a smaller
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