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  1. But the SLATHERING of chocolate syrup can be fun! MMMMM...with whipped cream and a cherry!
  2. Hey folks! I'm trying to scrounge up enough money to pay some bills. This is actually round 3 of my last sale. New kits have been added, and many prices reduced. Most kits have been opened, but the inner bags are sealed, unless otherwise noted. To help sell these kits, I will include shipping costs to the CONUS. That's right FREE SHIPPING TO CONUS!!! I would prefer to keep this in the US, but will consider shipping to Canada, for an extra fee. Sorry, but no overseas sales. Sorry. 1/48th Academy F-15E (w/strike weapon) (with Two Bobs decals #48-026 Mountain Home Avengers) $35 Dragon ME
  3. A mime is a terrible thing to waste!
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