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  1. Have brand new kit with full decals from Copper State, upper and lower lozenge and Udet and Starks markings. I am looking for 1/32 German planes from WWI or WWII. Make me an offer to email lvl1sro@ups.com. Thanks
  2. I’m open to anyone if they have other 1/32 WWI or WWII kits for trade not just the Two I listed.
  3. Looking for a Ki 61 or Ki 84, my Bf 109G-6 has extra decals and photo etch for the interior. I’m in Louis I’ll Ky 40220. My email is lvl1sro@ups.com.
  4. Looking for 1/35 Bronco Type XXIII

    Someone has to have one they bought and no longer want.
  5. Thank you I am in US and my email is lvl1sro@ups.com
  6. Need interior parts I have kit which is missing them. My email is lvl1sro@ups.com
  7. Looking for Roden Siemens Schukert or Hasegawa 1/32 WWII fighters.
  8. Does anyone have a spare I could get from you please, I’m doing an F 22 Raptor in flight and need a modern pilot. Thank you