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Everything posted by oyoy5

  1. Will buy or trade have a ton of 1/32 WWI and WWII kits.
  2. Cocaine is a helluva DRUG
  3. Let me know please email me at lvl1sro@ups.com
  4. Damn can’t five this kit away.
  5. I could do 60 plus shipping, I would rather trade but that hasn’t worked out too well. I’m in Louisville Ky. Hopefully your in the states as well.
  6. I’m in Louisville Ky if anyone wants to trade let me know.
  7. I have a ton of 1/32 scale aircraft by Trumpeter, Hasegawa, Revell, Roden, WNW will offer several kits for the S-100 or S-38. My email is lvl1sro@ups.com
  8. You can pic 2, Trumpeter SBD 1/2, F4F 4 Wildcat, Ju 87R and Revell new P 51D. Email me at lvl1sro@ups.com. Thanks
  9. I’m in the states Louisville Ky 40220
  10. Need a 1/32 Revell Germany Ju 88A-4 or a He 111H-6
  11. Have brand new kit with full decals from Copper State, upper and lower lozenge and Udet and Starks markings. I am looking for 1/32 German planes from WWI or WWII. Make me an offer to email lvl1sro@ups.com. Thanks
  12. I’m open to anyone if they have other 1/32 WWI or WWII kits for trade not just the Two I listed.
  13. Looking for a Ki 61 or Ki 84, my Bf 109G-6 has extra decals and photo etch for the interior. I’m in Louis I’ll Ky 40220. My email is lvl1sro@ups.com.
  14. oyoy5

    Looking for 1/35 Bronco Type XXIII

    Someone has to have one they bought and no longer want.
  15. Thank you I am in US and my email is lvl1sro@ups.com
  16. Need interior parts I have kit which is missing them. My email is lvl1sro@ups.com
  17. Looking for Roden Siemens Schukert or Hasegawa 1/32 WWII fighters.