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  1. Wow great shots! Do you have any shots from the other side of this "fully weathered" beast? :D
  2. Your rescribing skills are overwhelming :o
  3. For me this is one of the coolest schemes they did on the Tornado here in Germany Very nice build and a lovely model you produced here
  4. Outstanding work on this Tornado!
  5. One of the most interesting schemes was that of Tornado 43+81: http://aeroweb.de/show/?id=2553888 http://aeroweb.de/show/?id=2554447 http://aeroweb.de/show/?id=2554446
  6. A VERY convincing faded paintshop! Congratulations for this superb German Phantom
  7. Revell reissued the Italeri plastic :)
  8. The "crude" Airfix one aside there is the old Italeri and the new HobbyBoss tooling. There are numerous threads about this question here on the ARC jet section so my opinion in short: If you wish to have your Tornado displayed with flaps/slats down, thrust reversers engaged and with some nice decals all in one box --> HobbyBoss But bear in mind to have a tornado on the shelf with some shape issues especially in the cockpit session. The airbrakes should also be CLOSED as they represent the early prototypes! If you want to have a Tornado modell with a better shape but a bit light on the "
  9. Again thank you all for your compliments
  10. Thank you all for your kind words Now on to finish the next one ...
  11. Hi there After over 5 years of building this beast I finally finished it one week ago. It's the well known Revell 1:32 Tornado IDS Version with some "homemade" decals from Harald Hensel (www.Hahen.de) and my friend Jürgen who draw some of them :) Thank you guys very much! In this build I used a BlackBox resin cockpit, CAM avionic boxes and some scratchbuilding in the wheel wells,the refueling probe compartment and the airbrake. Colors are a mix of all kind of brands (Revell, Tamiya, XtraColor, Alclad, Vallejo ...) The Tornado you see here is 44+94 in the year of 1999. It was the Tornado
  12. Me too! That greek A-7 just got me
  13. Ouh! Very nice shot! Does anyone have any pictures of the Bitburg Fly-Out with BT on one sight of the vertical tails and SP on the other? Thanks
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