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  1. I know this is a way out there request but I thought it was worth asking. I am looking for any photos of YDB-47E S/N-5220. I want to model the YDB-47E that launched the "Bold Orion" missile in 1958 & 1959. Bold Orion was the first missile that had a near confirmed interception of a satellite (Explorer 6). 51-5220 was a converted B-47E that had a right side mount added to its air frame to carry the Rascal missile (one of two B-47Es). When Rascal was canceled 51-5220 was used for Bold Orion test program. I have searched the web and can only find poor photos of the B-47E with no details on its markings. I know it was painted on the bottom with the special white anti-reflective paint that most B-47Es where given.
  2. Keith; Decal sheet sent let me know you got it. Keith
  3. Hello; Send me your email in a private message & I can email you the file, and you have your choice of how the decals can be printed: 1.The file is scaled for 1/72 scale so you would have to increase by 150% when printing for 1/48 scale. You can have a commercial decal printer such as Draw Decal print them for you. Or you can print them yourself if you have an ink jet & decal paper. By the way Draw Decal does great work & will print just one sheet. 2.You can contact Caracal Decals (they have their own section in the ARC forums) to ask them when they are coming out with a LASRE extra decal sheet to their 1/48 NASA SR71 decals released this month. This is your best option, but it may be a while before they release their LASRE additional decals. Enjoy
  4. OK also good to make someone happy. enjoy Keith
  5. Dutch; Thank you for the info, I am no-way an aircraft expert (spacecraft yes). That is very interesting on the life & times of NASA 927. NASA loves getting the prototype aircraft (Exp: F5D Skylancer, Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III, 1st Boeing 737-100, etc.) from the manufacturer since I suspect NASA gets a big discount on prototypes, like NASA uses the aircraft or its the scrap yard. Plus the manufacturer I sure has a "you fly it & we don't want to ever have to worry if the aircraft losses a wing" agreement with NASA.
  6. Well; now that you mention NASA aircraft decals, I would want any aircraft with a NASA paint job since that is what I exclusively build (in 1/72 scale). But there is one NASA aircraft that has been bugging me, the NASA version of the P3 Orion. Only two decal providers (Microscale & Ronin) have done a NASA P3 and both did the same aircraft NASA 927 Earth Survey 1 in 1/72 scale. Both providers have done these a while ago and decal sheets don't get better with age. The rub is NASA 927 (see photo links) had its MAD boom removed (or it never had one) and it's got a big nose. The only P3 kits available (at least in 1/72) are the Navy P3's with the MAD Boom & smaller nose. How about doing NASA 426, it has the MAD boom (was removed later but NASA left the longer tail) & a normal P3 nose. 426 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9230550 927
  7. Careful what you wish for, 1/48 3D printed LASRE rig YOU GOT IT! Michael said it was easy to enlarge the part to 1/48 scale so here's the link: https://www.shapeways.com/product/THM52SA8J/nasa-lasre-pod-for-1-48-sr-71-model Remember I said it would be costly $270 in smooth fine detail plastic! Ouch, 3D printed parts are great but they still cost ALOT! Michael did give all you 1/48 scale guys a lower cost option though $80 in white natural versatile plastic. The natural versatile plastic option does NOT have a model smooth finish! You would have to coat the part in a smoothing resin & sand a LOT https://www.smooth-on.com/product-line/xtc-3d/ Shapeways does polish white natural versatile plastic to make the part smoother (still not model acceptable quality) but this part has four mounting feet that would snap off with this polishing. Shapeways basically puts the part in a tumbler machine with abrasive smoothing pellets, not a good thing if the part has small breakable protrusions. Enjoy Keith
  8. I am asking Michael to see if a 1/48 scale is possible to produce. He was waiting to see if any orders for 1/72 scale 3D part comes in. Of course a 1/48 part is going to be more expensive, maybe beyond what people are willing to pay.(Shapeways sets the prices) Thats why a 1/72 scale was used. Keith
  9. The CAD drawing has been sent via regular email, let me know if you don't get it. Keith
  10. I have forwarded your request to Michael and the since I have the 3D part (but its on the completed model) I measured it with a caliper. the reflection plate (7.50 on drawing) is 32.8mm wide the reflection plate (17.32 on drawing) is 73mm long The overall length is (41.21 on drawing) is 172mm (apox) caliper does not go that high. the canoe hight is (1.86 on drawing) is 9mm high the X-33 model is (2.50 on drawing) is 11.3mm wide the X-33 model & canoe are (7.53 on drawing) is 34.1mm high Let me know if you need any other measurements. Keith
  11. ** One more note on this part. 3D printed resin parts are heavy and most of the weight is being added behind the rear wheels. Expect to add a lot of nose weight to your model. On the Hasegawa model I put 21 grams (I added more than needed to be safe) of nose weight just over the front wheel housing to make sure the model would not be a tail sitter.
  12. Swimmer25k, you did a fanatic job and seeing your scratch built rig online inspired me to start this 3D project with Michael Key. I knew I could never build the LASRE rig like you did and I think it would have been even harder in smaller 1/72 scale.
  13. WOW, thank you KursadA. That is a fantastic offer to any SR-71 builder who will want the ultimate NASA SR-71 decal sheets.
  14. As for the Aerospike markings I can send you (or Michael Key) a .pdf file that you can print on decal paper or have a decal printing company print it for you. The NASA meatball (5mm) is mounted on a black background so a inkjet decal will not work, the rest of the decals are mounted on the white LASRE wing.
  15. Good so Caracal will offer all the NASA decals for the SR-71 with a new fresh printed in 2019 decal sheet, Great thanks for the info.
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