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  1. For tinting canopies, I typically use Tamiya Smoke and Tamiya clear yellow thinned with X-20A. Multiple very thin coats.
  2. Generally, it wasnt too bad. The only other area where I had a little bit of clean-up to do was around the intakes, nothing nearly as traumatic as a Revell kit although. The seams are pretty decently designed along panel lines in most cases. Fit of the engine intake trunking doesnt leave much room for error. The fit tolerances are pretty tight so dry fitting of parts is a good idea, as with most of the newer kits coming out. The decals are great, all were appear to be in register and the colors are very crisp. Even the small stencil decals can be read.
  3. I've just recently completed the Kinetic F/A-18C kit, not sure if it was one with the corrected tails or not. Parts of the build werent bad, other issues, such as the nose and the fit of the front windscreen left a lot to be desired. I've just picked up a Hasegawa EA-18G kit, hoping the kit is better.
  4. If you mess up any others for that scheme, I am also doing that one and could send them to you from Idaho.
  5. I'm also building the Kinetic Hornet kit right now. Some things in the kit are nice and have been mentioned above. I ended up cutting the nose section from the top of the fuselage and attached it to the nose section and then mated the two parts together, this did help in the fit of the parts a little better from what others had described; however, an issue that I've run into is with the IP coaming and the fit of the front windscreen. I have a massive step where the windscreen meets the nose, I think I'm going to have to do some sanding and filling to blend them together. As others have said, the intakes are tricky and I think I'm going to make F.O.D. covers for them to cover them up. For the seat I used an aftermarket one from Aries i believe, and it looks much better. I've not built the Hasegawa kit, but I think, if I were to build another Hornet, Hasegawa would be my choice.
  6. I am in Idaho, and I'd be glad to pay for them! Let me know. I'll send you a PM.
  7. Maybe I should just contact Zvezda and see if I can get replacements. I thought they might just be loose in the packaging, but they are not there.
  8. I recently purchased the Zvezda 737-800 kit after looking at several sprue shots and reviews. I went with this kit due to the fact that the reviews of the kit and pictures of the sprues showed that it also included the new scimitar winglets and I was planning to get the new Alaska Airlines scheme. Unfortunately, when I opened the kit, only part of the scimitar winglets was in the kit. Has anyone else seen this?
  9. I'm going to have my wife see if she can figure it out. She works for HP in the printer division, I'll tell her.....ask her nicely, to see if she can make it work.
  10. I also thought about making my own decals, and I have clear and white decal paper for use in a laser jet printer (which is the printer I have at home); however, the problem I've had is that I cannot get my printer to accept the paper, when it does print, its extremely smudged and does not look very good.
  11. Great looking helo Charlie! that may be a way to go with printing on adhesive paper. Thanks Chief, I've seen the Werner Wings stuff. I'll have to take a look at the RFLIGHT stuff and see if its something I could use. Thanks for the info. As it sits right now, I think I may actually just have the Idaho State Seal printed and then make masks to paint the red crosses.
  12. Ehhh, not a big deal, after looking at the picture above and another few I've got access to, the crosses shouldnt be too hard to mask and paint. I actually thought about printing the seal on thin glossy paper. I'm going to have my wife see what she can do with it. She works in the printer division of HP and has access to some cool stuff.
  13. Here is a picture of an Idaho UH-72 taken during a rescue operation about 6 years ago. A plane crashed into a remote mountain area and was located 18 hours later. All three occupants survived the crash and had to be hoisted out. Two were transfered to other civilian EMS helicopters (Bell 429's).
  14. RCAFFAN, you are correct, they do not have the NG emblems on the doors. The crest you are seeing is actually the State of Idaho Flag. The top portion of the tail is painted dark blue like the flag and then has the State Seal. I am going to try to make my own decals of that. As for the Army stretchers, I had considered making them out of kitchen paper towel cut to size and then coated in white glue thinned with water, then use thin styrene rod along the sides, if the paper towel doesnt work, I was thinking of taking Milliput and rolling it into a thin sheet and seeing if that would work. I do know that the Idaho Lakotas dont have the oxygen bottles on the inside of the rear doors. I've seen several of the photos that you are talking about on Google. Fortunately, the Revell kit for the Lakota, has the medical interior, hoist, and wire cutters included from the EC145 Rega kit.
  15. That is one option I was hoping would be available. I found a set of red crosses and the National Guard logos with a number and letters set for 1/32 helos on www.aviationmegastore.com; however, the decals were cheap, but, because they are shipping to the US from the EU, the cost was WAAAAYYYYY not worth it. Hope your builds in 1/72 are going well. My plan is to recreate one of the medivac helos from the Idaho National Guard here in Boise. I suppose if I cant find the decals, I'll measure them out and paint them on. One way or another, I'm going to get it done.
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