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  1. F-4 B/N Kits w/ Followup ?? about AM

    Stefan, I remembered I had seen that after you posted and went back to look again. The only issue I see in using the decals for the tail is that the decal has "16" on it. This would force me to build that particular aircraft and as far as I can tell, it was not on the 72-73 cruise. But it would at least allow me to use all the other decals from the sheet as it appears the others are identical. Thank you sir! Nice build Bill! You didn't happen to post any WIP's somewhere, did you? I have a lot to learn about the particulars on the B models. Back when I was a kid, AM just wasn't there and we just weren't particular when we built these things. I am hoping my old neighbor will be able to produce some photos of a particular aircraft and I can replicate it.
  2. F-4 B/N Kits w/ Followup ?? about AM

    Yeah, that's the only decal sheet I can find too. I am thinking of trying to paint the tail and maybe try to cobble together the rest. I have not settled on the particular aircraft yet, but once I do I may try to make my own masks and paint the correct BuNo and aircraft ID.
  3. F-4 B/N Kits w/ Followup ?? about AM

    Thanks Ben. I understand now. I was able to spend several hours the other night talking to my old neighbor and learned a lot about the F-4 and ops. He was a great source of info and is going to send me some more once he gets home and settled after his vacation. The conversion kit is expensive, but it might be worth it if I go that route. By the time I get all the parts in 1/48, I will be near that amount anyway.
  4. F-4 B/N Kits w/ Followup ?? about AM

    In the interest of covering all my bases, if anyone could also give me some ideas about aftermarket in 1/32 scale. Or point me to some threads. I tried searching, but that got tedious quickly. I found a conversion set from GT Resin that will convert the Tamiya J to a B/N, however their website is short on images. Has anyone bought that set and can you advise about fit etc.? I am considering building this in 1/32 and presenting it to my old neighbor.
  5. F-4 B/N Kits w/ Followup ?? about AM

    Wow! Great breakdown Ben! I appreciate the information. Quite a few things that need to be addressed to make it as accurate as possible. With that being said, I am not worried about making the corrections as needed. One question though. What do you mean by the RIO's controller? Unless you tell me different, I will assume you mean flight controls. If that is true, the RIO I was speaking to told me the B/N's RIO controls were removed since they would not be able to land the aircraft on a carrier die to the nose up attitude that was required on approach and not being able to see. Of course, I will never say never and it is possible that some aircraft still had them, just not in VF-151 at the time. Thanks Dean! That will be something I need to consider as I move forward. While I have a couple of almost-dones under my belt, I have yet to complete a kit. So far they have been "practice" kits. I have a few kits in my stash that I can continue to practice on, so... Thanks Dnl42! I have bookmarked that link, as well as the others so that I can get that one if/when the time comes. You and me both brother! Thanks Gunny and airmechaja! More food for thought. That resin kit looks nice!
  6. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Decals and Resin available now

    That would be awesome Floyd! I will send you what I have as soon as I can. Would it be best to email them to you or send you the link to them on Flickr?
  7. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Decals and Resin available now

    Again, I completely understand. I will try to get some to you early this week. What makes them so interesting to me are the SEA camo paint jobs, and the only thing I need to replicate that as far as decals are the tail numbers. I believe I can cobble something together using your stencils sheet.
  8. F-4 B/N Kits w/ Followup ?? about AM

    As a followup question, if you were to build the Academy kit and wanted to add AM, what do you recommend and what is good enough for the kit.
  9. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Decals and Resin available now

    I completely understand Floyd. As I want to replicate my Dad's bird as closely as possible, I am going to wait for the set to be available before I start. I will also be ordering the Stencils Decal sheet, even though all the exterior stencils seem to have been covered with the SEA camo paint when the unit painted the aircraft. I am sure the interior stencils will be useful, along with the individual numbers so I can put his tail number on it. Have you already chosen the aircraft you are going to include on the next decals sheet? If not, I will send you some photos of some of my Dad's unit's aircraft and see if you are interested in including any of them. They did not really do much nose art, but I have a couple pictures that show some.
  10. F-4 B/N Kits w/ Followup ?? about AM

    Thanks Joel. The Academy kit seems to be readily available, and there appears to be quite a bit of AM available if I decide to go that route. Thanks Kurt. The sheet appears to have the markings for the CAG bird and is definitely an option. I would prefer to build one of the non-CAG aircraft, however, just for the sake of building one of the aircraft my former neighbor flew in. I may still get the sheet though as I can use it as a pattern for the tail markings. Thanks Bill. I stated ease of assembly as a contributing factor, but if you have a recommendation for another kit, I would be happy to listen to it. Your reasons above seem to fit the bill for what I am looking for, however, I am always willing to listen to reason.
  11. Accurate Miniatures TBM-3D

    Sounds good Joel. I will check out the MM engine gray. I have only tried MM one time with some interior green and it was a disaster for me. I thinned it too much I think and it was not pretty. I will play with it some to see what happen.
  12. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Decals and Resin available now

    Any update on this Floyd? I am expecting my Eduard PE any time now and will be chomping at the bit to get started on this build.
  13. Accurate Miniatures TBM-3D

    Thanks Joel. I have seen them all over the spectrum also and got the idea of using neutral gray mixed with blue on another forum. But then, I was looking up the Pratt and Whitney and it dawned on me that Grumman used the Wright engine on the TBM and not the P&W. Do you have any recommendation for what paint to use? I prefer the Tamiya line, but do not have anything darker right now, or rather dark enough for what I think it should be, and will have to buy something regardless, so am open to suggestions.
  14. Looking for recommendations. A neighbor of my family when I was 9-11 years old was a RIO in VF-151 on the USS Midway cruise to Vietnam April 72-Mar 73. He was recently in town for a squadron reunion and I got to pick his brain on several things and heard lots of great stories. I will eventually be building one of these aircraft. According to the research I have done, they were B models on that cruise, then upgraded them to N's after their return. I want to do this model in 1/48 scale and would like to know which kit you guys think would be the easiest to do OOB. This does not mean I will only do OOB, but want to make it as easy as I can. Thanks for your thoughts and I look forward to your responses.
  15. Accurate Miniatures TBM-3D

    Started closing up the fuselage today after spending some more time on the interior. I intended to take some shots of the interior before I closed it all up and in my excitement, forgot. So these will have to do, I guess. These were just quick shots before work. I still need to weather the seat, but other than that, I can call this portion pretty much done. I am actually gluing the fuselage in stages and ran out of time before work, so will probably finish that tomorrow. I will have some seams to clean up and fill, but the fit is not too bad. And sorry for the pic quality. I used my phone camera and I thought my settings were right, but they just don't look too good. And I also started painting the engine. I used Vallejo Gun Metal on the the cylinders and sprayed a mix of Tamiya Neutral Gray XF-53 and Tamiya Medium Blue XF-18 on the crank case. I will clean up the rods and wires this weekend and get everything put together and weather it this weekend/week.