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  1. That looks awesome Charlie! I would love to see a photo collection of a "walk-around" of this model. You did fantastic work!
  2. Fantastic work Rod! That is some amazing detail and a wonderful weathering job. I hope one day I can emulate that!
  3. Thanks again Chippy! All of what you described makes perfect sense, and here comes the big but, but leads me to a couple more questions. When you protect the base layer/color with Future/Klear, do you spray it on full power or do you thin it? And as far as colors go for the fabric portions of the belts, do you have a go to color? This is a P-51, early model. I am thinking about trying to scratch build my belts using the tape method you described. It seems to me that might be a little easier than trying to piece together the short p/e sections and then bend them to shape and attach them to the seat. And let me say thanks to dnl42 and krow113 for sharing their knowledge also. I appreciate your willingness to help me come back to the hobby I enjoyed so much as a kid 30+ years ago.
  4. Ok. Mine are not the pre-painted belts. I will need to paint those afterwards. This is a practice kit for me, so I will see what I can do with my limited skills. OF course, that is the only way my skills will become not so limited! Hahaha!
  5. I guess I am ptting my inexperience on full display when I say "How the h%^# am I supposed to do that?". I understand about not having a layer of paint between the glued surfaces, but while I may be able to paint the seat belts themselves, I am not sure how I would paint the buckles once they are attached to the seat. Just to make sure I am understanding, attach the seat belts to the seat, paint the entire assembly the seat color, then go back and paint the seat belts and buckles their own colors. And I must agree with dnl42's assessment above. If you had not told me it was a model, you could have convinced me that this was a photo of the real thing!
  6. Stop me if you've heard this before, but Oliver, you are a master! When I see your posts, I realize I have so much to learn. And the best part is that you are willing to pass on that knowledge. Thank you for the show and the sharing of your knowledge. You are a true gentleman!
  7. Thanks Chippy! I especially liked the tip to use the BLue-Tak. Worked well. Brings me to my next question. P/e kit came with seat and, of course, seat belts. Is it easier to paint the seat and seat belts separately, then try to attach them to the seat? Or attach them and try to paint the buckles and seat belts after painting them all the base color of the seat, in my case interior green?
  8. First time building a model using PE. I have just come back to the hobby after a long (30+ years), so I know nothing about PE. I actually don't know what I don't know. I have watched a couple videos on Youtube, and they have helped, but I am not sure if what I am watching is helping or hindering. So my questions are as follows: 1. What videos or materials do you recommend to learn about working with PE? 2. What glue(s) do you use to attach PE to both plastic and other PE? The kit I am working on now, Accurate Miniatures P-51, Kit No. 3400, came with Eduard PE kit 48 134. One of the steps has me attaching one piece of PE to another. It also has me attaching what I believe is acetate to the back of the IP, so what would I also use to do that? 3. Please advise any other tips you wish someone had told you when you were using PE for the first time. Thanks to everyone in advance. While I think adding all this PE will make for a better model, I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now and kinda wish for the good ol' days of smearing glue all over the plastic and praying like hell it'll all stick together in some semblance of an aircraft.
  9. Great write up Ray!
  10. Looking great Rod!
  11. Looking good Oliver!
  12. Yep. I somehow missed that roller right in the middle of that picture. I was too impressed with the model and didn't pay attention to the tools. Thanks!
  13. I guess that was what I was kinda thinking. Could not imagine spraying sand, but then i was not imagining using a roller on a scale model either. Hahaha! I wouldnlove tonsee that roller!
  14. Oliver, what is your technique for that? Do you add it to the paint and spray it? If so, how does that work in an airbrush?
  15. That's gonna be my next one Oliver. This time I am modeling the one in my signature picture. Hopefully complete with all the weathering.