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  1. GWH 1/48 scale Lockheed T-33A early ver.

    Joel, once again you are turning out one fine specimen of a model. I am waiting anxiously to see your fix for that issue with the rear bulkhead. Wish I could recommend something, but my skills are not that advanced yet. If I may ask, please post some pics of the fix and maybe a brief explanation on how so I may learn something here, if you weren't planning that already.
  2. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Thanks for the link Tank. That was a great tutorial on using hairspray. I played around with it some on a paint mule about a year ago, but I was a little too heavy handed with the water and chipping. It looked ok, but I could definitely improve my technique.
  3. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Great info Oliver. Thank you for the step-by-step process as it really broke it down for me to understand it a little bit better. Now to put this into practice and really get an understanding. I have noticed in your builds and in the tutorial above, you do not seem to actually assemble much before applying at least the base coat and the steps above. Does this create any problems with assembly later? And what kind of glue to you use to assemble painted pieces? When I came back to the hobby, I picked up Tamiya Extra Thin and it works well, but I have also noticed that if I assemble painted pieces, it is a little too hot and affects the paint.
  4. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Oliver, this is exactly what I am looking for in my signature below when I ask for constructive criticism. You laid out may things for me to consider as I progress through builds, and I appreciate this. I have a couple questions, so please bear with me as I profess my hopefully temporary ignorance in these matters. To do this, add a drop or two of white to the base color (FS36231 in this case) or is it more than that? And by half-white, I am not quite sure what you mean. I am not really sure on how to go about fading black. I have seen it, so I understand what you mean, I am just not sure how to go about it. To take a shot at it, maybe a highly thinned coat of a really dark gray or something? I am not 100% sure if they left the holes open when the seats are not installed or they put some kind of cover over these holes. I do know that my Dad's unit did not use those seats exept when hauling around some top brass or flying a CIC mission. I will put that question to some of the crew chiefs in a couple of FB groups I am a member of and see what they have to say. At this point, I do not know if I will try to go too far in correcting what I have, as I have pretty much glued everything in place and I am not sure of my capabilities to disassemble, correct, and reassemble without destroying something in the process. I do have those seats that cabin seats that will not be installed, so I may "practice" a little bit on those and see what I can do. Again, thank you Oliver for taking the time to really look and pass on suggestions. This means a lot to me as I really want to get better at this hobby. I am in awe every time I see your posts and hope to one day put out something that sort of approaches that! Unfortunately, I am a very technical person as opposed to creative, and while I can reproduce something I see once I understand the processes, I have trouble figuring out those processes.
  5. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Thank you sir for the information and pictures. This is exactly what I was looking for. I also posted the question in that FB page as well as one for the 195th and as expected, I got a whole range of answers. So, unless I have reference pics showing that area of Dad's aircraft, and I dont think I do, I should be safe picking one and going with it. And to be honest, I am really only practicing for the next one. I planned to model this one as an aircraft ready for flight with all the engine access hatches closed.
  6. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Thanks Igor!
  7. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Thanks Ray!. It kinda sounds like it would not be wrong to go with chromate/interior green for both the tranny and engine compartments. I put out a couple requests on a couple FB pages too so I will see if any crew chiefs/mechanics might remember also.
  8. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Ok all you Huey aficionados out there, I need some help. Starting the transmission and transmission compartment and have a few questions. The instructions call for the compartment to be Dark Gull Gray FS36231 and the transmission itself to be FS36375. 1. Are these correct for a Vietnam era Huey? I cannot seem to find very many color pictures on the internet of H-models of the compartment. I can find some recent pics of the transmission and they seem to be a lighter gray, so I think I can live with that. I found some pics of B/C model tranny compartments and they looked Interior Green, so 2. does it stand to reason that D/H models would have been the same?
  9. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    Thanks Ray. That's kinda how I look at it, but then i have seen some that looked way overdone and almost toyish. And maybe that's what I really meant. Does it look realistic? To my eye it does, but I am biased!! Hahaha!
  10. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 4/8)

    I'm calling the front office as done! Weathered with Mig washes and chalk pastels. I was initially worried that I was overdoing the weathering, but then remembered this aircraft was fast approaching its 300 hour inspection and was dirty and worn. I also decided to model it during the dry season and Dad said the fine dust was all over everything. Please let me know if any of you think it is overdone. It's a little too late to do anything about it, but as this will not be my last one, I want to learn.
  11. 1/48 UH-1V Huey Kitty Hawk FINISHED 03.16.18

    Makes perfect sense. I will have to try that on the IP's going forward.
  12. 1/48 UH-1V Huey Kitty Hawk FINISHED 03.16.18

    Fantastic Charlie! Those litters look awesome. Scratch -built? And I saw somewhere, either here or facebook, that you printed the IP? Can you elaborate on that and what medium you printed it on?
  13. 1/48 UH-1V Huey Kitty Hawk FINISHED 03.16.18

    Charlie, just as I expected it would, this is looking great!
  14. Italeri 1/48 UH-1V "Huey" United States Army 0-22507

    As did we all brother!! As did we all. Hahahaha!
  15. Italeri 1/48 UH-1V "Huey" United States Army 0-22507

    I just came off 12 hour night shifts to 8 hour day shifts and my body is still rebelling. I am hoping in a couple weeks I will be adjusted and can spend some quality time at the bench in the evenings after work. Of course, SWMBO usually has other ideas on what I should be using my quality time for! Joel, at least she negotiated with you!!