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  1. Nice start Tim. I will be following this one for sure!
  2. Thanks Chuck! I am following your build and gleaning all the tips that I can. Keep up the great work and keep those tutorials coming! I am learning a lot!
  3. Chuck, will you advise what accelerator you use. I have some of the aerosol kind (Stickfast) I used when making wooden pens on the lathe, but this stuff goes everywhere. I assume it can be decanted? It does not seem to affect the plastic on the test mules I have experimented on.
  4. Nope, only a modeller. But I did stay at Holiday Inn Express last night! 😁..Dad was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, so that's where I got it from. With that being said, my faith is also very important to me, so a double meaning so to speak.
  5. Oliver, in the pictures you posted, I agree the yellow seems a little bright, even on the pictures where you have the fuselage surrounding it. But what does it look like when those bright lights above it are not illuminating the brightness so much. There is still a lot of light coming through the top of the fuselage since you don't have the engine compartment up there. I think it may give it some pop in a darkened interior. I would at least investigate that before changing it.
  6. I have been told it might be possible to substitute a Hase 1/48 one piece canopy or windscreen, so if anyone has one available and is willing to part with it for a fair price, I would be happy to take it off your hands.
  7. Thanks Janissary! I was not aware that the Hase canopy would work. I am actually building it closed, so either one would work.
  8. Contacted MRC to try to obtain a windscreen/clear sprue with no luck. By their email, it sounded like they put out a lot of feelers for them, but to no avail. I'm not sure where else to try, so if anyone else has any ideas, please share.
  9. If anyone has the clear sprue available for this kit, I would be most appreciative. The windscreen landed on the floor and one of my puppies found it before I did. I can make it with just the windscreen, but would be willing to buy the whole sprue for a reasonable price.
  10. Oliver, this is absolutely ridiculous! If you really wanted to mess with us, you would take these pictures outside or using a different background. The only way I can tell this is not real is the painter's tape it is resting on. Absolutely stunning!
  11. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMnBpgnVB0e7JZd9dzLVDtsr41SxMLi-1IBJgdUN0uRb3o9yOQ3OSyz5lWwiz53nw/photo/AF1QipNC7A25iXmLbW15E_BPkeQeW2-eQH_CkDvkMSNg?key=c1plazJXMklLNnpsU0dyZTdxU2xzMmlNSVB4Y25R
  12. Thanks John! I think that might be my problem too. I am used to doing light multiple passes and I feel like I have got spray going everywhere. I just need to get better at it!
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