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  1. Looking great Benner! This might even be enough to inspire me to start building again after way too long saw from the bench.
  2. Okay, well I can post an actual solution for this one! I managed to get in touch with the Australian Distributor - Toy Traders by their telephone number 02 9749 1733. They have ordered me a new sprue with the missing part for just the cost of shipping from Japan - only $10 in this case. While their website may have lapsed they still offer good old fashioned customer service the 20th century way!
  3. Okay folks, It's been quite a while since I've posted here, and as a kind of comeback I've decided to start a build. Anyway, I broke out a Hasegawa Hornet kit from the still growing stash and saw that one of the parts was slightly warped. I took the initiative to un-warp it using hot water and well... let's just say that it didn't end well and I'm going to need a replacement part. I have done the forum search and googled the problem and managed to find distributor details for the US, The listed Australian distributor Toy Traders Sales don't seem to have a web site. HLJ only offer replacement
  4. Zactoman to the rescue! Buy Now!! EDIT: Whoops - I confused the ECM pod included in the kit for LANTIRN pods. I'd say buy this for your Revell 1/144 F-15E anyway.
  5. I wouldn't worry about the Martian model industry building a better Flanker - they are way too busy with our RC cars at the moment.
  6. I guess this discussion begs the question - Roundels may have been a relevant to identification of friend and foe in WW1, and to a lesser extent WW2, but today in the age of supersonic stealth jet fighters and air to air missiles, beyond tradition what purpose do roundels play on modern military aircraft, particularly low-visibility ones?
  7. Rather than sending anyone on a search of somewhere else for it - here is the direct link
  8. I think that the AFV is a T-34, late variant with the long 85mm gun.
  9. Looking Great Benner! If there's one thing that you can be sure of with Benner's builds is that any modifications he does to the kit to add lumps and bumps will be based upon good references.
  10. Wow - I'm sorry to say that I've overlooked the armour section of ARC for too long and I've been missing a lot of great work here! Sorry to be late to the game, but all of these builds look fantastic. You show a great attention to detail and I'm looking forward to seeing how your weathering goes on in the build. Trent
  11. Really? Actually he only uses examples of 60 minutes interview to show where quotes and cutaways are used and where they provide opportunities for misuse, and then HE quite deliberately goes and chops up various interviews by 60 minutes to show how it CAN be used. It's a technique that can be used quite validly as well to shorten interviews and provide a more interesting point of view. He then provides examples where Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy show and a "documentary' by Graham Hancock uses the technique to distort experts interviews. The point he makes is that no specific source can be tru
  12. I'm not going to make any comment about the report beyond saying that the pilots both seem to be telling the truth as they see it. For your information here is a very interesting youtube vid from a journo about some of the tricks of the trade used by the media to twist and manipulate interviews to give the story they want to portray. Once you know them it's amazing how often you see them used.
  13. 100 days by the British Commander Admiral Sandy Woodward is a good read from the command perspective. I've also read Sharky Ward's book and found it a good read if not all that balanced. In all fairness to Sharky, it's his story and FWIW he tells it like he saw it. Trent
  14. If you really believe that then why do you look before crossing the road, bother with safety equipment, wear a seatbelt or get medical treatment when you get sick? It seems He likes to call the number of irresponsible folk a lot more often than safety conscious ones. Like every government rule and regulation, decisions about health and safety standards for pilots are a measured calculations based (hopefully) upon proper scientific research and statistical analysis. Sure the pilots involved in all of these incident may older than the average, but might or might not have had anything to do with
  15. My kit also includes part F103, so it looks like it was only an early batch that missed those parts.
  16. Good luck Ross. I'm not the praying type, so you'll have to make do with my hopes and wishes for everything to go well and for a quick and full recovery. Trent
  17. As usual, great work Benner! That's excellent detail work, especially on the ordnance and impressively subtle weathering.
  18. Like pretty much everything in the world, there's no clear cut answer to the question. Personally I converted to Mac from PC some 3 years ago now and haven't looked back. I'll agree it's not perfect and PCs can be made and set up to do the same things just as well or better than the Mac, but for a casual user like me who doesn't want to have to figure out all of the ins and outs to 'tune' their computer for best performance it's much better than any windows experience I've ever had. I also found the conversion painless and very intuitive. It's also probably no coincidence that my Mac also wo
  19. I believe essentially the same kit (except for a few new parts). Instructions
  20. Okay, I'm not going to say anything about the morality of pirating the intellectual property of others - it's an indefensible position. However, as has been discussed earlier and specifically mentioned by Cyrus Tan, besides basic dishonesty, a major reason that a lot of people buy pirated products is because they just can't find the genuine product easily available. Just looking at the facts here, it seems to me that the reason Dmolds isn't selling a lot of their products isn't because people are choosing cheaper pirated products - it's because it's too hard to get the product from the suppl
  21. Nice build, plus I'm also impressed with the friendly serial killer references with the crew names!
  22. You know, there's nothing to jump to the conclusions you're also making as well - one reason I've found in my work as a police officer is that people often pull out in front of motorbikes and cause accidents is because the rider is travelling so fact, creating such a small window for them to be seen. If I was into wild *** speculation I could also say that the fact that the rider wasn't wearing a helmet indicates something of his attitude towards safety? It's just as valid as your assertion that by his dress and the fact that he's driving a BMW means he was worried about litigation more than s
  23. Everything you'd want to know about Absinthe
  24. I would hazard a guess and say that a future coat would provide sufficient protection for enamel paint if you really want to try it.
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