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    Hiking, Camping, outdoorsy kind of guy . . . plus chilling with my family.
  1. Well this is pretty cool. Apparently Boeing has been using a technology called 3d printing with FDM on it's planes. http://www.indiatimes.com/technology/science-and-future/boeing-s-dreamliner-787-will-be-the-first-aeroplane-to-have-3d-printed-titanium-body-parts-275445.html Has anyone heard of this? The way it works is you simply upload a design file in these machines and out pops a physical version of it. I'm assuming it prints out in parts and you assemble them. Heck they even have these for model rc planse like for this Spitfire. https://pinshape.com/items/8135-3d-printed-3d-printed-rc-spitfire-mk-xvi-ver12 Love to make my own custom parts if this thing is not expensive.
  2. Tamiya hands down guys. The quality is on a whole another level. Looks like it was the same bike that the CEOs of When I Work and Celayix will race on soon. Not sure when though.
  3. One of my favorites of all time. F-14 and F-16 (Ohhh what a classic!). LOL at the mention of "Top Gun" :) At least they had a good soundtrack.
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