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  1. kstater94

    1/48 Hill Grey DC/KS air guard F-4D decals?

    Thank you sir :-)
  2. kstater94

    1/48 Hill Grey DC/KS air guard F-4D decals?

    The 184th had quite a mix of jets over their time flying the F-4. I know of at least 6 tail numbers of jets that had the RHAW mods.
  3. kstater94

    F-4N Speed Brake Well Color. Red or White?

    Speed brake wells are the same color as the underside of the aircraft. The only part that is red is the inside of the speed brake because it is a moving surface.
  4. kstater94

    CD48071 - Desert Kingdom Defenders

    Thanks Looking forward to seeing it! Cheers John
  5. kstater94

    CD48071 - Desert Kingdom Defenders

    Giving this one a bump Sounds like there are a few of us who are interested... Here are some Saudi Typhoons from Red Flag Cheers John
  6. kstater94

    Yet another Flickr test

    and another
  7. kstater94

    Yet another Flickr test

    A test from me 88-0499 Viper 90RES JG by John Gabor, on Flickr
  8. kstater94

    Dunkirk - The Movie (SPOILERS)

    Actually, that's not true. While you are correct that there are currently two flying Mk.1 Spitfires flying in the world that were shot down and crash landed on French beaches during the time of Dunkirk, neither one was used in the film. There were 2 Mk.1s used for the film (X4650 which appeared as LC/R9612 and AR213 which was marked as LC/R9632). X4650 was delivered to the RAF in October 1940 and AR213 was delivered to the RAF in July 1941 so neither were around for Dunkirk. The third Spitfire used in the movie (EP122) is actually a VB and although the cannon barrels were removed, you can still easily pick it out of the formation because of the cannon bulges on top of the wings. Regards, John
  9. kstater94

    F-35 news roundup

    This is now the standard scheme for F-35s that are being delivered Regards John
  10. kstater94

    Eurofighter Typhoon over Alabama???

    Yup... What Murph and Gary said 6 squadron took them to Nellis for Red Flag 2 squadron kept them at Nellis for Green Flag 41 took a couple jets and headed to China Lake for weapons testing and 1 took the remaining jets from Nellis over to Langley for Atlantic Trident (and will then bring them home) Talk about getting the most bang for your buck with your aircraft! I personally think that the RAF need to permanently base half a dozen of them here in the U.S. and just rotate the crews (like the they did at Goose Bay with the Tornados in the 80s) John
  11. kstater94

    Back to the Fighter world for me!!!

    They will also be getting F-35s so things should liven up a bit Regards, John
  12. kstater94

    First ANG Hun sheet - CD48003

    So..... since the sheet sold well.... Does that mean OTHER Hun units *cough* KANSAS *cough* might be done after all? ;-) Cheers! John
  13. kstater94

    Revell F/A-18F

    Gee... uhm... did he not like the squadron very much?
  14. kstater94

    Revell F/A-18F

    I agree one of the FUGLIEST schemes applied to a Super Hornet