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  1. Sprue Brothers also has ADC in the Hataka Orange line of paint, which I like a lot. https://spruebrothers.com/htkc0045-hataka-hobby-orange-line-lacquer-paint-bottle-17ml-air-defense-grey-fs16473-ana512/
  2. I acquired the Muroc conversion early last year. Casting is a little rough, but it's workable. Haven't gotten around to building it yet.
  3. Is the F-104 reprint coming along?
  4. If you want to get ultra-glossy finish from your airbrush, after getting down your color coats, try a few finish coats with very high amount of thinner, and wet sand with very smooth grit sanding pads between. Obviously use gloss paint as well...
  5. I've built the Academy F-14 twice. It more or less looks like a tomcat, and it's a reasonably fun build, but it looks "off" in many small but noticeable ways. It's a big "meh" for me; I'd not build another.
  6. Your landlord was just a jackass and was looking for excuses. If it hadn't been model paint he would have invented some other excuse (cooking with curry, farting the bathroom, whatever). Just rent your apartment, take a few kits with you, airbrush in the tub and if you lose your deposit, that's just the way it goes. Get a small box of tools, and setup a folding picnic table to work on, and just do whatever.
  7. I've been building kits for 40 years, never binned one before completion yet. I put firecrackers in all the ones I build as a kid, so they're gone now, but that was all in good fun. My favorite is around the time I started driving, we launched a Monogram 1/48 B-17 out of the sunroof of my car at around 45 mph. It was an EPIC way to go, but it was at least finished before its demise.
  8. Your intention is not clear. Maybe post a photo? Generally, you need to sand out blemishes with very fine sandpaper to get good blending. You can decant spray paint into a bottle and use it in an airbrush. One tip is to let it sit for a few days slightly covered for the propellant to all leave the paint. You can give it a little shake in the bottle to see if the propellant is all gone.
  9. Hataka lacquers come in similar bottles already. I've used them a little, and they are quite nice.
  10. The F-104 sheet has an "add to cart" button, but the SR-71 sheets don't yet. I'd love to pre-order both now!
  11. So I'm doing my F-104 in SEA, number 56-891 with the Snoopy Sniper nose art. I've been looking at photos of the Udorn aircraft, and it is clear that some of them have the port side of the nose in 34079, and some in 34102. Looking at photos of 56-891, it sure seems like its entire nose is in the dark green. For reference, I'm using the photos here: https://www.i-f-s.nl/udorn-aircraft-part-1/ The photos are kind of dark, and the difference between the two shades in the photos isn't what you could count on for definitive proof. There is clearly some darker paint rig
  12. Sent you a PM also; the ladder is on the table on your front porch. I'd also recommend editing your previous posting and deleting your address to keep internet trolls away. K
  13. Too cool. I’m in Albuquerque too. You don’t live far from my Mom and I need to visit her this weekend. I’ll just put it in your box. no chance of breaking then.
  14. Any chance at all for a reprint of the F-15 Early Years sheet in 1/48? I missed out as I was on a modeling hiatus, and I really want to do Streak Eagle and an Air Superiority Blue jet. Decals for these are few and far between, and I've not been able to source a sheet on the second-hand market. Otherwise, does anyone have a sheet they'd like to part with?
  15. PM me your address and I'll get you a shipping quote. Free + you pay actual cost to send. Since it's at an angle, I think you'll want a little box vs. an envelope. which will cost a couple of dollars in shipping. I'm sure I have a little Amazon box around,
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