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  1. kozlok

    F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    I didn't read this whole thread. Really, F-15's are my favorite, but I have exactly 1C and 1E on the shelf. I have about 8 F-14's because the Navy markings are more interesting. So for me, as a modeler, the F-14 is more fun for me to model, because of all the different markings, and different weathering opportunities.
  2. kozlok

    F-18F Superhornet

    You have 34 Hornets..only one of them is an 1/48 F model. Therein lies my dilemma, I have A's and C's and E's...and only one sad lonely F in the stash.
  3. kozlok

    F-18F Superhornet

    So I was buying some nice Fightertown F-18 decals to add to a bigger order, and thought I'd pick up a couple of extra F model Super Hornets for the stash...None to be found, anywhere! Not Revell or Hasegawa! Squadron, no stock, Sprue Bros., no stock, Amazon, they list a Revell F for $90. What???? for the Revell? I haven't bought a kit in a couple of years, but the last Revell Super Hornet I bought was like $22. I can find E's in Revell and Hase. Even EvilBay has only one F (Revell of Germany, for $40). Anyone know what's up with this nonsense?
  4. kozlok

    F-22 "metal sheen" and decaling...???

    I think I would have done the decals over a glossy finish (just paint), and added the metalizer into the final clear coat.
  5. Hadn't seen this until now. I'm in. I have like 4000 different hornets in my to-do stash!
  6. kozlok

    1:48 Scale Bailey Bridge Diorama

    Just an observation, but from an engineering perspective, I wouldn't think that bridge would support 2 tanks on any one span at a time. I'd say you're one tank heavy. Look online at tanks crossing bridges, and you'll see that the spacing is usually quite wide. Like this: This gives a good indication why:
  7. kozlok

    CD48059 - B-58 Hustler

    I've started rescribing my kit...I'm so excited!
  8. kozlok

    Eduard 1/48 BF109-G6

    Using everyone's favorite red-line approach, we conclude that the second nose is much much too blunt. Unacceptable. Won't buy this kit. Sarcasm off.
  9. kozlok

    Eduard 1/48 BF109-G6

    I looked through the first part of this thread, and I'd like to point out that you can not take a photo with an unknown lens, and compare it to a different photo with a different lens and draw any conclusions at all about accuracy. A case in point. Here is the exact same aircraft, photographed a minute or so apart, with 2 different lenses. These are both modern lenses with not a lot of distortion, but different focal lengths, and even then, not dramatically different. Look at these two images, the differences are bigger than what many are griping about comparing a photo of a model to a vintage photo of an aircraft. The shots are taken so that the framing is quite close to the same. Notice that each engine cowl is about the same distance from the edge of the frame. The cockpit is in about the same place in the frame. If you overlaid these two photos, you'd say that one or the other was "inaccurate". Look at the apparent difference in the front strut length, or the curvature of the nose. It's the same exact plane, same camera, same photographer, only the lens changed. Remember too that these two lenses are actually close in focal length, made by the same company, similar distortion characteristics. It can get much worse than this. ; [/url]; Here's a better comparison: The exact same photograph: one copy has the lens distortion corrected using LightRoom, one does not. Look at the differences in curvature. Look how much closer the corrected nose comes to the edge of the photo. This photo was taken with a Pentax DA21. It's considered to be a relatively low distortion lens. Much better than the typical zoom lenses on consumer grade cameras. A million times better than any lens made in the 40's. [/url]
  10. kozlok

    Does any know the story behind this one?

    Sure there is, I can see it...It says "FUEL" right on it. :lol:
  11. kozlok


    A few from my collection. One from the Air Force museum in Dayton, and 2 from the Navy museum in Pensacola. The shots from Pensacola are shot with my fisheye, so a bit more "fun" than most! IMGP2980.jpg by kozlok2, on Flickr IMGP3818.jpg by kozlok2, on Flickr IMGP3819.jpg by kozlok2, on Flickr
  12. kozlok


    Any thought of doing some Natural Metal F-104s? I just started mine, I love the options on the Hasegawa decals, but they are thick and yellow. Yuck. There are so few choices available. Help me Kursad-wan...you are our only hope.
  13. kozlok


    Topic pretty self explanatory..I'm adding a 1/48 b-58 to the stash to go with the new Caracal sheet. I'm wondering just how many bottles of polished aluminum Alclad should I pick up? I will use other shades over the polished aluminum for variation, but I want enough of the base to go over everything.
  14. kozlok

    B=58 Experts needed

    The one in Dayton does indeed look to be Yellow Chromate. This was taken in April 2013. IMGP3056.jpg by kozlok2, on Flickr
  15. It's available in resin from Steel Beach: Here