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  1. I'm halfway through building mine...Are you SURE you want one? Fit isn't amazing...It's pretty close to going to the shelf of Doom. I'm also building the 1/48 B-58 in-flight, and the gear doors have been a whole new level of poor fit, so my frustration with putty and sanding is high in general right now.
  2. To my eye, that looks like Euro I Green instead of 34079 Dark Green. Cool anyway.
  3. Yes, but availability of that sheet is difficult, and I don't have it. I was hoping you were preparing to re-release at least the Puff jet on a new sheet.
  4. Any chance this is so you can fit the Booming Intruders sheet to this kit?
  5. I try to be working on a couple of "great fitting" and a couple of "lousy fitting" models at the same time to keep the hard to build ones off the shelf of doom. I was thinking the Cougar would be my next ill-fitting kit in rotation. Is there a guide to assembly to minimize the worst of the problems?
  6. I've been buying Kursad's decals since they were ALPS printed. Not as many recently, as I took a modeling hiatus, but I think I'm getting back in the saddle.
  7. Do you mean the detailed writeups on Hyperscale by David Aungst? http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2001/f14constructiondwa_3.htm These are my bible with building the Hasegawa F-14. I've built a few, didn't seem that painful. Yes, you have to be careful, and no, it's probably not as good as the new Tamiya, but I have a bunch of these, and I plan on building them.
  8. Because I was bored, I took a stab at color-correction, de-aging and perspective correction. This is what I came up with. My guess is the tips of the feathers and the little triangle used to be much redder, but the paint faded. I'd guess Insignia red? No basis for that, though.
  9. Building a "Car-Door" Typhoon IB, and the Hasegawa decals are kinda lousy color-wise, so I got a set of TechMod decals. They are very thin and brittle, and the green/blue/grey tail band decal split into 5 pieces while I was trying to put it on. I think I'll just masks and paint, but I'm not sure what the correct color is? I'm normally a Jet guy, but trying some WWII British planes for a bit of something different so I don't know my RAF colors very well. I see references to a bunch of different colors called "sky" or some variation therof, and it's a bit confusing. Also, which b
  10. Maybe you should work a deal with Steel Beach so that someone could order a single item and get the decals and the conversion set? I'm hesitant to get the decals without the early conversion set, and vice versa as well.
  11. Looks to me like 5 swipes with a sanding stick, and that intake is fixed. Good news!
  12. I don't know my Fury variants very well...If that's a -3, lets have some Jolly Rogers Furies! Maybe a VF-84 Jet too, so we can pose the once and future Bones squadrons together.
  13. Does anyone know if Muroc models is still in business? I'm returning to the hobby after a few years of low-effort; and I have a hankering to do a F8C in VF-84 colors. Already have the decals, but no way to convert to a C. I saw that Muroc made a set some years ago; also Cutting Edge did as well; but I think they are long gone. Any other player in the F8C business I might have missed?
  14. Have you done any FJ-4 sheets yet? Here's what I'd like:
  15. When do you think this sheet will be available, and what options are you leaning towards? I'm building an F-104 now by happenstance, and I've got to decide if I want to paint it in natural metal for this sheet, or use the Vietnam camo decals I've already got.
  16. I have a partial of the Tyndall sheet. I did the first jet on the sheet (325th markings). The other two jets are there still.
  17. I just bit the bullet and switched to Gunze Mr. Color. There are few more specialized colors I didn't buy, and it ended up being close to a $70 order just to cover my most common colors. You can't mix with MM, but they layer fine as far as I can tell so far with enough drying time.
  18. The paint schemes in the photos I looked at all seem to be the standard F-16 colors. FS36118 (Gunship Gray) and FS36320 (Dark Ghost Gray); where gunship is the darker color. I think there's a 77th FS jet on TwoBobs 1/72 Shaw Vipers sheet 72-033. Here's a review of it: https://www.arcair.com/Rev1/501-600/Rev598-TwoBobs72033/00.shtm It's long out of print, but you may be able to score a sheet by placing a wanted ad here on the forum, or shopping on ebay. You could also try posting an email or PM to Steve Bamford (the site owner; user name SBARC) since he had th
  19. This topic has always been of interest to me, as my other hobby is photography. Here is a photo of an A7 nose, taken with a 21mm lens (moderate wide angle on APS-C). There is a distortion correction algorithm in Lightroom for this lens, which is used to modify the same photo. Taking a trace from one photo, and putting it in the second, you can see the difference in apparent shape of the nose, and this is all caused by lens distortion. This isn't an overly distorted lens, either. Always be cautious of comparing non-corrected photos to models, and declaring the model to be in the wrong.
  20. I didn't read this whole thread. Really, F-15's are my favorite, but I have exactly 1C and 1E on the shelf. I have about 8 F-14's because the Navy markings are more interesting. So for me, as a modeler, the F-14 is more fun for me to model, because of all the different markings, and different weathering opportunities.
  21. You have 34 Hornets..only one of them is an 1/48 F model. Therein lies my dilemma, I have A's and C's and E's...and only one sad lonely F in the stash.
  22. So I was buying some nice Fightertown F-18 decals to add to a bigger order, and thought I'd pick up a couple of extra F model Super Hornets for the stash...None to be found, anywhere! Not Revell or Hasegawa! Squadron, no stock, Sprue Bros., no stock, Amazon, they list a Revell F for $90. What???? for the Revell? I haven't bought a kit in a couple of years, but the last Revell Super Hornet I bought was like $22. I can find E's in Revell and Hase. Even EvilBay has only one F (Revell of Germany, for $40). Anyone know what's up with this nonsense?
  23. I think I would have done the decals over a glossy finish (just paint), and added the metalizer into the final clear coat.
  24. Hadn't seen this until now. I'm in. I have like 4000 different hornets in my to-do stash!
  25. Just an observation, but from an engineering perspective, I wouldn't think that bridge would support 2 tanks on any one span at a time. I'd say you're one tank heavy. Look online at tanks crossing bridges, and you'll see that the spacing is usually quite wide. Like this: This gives a good indication why:
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