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  1. I was at the Air Force museum earlier in the week, and took a couple of shots of the fabric sample off of Reed Chambers "Flag Bus" show bird. Since it is actually quite difficult to photograph in there because they keep it practically dark, and I was fortunate enough to have my large aperture lens with me, I though I'd post these here for reference. A little glare from the glass, but not too bad. Thought you might like the reference for those who can't make it to Ohio! The colors should be quite accurate because I adjusted the white balance to the frame, which certainly looked perfectly wh
  2. I sent a pm about the grim reapers partial sheet, never saw a reply. Pm me if still for sale!
  3. You should ask twobobs if they'll share their artwork since it's long OOP.
  4. I will look tonight, 50/50 chance I still have them. PM your address so I can get them out tomorrow if I find them.
  5. +1 for Joseph. Great work, fast turnaround. ALPS printed.
  6. Darren builds a Tomcat? I thought I'd never see the day (LOL)! Seriously one of the best. A great new technique, I think I'll steal it from you!
  7. Meds + Tenax - Sleep = Cognitive fail.
  8. Check it again, this one is different, the stripe is not black with white arrows, but more like the low vis one, but in black. Also, look at the tank markings-unique.
  9. Sprue brothers has the 48003 sheet in stock. http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/maw48003.htm
  10. There's also this scheme from 1996 which is sort of low vis in the front, high vis in the back (kind of a mullet scheme, if you will!)
  11. kozlok


    Ok, so I've been away from modeling for awhile, and I just came across this (new?) scheme for VMFA-115 http://tomoroku.sakura.ne.jp/aircraft/VMFA-115/12%20VMFA-115%20%23201.jpg Who do we have to bribe for good aftermarket decals for these?
  12. Not really a model, but I AM working on my 1/48 Voodoo, if only Kursad would get those Texas ANG decals released. Anyway, I shot this photo of a static display F-101 in Panama City FL today, thought I'd share it with all of you. ZOOM.... by Kozlok1, on Flickr
  13. Update and Bump. I realized that I posted this right before Nationals. Maybe now that everyone is back, there may be more interest.
  14. OK, what I'm really going for is this look: Here's where she stands now. Still want to do a brownish wash, and need to add the gun smoke:
  15. I'm doing a Marine F-8, fully loaded with air to ground, and I'm wondering if I over did the weathering a bit. The pictures I've seen make the Marine birds look pretty dirty, but the pics are usually blurry or very small. I'm especially worried about the white areas. I could overcoat a little more, but I don't want to loose the shading completely. Opinions? Bigger Picture
  16. Shadoweng, Devilleader501 and SpitfireGuy all recently bought things from my stash clearing sale. Appreciate the business guys! Great Traders!
  17. For Sale: List Below. Paypal (Gift option), Checks (hold to clear), Money Order, cash at buyer’s risk Location: Florida, USA. Shipping for kits at cost, International is at Buyer’s Risk, insurance required. Some of the decals are rare and hard to find. I tried to price everything at a fair price. E-Mail direct to kozlok1 AT gmail DOT com. I’ll try to check my PM’s, but e-mail is much easier for me. Everything is 1/48 except the armor kits, which are 1/35 Thanks in advance! Keith KITS: Hasegawa: AV-8B Harrier II Plus #07228 No shrink wrap, bags sealed $25 ***Also incl
  18. The best bet for the Hasegawa F-14 is to refer back to Dave Aungst's build guide: Link here
  19. Well, the key difference is that when you lick an F-14, you get a furball, while with the F-18, you get welts on your tongue. That's really the important bit. All that other stuff, not so much.
  20. I am re-decalling a "box scale" C-123 model for a pilot, and I need 1/72 tail codes in white, both the big letters and little numbers for the serial. Anyone know of a good source? I've already sent Caracal models an e-mail to find out how much he would charge to print them as a custom job, but I thought I'd check if there was a sheet of suitable sized letters. The scale isn't exactly 1/72, but that's about as close as we'll get. I it scales out closer to 1/80, but whatever. Thanks!
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