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  1. I want to do the Orange and Blue Indiana F-16 from Afterburner 48-058. Does anyone have a partial for sale/trade? Looks like AB is out of stock.
  2. I want to do the Orange and Blue Indiana F-16 from Afterburner 48-058. Does anyone have a partial for sale/trade? Looks like AB is out of stock.
  3. Can you post just a couple of little teasers for us?
  4. I saw a post that Caracal models will be doing a set in the very near future. I'm holding out for them. KursadA is the man on that, maybe he can chime in here on his timing.
  5. Almansur has the best pics I know of for that scheme: http://www.almansur.com/jollyrogers/vagabondshijacked.htm
  6. Trade with warthoglvr with confidence. Andy helped me out with my latest project!
  7. kozlok


    How's this look? I layered a few sheets of thick plastic, sanded and puttied to blend. It's not perfect, but about the best my sculpting skill allows for. The antennas are all borrowed. One from an A-4, one from a Super Hornet. I dremeled the bottom out to minimize sanding, then sanded it with a sheet of sandpaper on the Phantom's spine to shape.
  8. It's beautiful. I really like the finish. Did you rescribe it?
  9. Thanks for the kind compliments. The black is just model master gloss enamel, sanded between coats. Bob, I didn't use the the travel pod markings, that's the regular fuel tank on the center, left gloss black. I'm still thinking I might buy a Hase F-16 someday and use the travel pod from that, and then it would be more correct. One tip for anyone doing this bird, put the checkers on the bottom of the tail FIRST. I did mine last and didn't have enough room below the "Makos". I had to pull them and replace with new decals. Avoid my mistake! Also, I painted the intake (inside and out) and
  10. We traded Tamiya F-16 engines and intakes. He finished his end of the deal quickly. Trade with confidence.
  11. Yes, Future floor polish. They changed the name a few years back, but it's the same stuff (I think it's "Pledge with Future" now). Read this:Link and also Link I use it as my only gloss coat. I airbrush it on, but it takes some getting used to to avoid putting too much on at once (it runs). Like I said earlier, try the Testors gloss coat in the regular spray can (do it in a well ventilated place, that's a lacquer, which is bad for the brain cells!) wear a proper spray mask with active carbon cartridge filters (you can get it at Lowes or wherever)
  12. Finished my 1/48 Tamiya with TwoBobs Makos decals. The kit and decals were a dream, my skills less so. Decided to go completely clean on this one, as all the pics I've seen of this bird show it super clean. I decided to arm her to the teeth, though. One question, looking at pics of various GBU's and JDAMs, I saw severl pictures of each without the yellow stripes, so I went that way (I hate painting them). Does anyone know if this is common usage? I did deviate from my references by adding a gloss black centerline tank, since I didn't have a travel pod. I'm thinking of putting the trav
  13. Look in the "tools & tips" section from the main ARC page. There are many how-to articles there! Kaan Gok has a nice one on weathering. Finescale Modeler is a paper magazine that often has tips on building, weathering, decaling, whatever. Other thoughts: Avoid the F-14 until you have quite a few kits behind you. They are generally very hard to build. Airbrushing is definitely a big step up in finishing. You really need one to do any kind of decent weathering. I like a gravity feed Iwata double-action (the paint cup is metal, and on top of the brush) like the revolution CR. Man
  14. kozlok


    The QF-4's have a large, box shaped object (an antenna?) on the spine, just in front of the tail. Does anyone have close ups of the box? Better yet, does anyone make one in resin? http://images2.jetphotos.net/img/2/3/6/2/63889_1134125263.jpg
  15. The ME410 is a fun build. Mine is one of my favorite kits ever. I got lucky and my mottled paint job is terrific. The big downer is masking the canopy, but nothing to do but buckle down and do it.
  16. The aggressors kit comes with both intakes and exhausts. I built mine with the big mouth/GE, so if you need the small/Pratt, I'd be happy to swap you for a big intake/GE exhaust. you can PM me, or e-mail at kozlok1 "at sign" hotmail "dot" com I have some HARMS from my Hasegawa kits you can have as well.
  17. I don't have it, Andy, but if you have to buy a set, I'll pitch in half the cost if I can have the VMF(AW)-232 half of the decals and the stencils and whatnot. Sprue Bros. has it in stock. Keith
  18. It was Moai Vincent. Must have been.
  19. I built mine wheels up, so I should have them in my spares. It's the hobbycraft boxing, but I don't think that matters. I won't have time to hunt for them for a week or so, but e-mail your address to me and let me know if you need just the wheels (all 3?), or the gear and such too. Of course they will be free. e-mail to kozlok1 at hotmail dot com. There are no spaces in my e-mail address, and obviously use @ and . where I spelled it out. I don't check my pm's very often, but if you prefer to pm your address to me,I'll try to remember to check it this week sometime.
  20. Does anyone make the "bard stack" vents in 1/48 to retrofit my Hasegawa and/or Monogram kits?
  21. I'm finishing up a 1/48 Hasegawa F-22, and I built it with the main weapons bay open. There are 6 AIM-120's to put in there, but I was thinking of a JDAM on one side and 3 AIM-120's on the other. Does the JDAM mount to the same ejector thingy as the missile? If so, I'm assuming it would be on the center one of the three. Anyone have good pictures of a bomb in the bay?
  22. Can't really call it a trade. He sent me a 1-piece canopy for free for my Hasegawa F-4. A great help!
  23. Trade with konbini with confidence. Sent decals over the pond before I'd even paid for them. What a great help!
  24. Ollie, I know I HAD one before my last move. If you haven't found one yet, PM me and I'll go on a treasure hunt. I'm pretty sure it's in the box at the bottom of my stash, because that's where these things always end up.
  25. I am wondering if anyone has a spare 1-piece canopy for an F-4E, 1/48 Hasegawa Phantom to sell or trade. My kit has the 4 piece, but I'm doing mine canopy closed, so the 1 piece is simpler. I know a lot of people pose them open, so I thought there might be a spare one out there somewhere. Thanks in advance.
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