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  1. I'm going to pick up a 1/48 F-22, probably the Hasegawa one, and I'm wondering if anyone has any idea how to replicate the finish of an f-22 yet Please advise
  2. I am looking for TwoBobs Tyndall QF-4G sheet 48-050. I will trade for or buy, and I'll take either a complete sheet or a partial. I only need to do one jet, and I don't really care which. I recently started working at Tyndall, and thought it would look cool on my desk. PM me or e-mail at kozlok1DELETE"NOSPAM"@hotmail.com Thanks, Keith
  3. I mix in the airbrush. I put the top on the cup, cover the hole with my finger and shake it a bit. Then I cover the business end with my finger, and back flow a little air into the cup (at low air pressure). The bubbles mix the paint up very well.
  4. Thanks a million! No, I don't need the front page. That was certainly fast help!
  5. I lost my instructions to my F-101 Voodoo, Monogram 1/48. Anyone with a copy of them and a scanner, I'd appreciate a little help! Posted in Jet Modeling also. Thanks! Keith
  6. I lost my instructions to my F-101 Voodoo, Monogram 1/48. Anyone with a copy of them and a scanner, I'd appreciate a little help! Posting in the Spares Box also. Thanks! Keith
  7. Twobobs website has two different sets of decals in the clearance bin for F-18. The $3.00 he is asking for them is barely more than shipping, so I'd highly recommend that route.
  8. The fit of the Monogram kit can be made nearly perfect with careful assembly. The wing to fuselage join needs careful attention. Dry fit, cut sand, dry fit some more. Mine is a perfect, putty free seam after that. The rest of it benefits from a bit of attention as well. Here's mine:
  9. As always with Revell, you can order spare parts right from their website for about the cost of shipping. Revell Parts
  10. I had a little issue with one of my flame decals also. What I did was to slice it up a bit along the high ridges, and get it as flat as possible with MicroSol. Then I sanded down the flat area very gently to remove the wrinkles and airbrushed it with Testors Model Master International Orange, and it blended in perfectly. I used a little stiff card stock to keep the overspray off the Flame part of the decal. Since you have a nice line along the control surfaces, it won't even be noticeable.
  11. There's a partial over on modelingmadness ModelingMadness There's a link at the top with Scott Van Aken's e-mail. He wrote the article, might still have the instructions.
  12. It could be water contamination from the air compressor. Do you have a moisture trap?
  13. Thanks for the compliments. Here's the fuselage assembled and base paint applied. Lots of detail to add. I did the top differently than the sides. I think the top turned out better, and the difference was bigger than I thought it would be (clear coated red on the top, orange on the sides). Let me know what you think.
  14. Looking superb! No way around it, rigging is always a pain.
  15. A little update. I'm going for a battle-worn look. I think I probably need to add more weathering, but I'm letting it sit for a bit to decide.
  16. More in some places, less in others.
  17. I think I'll participate. I had Eduard's 2F.1 Camel (1/48) at the top of my stash, so great time for this G.B. Here's the inside and engine all done
  18. kozlok

    WWII Hellcats

    I don't think it's white, because it's darker than the white markings. I've seen red and yellow on RAF planes, but I've not seen a color picture of US planes with tape on the guns.
  19. kozlok

    WWII Hellcats

    In this image, it looks like there's tape on the guns. Anyone know what color it was? Was it just to keep sea water out?
  20. I started it in the middle of April. I wasn't taking in-progress shots because I wasn't aware of the GB. I just wanted to share it with you guys. Don't need to be entered in for the raffle or anything.
  21. I was in the middle of building my Hellcat, and noticed the group build. I guess my A/C qualifies, but I wasn't really paying attention until now. Anyway, here it is as of now. I know it's almost done, so if you want to kick me to the curb, I promise not to have hurt feelings! It's an Eduard 1/48, with decals mostly from Superscale, but the stars and bars are from another sheet recently acquired from Ken Middleton.
  22. I bought a pack of white decal sheets from Testors, and the decals are so translucent as to be really unuseable. Anyone know who would have a sheet of white decal paper that's actually opaque?
  23. Go to the Revell Monogram website, there is a replacement part program. It costs like $3 shipping, but you can get your part. Just make sure that whatever kit number you use is the version of the kit that's currently in production. You can get that from their website also. The part numbers don't change.
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