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  1. My trade with Ming went superbly also. Thanks!
  2. The best finish with MM Acryl anything is to pitch it in the trash and buy something better. I've had too much inconsistent performance from their Acryl line.
  3. I totally choked on my Venom decals (Classic Airframes kit 4110 in 1/48). I'm Doing the scheme with yellow stripes for jet WR431. I put the WR4... decals too far apart on the bottom of the wings, so no room for the roundels. If someone else did a different scheme off the kit decals and has both sets of the WR4 for the bottom of the wing, I could buy or trade for them. I got the 3's in the right place, and the 1's aren't needed, so only need the W R and the 4's. I also need a pair of post war roundels (3/4" diameter or so). I really only ruined the one, but I need a pair so they match.
  4. You want this: I've always put it just on the individual decals. Let it dry, and there you go. Instruction on the bottle by the way.
  5. The Modeling Madness decal index might be a useful place for you to search. Scroll down about a quarter of the way: Modeling Madness
  6. Revell/Monogram has a parts replacement policy. Go to their website, fill in the form, pay a couple bucks shipping, and the parts zoom out to you. Just make sure that you use the kit number for the Blue Angels kit since it's currently in circulation
  7. My best guess is that it's measurement differences combined with differences in the actual parts. I've seen people use sub-micron accuate coordinate measurement machines to measure the exact same part twice, and get millimeter size variation in measurement (the operator didn't know it was the same part). Due to the way things stack up depending on the accuracy of a specific locating surface, it's easy to wander way off (you're not measuring perfect square surfaces, so where's 0?). I'm going to guess that you and the Tamiya guy used different reference datums, and the way things stack off o
  8. Need a little more detail. What did you weather with? Can you post a pic?
  9. Mine's done More images in my build thread Clicky Clicky!
  10. Here she is...All done. One caveat, no comments about the tails being outside in. I know. I messed up, but I decaled them late at night, and decided it wasn't worth the $12 to replace the decals to fix it. Also saw a few minor glitches in the photos I'll touch up (paint in front of landing gear and along the LEX on the left side).
  11. As a heads up, the blue runs into the pivot arms for the speed brake. I found this pic somewhere on the internet
  12. Why not try a coat of future. It shines up everything else!
  13. Wasn't sure how far I'd get. It's September, and construction and most of the painting is complete. I might just finish before the deadline! Monogram, 1/48. Complete rescribe. I think I actually am beginning to like this kit. Decided on the Golden Dragons. Was leaning for the Crusaders, but not this time.
  14. I have some scraps from my ProMod kit. I'm not sure if these are the bits you need, though. Heres a photo of my scraps. Give me a shout if this fixes your problem.
  15. That is just stunning! The dirty spots on the airframe look especially convincing. Can you tell us what colors you used? I'm guessing a little gull grey?
  16. Given the way the show's been done, the Apes would be sex-crazy for humans, and some of them wouldn't know they were apes. Charleton Heston would probably be certain he was dead, but some of the Apes would still see him.
  17. Why no-go from Revell? I think that specific kit won't be in their inventory, but if you use the kit number of the current blue-angels boxing, and pay the shipping fee, I'm sure you'd get them. The B/A boxing is kit number 5820. The part numbers will all be the same.
  18. Nice job. I've been wanting to do a Demon....How was it?
  19. I'd guess about 8 lbs per gallon, more or less. I end up with about 1 or 2 cups full of clear all said and done on a typical big jet (Iwata HP-C), so say 1/3 to 2/3 fluid oz. That's about .02-.04lb, or between 9 and 19 grams
  20. kozlok

    Inter-War GB

    OK, I'm going to ask a question from the other end of the limit. The 94th Aero sqd. painted their aircraft in a variety of gaudy schemes for the immediate post-WWI period. I'm assuming from the limits imposed that these DO qualify? If so, I might just yank out a SPAD and get in this game! like this: or
  21. Here's my entry. More pics in my progress thread. Link
  22. And she's done. Decided on a max loadout. OK, so the drag would be unbearable with this configuration, but it looks impressive on my shelf!
  23. D'anna indicated that only 4 of the 5 were in the fleet, and I took it to mean that the 5th was somewhere on the base star at that moment (or somehow elsewhere?). Her comment went by quickly, but I noticed it.
  24. I think I'm in, but I'm not sure what the GB rules are. Any USMC Hornet OK? Anyway, I'm planning on using MAW's Mach Altus Crusaders decals, and haven't decided if I'll put them on a Monogram or Hasegawa (1/48)
  25. You should contact the importer for your country. In the US, it's Dragonmodels USA. I've ordered entire sprues of pa. They rts from them before. I've always had to pay, but it was because I had already used the parts for other projectsreally are very helpful. e-mail them at: sales@dragonmodelsusa.com
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