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  1. go to: https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace/miniatures/aircraft/?tag=ec725+caracal for 3d printed parts, go to: https://air-graphics.co.uk/shop?olsPage=products for different resin helo parts SH-2G coming, HH-65A/B/D, ecm bumps and a lot more go to: https://www.armycast.cz/eshop/index.php for APACHE and COBRAS TZEFA SET WILL BE RERELEASED SOON BUT FOR ACADEMY KIT ( will work for Hasegawa with few mods) You can get 3d printed parts for Blue Thunder, Wasp, Wessex and others on SHAPEWAYS just do a search
  2. I guess 2019 will not make us 1/72 helo builders spend a lot in new kits...
  3. I guess 2019 will not make us 1/72 helo builders spend a lot in new kits...
  4. Here are a few interresting pctures of RCAF CH-146 s
  5. I used Forces of Valor 85074 AH-1Z VIPER and then modified and added details
  6. DreamModel added 12 new photos. · 30 June 2017 · New DM 720004 1:72 PLA Navy Z-9C will release next week! +9 DreamModel added 11 new photos. · 30 June 2017 ·
  7. Again please do try to produce these as well as the uh-1y and ah-1z , super seasprite in 1/72 scale
  8. GO TO http://www.boeing.com/features/2017/01/chinook-blades-01-17.page ALSO COULD SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT FS NUMBER FOR CH-47F s
  9. It would be great if KITTYHAWK would scale down their superb helos in 1/72nd scale as these helicopters are not produced by any other manufactures yet
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