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  1. Which VA-152 bird is going on there? Modex 511 bu 139731 Ens Darwin Thomas would be a good one! also 134575 "FOO FOO JUICE" would be another
  2. Wiskey, I Have 22,24, and 56 still available. Shoot me a PM or email me at thestohrs@aol.com
  3. Sure. I lock in solid funding and you guys can’t wait to climb aboard. Lmao
  4. awesome news. I just got an email from a Barrister in Nigeria and he has plenty of money for us. Working on the details as we speak! What are we going to name our new airline?
  5. count me in for five bucks, but you'll have to wait till next payday... Is that oK?
  6. ok, it's official, I'm sold! Where to get one?
  7. I think they are gone, but I will double check Patrick.
  8. Chris, I have one of those sheets left, email me at thestohrs@aol.com Tiger, email replied to. I have 2 out of 3 that you were looking for.
  9. Decals For Sale Decals for sale. I will ship anywhere on the planet. Please email me directly at thestohrs@aol.com This way I get a notification on my phone. Special Sets SP48-06 Special Attack Squadrons $30 SP48-12 Thunderbolts over Europe 405th FG in Color $30 SP48-13 Thunderbolts over Europe 405th FG in Color Pt. 3 $30 SP48-14 USS Nimitz 1977 – 1978 Carrier Wing Eight $50 SP48-15 The 325th FG in Combat P40s and P47s $25 Aeromaster 1/32 $14 each 3
  10. Mr B, I didn't have a cutting edge sheet, but I found a cam sheet with it on there, shoot me a pm if that sheet would be of any help. Steve
  11. Digging through the emails guys. Just answered yours Gremlin!
  12. Mr B, I may have the Cutting edge sheet for that aircraft, if that would work. Let me know and I'll take a peek if you are interested. Steve
  13. Brian, I still have the Raptor sheets, the Eglin sheet got snapped up by one of your fellow Purdue Alumni already.
  14. Eaglestrike 1/48 $12.00 Each (unless otherwise marked) 48001 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 1 (2 available) 48002 F/A-18C Hornets of the Fleet Pt. I (2 available) 48003 F/A-18C Hornets of the Fleet Pt. II 48004 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 2 (2 available) 48008 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 3 48009 Phantoms Phorever Pt. 4 (2 available) 48010 Deadly Dorniers DO-217E 48014 Bristol Blenheim Pt. I (2 available) 48015 Bristol Blenheim Pt. 2 48016 Royal Navy Grumman Martlets 1941 – 1944 Pt. 1 48017 German Lozenge Camouflage (5 color
  15. Two Bobs 1/32 $14.00 unless otherwise marked (also see combo sheets listed under other scales for more 1/32 scale sheets) 32001 Fighting Fulcrums (Nellis AFB F-16C) 32004 F/A18A/B Hornets VFC-12 Fighting Omars 32005 F-14A Splintered NSAWC Tomcats 32006 F-5E Tiger II VFC-13 Fighting Saints 32008 How’s My Driving? F-16C 32009 F-15E Strike Eagle Mountain Home Avengers 32011 SHWFOTS F-18C Hornets 32012 VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks F/A-18C 32013 KC and the Ragin’ Cajuns’ A-10A Warthogs 32014 VFA-25 Fis
  16. Just a heads up. I have a couple of cases of P40's due in middle of the week $23.99 plus postage!! Steve
  17. I'm in, Airfix Seafire F.XVII... OOB.
  18. I have a pair of the 1/48 scale Defiants left, $25.00 a pop plus postage! Ping me if your interested... BTW: People are asking big bux on ebay, but I don't see any selling for that so far... Quickest way to get in touch with me is email... thestohrs@aol.com
  19. The Tommy Moore is a fairly small kit, I would think getting it out to you in California would probably run about 7 bucks for priority. Anything over that I would cover, any less I would refund. my paypal is thestohrs@aol.com. goods and services please! Steve
  20. I'll dig through them and see if I can find anything of interest. I know there is a few P51 sheets with shark mouths on them as well.
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