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  1. That's awesome to hear that these will be coming along soon and it answers the question I asked in the 1/48 Dark Vark thread. Thanks Kursad!
  2. Hey Kursad! Is there any chance that this Dark Vark sheet will be scaled down soon? I would love to see it get done. Thanks
  3. I just saw this on Aeroscale https://aeroscale.net/news/mirage-ivp-with-asmp-missile-february-release Is this a new kit or did A & A release one before. I'm not familiar with there stuff, are they not so great?
  4. I too prefer to use my reference books while building. I usually grab my topic specific ones when I'm working and use those more than the internet. I like to go back through these older titles and look for aircraft I haven't seen in awhile. I hadn't gone back through some of these older Osprey titles in a bit and forgot how nice they are. Even just some of the old non-specific aircraft books from the 80's and 90's and how nice it is to see some of these lesser publicized aircraft.
  5. Thanks Kursad! I was thinking of just using some 1/72 Azerbaijian decals, but even those are too big, so if you are ever looking to do a Basics sheet maybe the TB2 and the countries that are buying them would be a good sheet. Just saying.
  6. So a few weeks back I pulled some old copies of some of these titles out and was looking through them again. I forgot how nice these books were and some of the excellent photos inside. It was a time capsule for seeing some of these retired planes or just older paint jobs and squadrons that are gone now. I was looking to see if I had any with Canadian CF-5's since I was thinking of starting on one. I didn't have the book that was about Cold Lake so I looked on eBay and found this one along with some of the older titles and some of them were only a few bucks. I picked up a few and just wanted to
  7. Hey all, I just got the 1/48 Black Dog kit for the TB2...as a side question, does Black Dog have instruction somewhere online? I've got other sets from them and never have I seen instructions or parts breakdown. I can probably figure it out, but was just wondering. My real question is about the actual drones. I will probably make a Ukrainian one, but was also thinking of doing an Azerbaijian one. My question is if anyone knows if there is different engine variants? It's hard to find pictures of an Azerbaijian one during the war with Armenia, but the pictures I have found show then
  8. That is great news Jim and congratulation on your first book. I will order one and wait patiently for it. Ron
  9. Has anybody tried or think it's possible for the extra windscreen piece to be grafted onto the Minicraft KC-135 kits? I'm still waiting anxiously for my RC to show up any day now!
  10. Just eyeballed from photo's. I think the Daco book had a shot of the bottom, but I would have to check again. Ron
  11. If anyone is interested. HobbySearch got a restock of these. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10425976 I just ordered a couple and got a confirmation that they mailed.
  12. That sounds about right Chris. I haven't seen any turkey-feather exhausts out their yet, but I'm sure they will come along. When I was making my Georgia ANG Bone I didn't realize until I was to the point of decaling that this plane didn't have the towed decoys or ALQ-161, so I had to do some late surgery. Pretty sad considering I had photos of the plane in front of me!
  13. That's good to hear. I've been holding off until I hear how people's experience has been with them, but now will order. Does anyone know if the new squadron picked up the True Detail range of resin? I've been wanting to find a F4U-4 engine cowling and hope the range will continue with the new shop.
  14. Ah yes, I did miss that in the original thread. They look great! Always loved those markings.
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