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  1. RCarlson

    Canuck Models

    Thank Scooby! I didn't realize that Belcher had those. And I was just looking at his site at the Minuteman missiles that he makes. I've always wanted to do a Canadian Starfighter, but after going through the AirDOC books there is about 4 different ones I would like to do!
  2. RCarlson

    Canuck Models

    WOW! Thank you for the offer. PM sent.
  3. RCarlson

    Canuck Models

    Thanks Scooby! I just got the AirDOC Canadian Starfighters book and now I have the itch. I thought I had decals somewhere for the variegated scheme. I’ll have to watch for them and if I see them in 32 I’ll let you know.
  4. RCarlson

    Canuck Models

    It's listed, but when I add it to the cart it say's it's out of stock. I'll try emailing David and see if they are gone or it's just the website.
  5. RCarlson

    Canuck Models

    Man, that is sad to hear. I really liked his sheets. Do any retailers carry his decals? I was hoping to find his 1/48 CF-104 sheet with the Variegated Camouflage jet on it.
  6. RCarlson

    CD48111 - FB-111A

    Thanks Rod! That's what I suspected. I knew the Hasegawa 1/72 kits had the profile right, but didn't think the Academy kit had this feature. Ron
  7. RCarlson

    CD48111 - FB-111A

    Question about FB-111's. Did all FB's have the Astro Tracker System in the nose? And does the Academy FB-111 kit have a different nose than there other kits that include this? Thanks, Ron
  8. RCarlson

    Kitty Hawk AH-6J/M replacing rivets (finished)

    Thanks for the answer Jorge, I appreciate it! Sorry to hear the Catzilla did damage. It's a great build!
  9. RCarlson

    Kitty Hawk AH-6J/M replacing rivets (finished)

    Did you just heat the skids and spread them out or did you actually make cuts to them?
  10. RCarlson

    May releases

    I'm still alive, but sometimes I question it! I sent you a message through ARC.
  11. I'm still alive, but some times I don't know by how much! How have you been doing? I need to get your phone number again. I was just looking for it a few weeks ago and couldn't find it.


    Here is my info if you don't have it:


    Cell 630-768-3761



    1. jefropas


      (630) 234-8172 cell



      All is good, working midnights all summer, trying to see if I can build something to take to Nats, but I kinda doubt it. My model room/workshop construction is due in August, so I'd like to check yours out (despite it being taken over) sometime this summer , maybe buy you a beer or the like. Hope all is well in Montgomery!



  12. RCarlson

    May releases

  13. RCarlson

    May releases

    Just an fyi Kursad, but the link for 144010 EC-121 takes you to the KC-135 sheet.
  14. RCarlson

    Black Buch Shrike Question

    Great, and thank you for the picture! I figured that would be the configuration, but I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere.
  15. RCarlson

    Black Buch Shrike Question

    Hopefully I explain this right. I know I read that one of the Black Buck missions carried 4 shrike's. I have seen pictures of the dual shrike launcher on the left side of the aircraft and the missiles have a staggered configuration with the left shrike being further back of the right. So my question is was the right side configuration the same? Was the left missile staggered behind the right or did the launcher have a mirrored configuration with the left side missile being ahead of the right? Hope that question makes sense. I've been looking at my Great Wall kit that only has 1 launcher and wanted to see if I were to get another kit if the configuration would be correct. Thanks for any assistance.