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  1. Just eyeballed from photo's. I think the Daco book had a shot of the bottom, but I would have to check again. Ron
  2. If anyone is interested. HobbySearch got a restock of these. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10425976 I just ordered a couple and got a confirmation that they mailed.
  3. That sounds about right Chris. I haven't seen any turkey-feather exhausts out their yet, but I'm sure they will come along. When I was making my Georgia ANG Bone I didn't realize until I was to the point of decaling that this plane didn't have the towed decoys or ALQ-161, so I had to do some late surgery. Pretty sad considering I had photos of the plane in front of me!
  4. That's good to hear. I've been holding off until I hear how people's experience has been with them, but now will order. Does anyone know if the new squadron picked up the True Detail range of resin? I've been wanting to find a F4U-4 engine cowling and hope the range will continue with the new shop.
  5. Ah yes, I did miss that in the original thread. They look great! Always loved those markings.
  6. Where are the "Death Dealer" decals from? I don't think I've seen these. The builds look awesome!
  7. Great news! I have 2 kits on the way. Are you going to have the 4 airframes that were on the 32 sheet on the 48th? I'm hoping to make one or two of those markings.
  8. Thanks everyone, it's good to know that this subject has come up before. I'll have to get my hands on some of these colors and see which one looks the best.
  9. Thanks Kurt, I'd appreciate it.
  10. I'm building a Kinetic Super Etendard as an Argentina jet. The instruction call for Dark Sea Grey and I am using Mr. Color 331 as called out, but to me this seems too Grey. The color always struck me as being more blue than grey. Am I incorrect or can anyone give me a good paint recommendation? Thanks Ron
  11. Hey Kursad, I sent you a few emails with some attachments. Hope these help.
  12. Those are some great shots Mungo. I'm hoping for Sioux City in the two-tone grey.
  13. Thanks Kursad! That would be great if you do an ANG A-7 sheet. I'll send you what I have.
  14. Thanks! Yeah I have the speed hunter sheet and it's great, was just hoping to see Sioux City, but it looks like Caracal will come through with some of these.
  15. Was there ever any decals produced for "Death Dealer" with the Virginia ANG in 1/48? I don't ever recall seeing any, but figured I would check. Also, how about any for the 185th out of Sioux City IA? I always wanted to do one in the two-tone grey, especially like the ones in the old Verlinden Lock On book. Thanks
  16. Thanks AFM! I'll have to go get a set of those. Ron
  17. I want build this plane as well. It is really awesome looking. I just got to see it fly and was hoping decals would be soon forthcoming.
  18. Over in the prop section we were having a discussion about a lack of T-34C decals for non orange and white schemes. Is anyone else interested in these schemes? I'll see what other photos I have, but this is a civilian owned T-34C still in the Dark Blue with the sharkmouth which look very nice.
  19. Maybe we should put this out on Caracal Possible Topics thread and see if we can get them done.
  20. I hope so. There was some nice ones in all black as well, so there are plenty of options to add to a decal sheet. This is the one I just saw up at Oshkosh.
  21. I have never seen any. That is a scheme that I want to do as well. I just got back from Oshkosh and there was a privately owned T-34C up there in that paint job as well. No one was around for me to ask if it was a former hack that is privately owned or not, but it looked like it.
  22. No problem at all Curt and thanks for the complement!
  23. You will enjoy it Curt. Like Steve said over in your thread, a little patients and some add on and these become really nice looking kits (the 2 he is doing look awesome!). The other plus side is there are a lot of nice decal options for them. Ron
  24. As others have said it's the old Esci kit and I really enjoyed building them. It is a really nice kit for it's age. Here is one that I finished a few years back.
  25. Thanks everyone! And yes, I bit this a few years ago, but it helped me get my mojo back at that time and I have been building as much as I have time.
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