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  1. Do a search for "Bomb Rack Sway Braces", you see pics of different bomb rack's sway braces. Here is a chapter from the USN Aviation Ordnanceman Training guide that deals with suspension equipment (bomb racks, etc) that will show different racks and their sway braces. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/navy/nrtc/14313_ch10.pdf
  2. Those openings are the bolt access panels for the forward fix "mini" cowl panel (the small square panel that wraps around the aft end of the forward fix cowl just aft of the main landing gear). They cover the bolts that hold the forward fix "mini" cowl on and are usually installed. They should not be missing (open) like they are in the pic you provided so you don't need to scrip or worry about them. On rare occasions some squadrons would leave them off, most of the time they were installed and you won't not see them. The only panel difference between an F-14
  3. Short answer; All Mk 15 Snakeye Fin have notches. The fin pictured at the bottom is not a Mk 15, it is a Mk 14 Snakeye Fin used on the Mk 81 250 lb GP Bomb. The folks who put together the technical pubs are not technical experts on the items and quite often get things wrong. From time tot time they will use the wrong drawing since they don't know the technical details of the items. If it has notches, it's a Mk 15, no notches, it's a Mk 14. Currently, the Mk 15 fin is only used on the Mk 62 Quickstrike Mine, it is no longer used on GP Bombs (hasn't been for
  4. Well, they are known for their inconsistent operations, my guess it is due to their questionable wiring and poor standards of quality.
  5. I would recommend you inquire with Scooby, he nominated me (but has since rescinded it) so he should know the process. And I thought you've been a "ball player" for a while.
  6. Well sir I try not to disappoint. As for the Metamucil dosage, I'm sure you are well versed on the proper dosage for that substance since you have to wear a "poopy suit" constantly I'm sure you are keeping an eye on the tight ends and dreaming of one day being a wide receiver.
  7. Can't say that I'm in a position to comment on that movie. See, I gave up Clifford a long time ago and I don't live in the past but to each their own. I guess I can relate a little about when it comes to subjective observations,some may find old British cars to be sophisticated and exude intelligence but I find them to be foolish and over-rated. But, then again, everything is subjective isn't it.
  8. Well, at least no one has called me a "disrubtor" or has advocated for my out right banning yet. 😉
  9. So it's safe to assume that Hamsters don't "do it" for you anymore?
  10. If I may; The wing station bomb racks were only capable for 14" suspensions, the MER you are trying to put on the wing station is set up for 30" suspension, that is why it doesn't look right. The lugs (where the suspension hooks on the MER go) are just slightly aft/forward of the notches on the pylon, that is where your sway braces and pads should be. Your current configuration is for the centerline. Also, don't forget that the wing pylons are tilted 5 degree's outboard so the MER will be titled 5 degrees also. GW
  11. If I may; That configuration is not authorized for USN/USMC F-18A-D's. The pylon the Swiss use is a locally manufactured pylon. to my knowledge they are only used on stations 2 and 8 and differ from the regular SUU-63 pylons. The look more like the SUU-80's used on the Super Hornet. If you are doing a USN/USMC F-18A-D you have to use a LAU-115/-127 "Monster" launcher with 2 x AIM-120's loaded. For the AIM-7 Sparrow, you have to use a LAU-115 with 1 x AIM-7 loaded. The above applies to the F-18C/D/A+/A++/C+/DRC, authorized stations for the A/B are
  12. Exactly what rule is being broken that would result in threads like this being locked down? BTW, nice avatar, who's the troll again?
  13. That explains a lot, I'll pray for you.
  14. Bless your heart. I’m sure you have a point but for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is.
  15. Talk about projection, you keep painting me as some kind of martyr, do you even know what that word means? Here, let me help you out; I may, MAY, have care a little (a very little) about this site but not enough to suffer or sacrifice one drop of sweat/blood (and now time) for this site. You seem to think that anyone who complains about the way this site is ran is a martyr and that when people leave they storm off in a huff, talk about projection. You kept twisting what I write to match your perception, claiming I'm clueless and embellishing what I
  16. You are correct, I'm not a fan of Mr. Bamford but that shouldn't stop me from being able to voice my opinion about this site. Maybe I care just a little about this site and maybe don't want to see it go the way of the Do-do bird, still on the fence if you know what I mean. As to give it a rest, why don't you just put me on ignore and you don't have to read what I write, then my mean words won't bother you any more.
  17. If you think this site is running fine and there's no room for improvement then I guess there is nothing left for us to discuss. We can go on for days discussing this topic but I see nothing will change so it would be pointless to continue.
  18. Ok, let's unpack this a little bit; Why would I drag them into this? I'm sure they don't want to be any part of so that is why I didn't name them. Bamford has also stated (years ago) that he was using this site to supplement his income, that he was actually making money off this site and using it to fund his house/life style. If that's the case why is he working three jobs? He's not working those jobs because he loves them, he's working them because he even said that the pandemic took a toll on his finances and that he now has to dig himself out of
  19. Here's the reason why I brought up his wife's videos, he is using them to fund this site, otherwise I couldn't care less about what she does. Hell, he has a banner at the top of the page with a pic of her barely dressed. If they don't want anyone to comment about their business, don't put it on the internet for the whole world to see. Also, he did not start this site on his own, this site was started by three modelers, Bamford being one of them and the story I got 16 years ago from someone in the know is that he weaseled the site away from the other two but that's another topic.
  20. Some food for thought (if anything it will re-enforce why most here think I'm an a-hole); 1) This site does not generate any revenue for Mr. Bamford, why would he put any effort into it? 2) If he is hurting for money and working 3 jobs why is there a video (posted a month ago) of his wife shopping for clothes/shoes/sunglasses (not really critical necessities)? (You would think that if you are hurting for money you wouldn't be out shopping like she did and donating money to a mall performer.) 3) As someone has stated, no matter how busy you are you always hav
  21. If I may, The pose is perfect, it shows the individual in motion. Remember, there are a thousand things going on around the aircraft while the aircrew are doing their walk around, the pose being represented show the aircrew (pilot/WSO) in motion. She is either walking or has just walked up to something (boarding ladder, pylon, etc) the position of her right leg (no aircrew is going to be just standing there with their leg like that). She is either looking at something on the aircraft or her attention is focused on something happening on the deck/flight line. Her left ha
  22. Yes to the BRU-32/ADU-703 for the ALQ-167. No to the 1/48 scale ECS.
  23. I never paid attention to what tires we used so I would say they were used randomly (basically whatever the Tire & Wheel Shop gave us). I don't recall any tire being used for any specific time period so I would check your reference, if you don't have any reference then I won't sweat it.
  24. That jet is a EA-18G Growler so they would not be authorized for the 5 wet configuration. For the Super Hornet, the 5 wet configuration is not restricted from CAT 4. For everyone's FYSA: the ordnance load restrictions are specific to each carrier so you have to know what carrier and ordnance load in order to to determine if the load is restricted.
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