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  1. Hey everyone, So I put most of the Decals on the Delta now. I wanted to make it part of VMFA-232 Red devils using the decals from the Hasegawa 1/72 f/a-18c box. I believe they only have two twin seaters in the squad which both have the ATARS camera systems in the nose however I wanted to keep it simple and as close as I could other than the particular markings being for the C variant. what can I say I liked how it looks on the twin seater :P. I also did my best to smoke the canopy a bit which didn't turn out as well as I hoped but I guess its not bad.






  2. Here we go, I added a few Decals here and there on the Delta hornet this morning. I ended up using an iphone as it has a better camera than my HTC, hopefully you will all be able to see what i've done a bit better now although I do feel i went a tad too far with the rescribing but i guess its just a learning curve.:rolleyes: 





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