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  1. All the decals are gone. Thanks to everyone who purchased from me.
  2. Hey,


    I was looking at your decal sheets for sale, trying to pick out some, then thought ... why don't I just buy them all? Would that be OK? How many are left and what would you like for them. MANY THANKS!



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    2. mundster




      Please excuse the bother I put you to, but I'll take a pass. That would about 60 Canadian for me, and luck would have it, I just bought 5 new Leading Edge decals for the F-5 and Herc, so I got a bit tapped out. And after reviewing your sheets, I really only need the F-15 and F-16 sheets. Again, my apology for speaking too soon.


      Many thanks!


    3. av8iimech


      So you don't want any?  I'll do the $40 if you still want.

    4. mundster




      Again, many thanks for the kind offer, and I mean no disrespect, but I really did blow my hobby budget for the month on those Canadian decals. And postage is always the big killer from the States. Your kind offer would cost me $50+, but 20 of that is postage. The CF-5 decals I bought cost me $2 postage. But, Thanks again!




  3. I have some extra kit and aftermarket decals available. None of them have any placement guides. What you see in the pictures below is what you get. Mostly 1/48 jets but there are a couple 1/32 and 1/72 sheets in there also. Didn't feel like writing up a list so just to pics.... easier for you to see condition and specific markings you may be looking for. Was thinking $1 per sheet. There are some small sheets that would be 2 or 3 for $1. Shipping will be $3.50 for any quantity. I can take Paypal, money order or cash. Thank you, Kevin
  4. Wife is needing money so... If you see something you, make me an offer!
  5. Updated... Sold items removed, some pending items available again and added a couple DB Productions B-52 conversions.
  6. Sold Items removed. Still lots of good stuff. Make an offer if you don't like the price. Thanks!
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