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  1. Hey Don, Thanks for checking. I appreciate it. Kevin
  2. Hi All, I'm in the need of the two vert. stab. parts from the 1/72 Monogram B-52D. Hopefully someone used one of the resin update conversions and still have the original kit tails in the spares box. Will buy or trade. Thanks, Kevin
  3. Looks like it was supposed to re-released last month according to Dragon USA
  4. Got a couple early Scooters I'd like to move. Both are 1/48 Hasegawa and are $50 each which includes CONUS shipping. Please contact me for international shipping. A-4B - Box open, Bags sealed - PENDING A-4C - Box open, some loose parts rebagged - complete, includes resin seat and a set of masks I take Paypal or money orders. You can e-mail me at kbtaylor1204@comcast.net or send PM here. Thanks for looking, Kevin
  5. Added more kits All sold items shipped Thanks to all!!
  6. Trying to raise some cash so got some stuff for sale. All prices include CONUS shipping... will give quote for international. Payment via Paypal or money order. 1/48 Eduard Special Editions / Combos F-14A Danger Zone - $95 F-4N Bicentennial - $70 Bf-109G Royal Class - $105 Spitfire Mk.IX Royal Class - $85 Hellcat Royal Class - $85 Spitfire dual kit combo (1181) - $75 Hellcat Mk.I, Mk.II combo - $38 Mig-21 PF/PFM/R Silver Arrows - $70 LA-5 (1184) - $38 Profipacks IL-2M (not in original box)- $30 Bf 109E-1 - $35 Bf 109E-4 - $35 Bf 108B - $28 Fw 190D-9 - $32 Fw 190A-6 - $32 F
  7. Hi all, Need to raise some cash to fund my recent Wingnut Wings buying spree so I have a New in box GREX GCK02 Tritium airbrush combo kit for sale. Asking $375 which includes shipping. Would like to keep this sale within the CONUS. Thanks for looking, Kevin
  8. Got a Hasegawa Hornet in the "parts kit" pile. Don't remember what exactly is missing but I'll check and get back to you. Kevin
  9. PM sent on this one. F-14A Afterburner decals 48069 VF-84 1981-1994 USD 20 Thanks, Kevin
  10. While I do not have what you are looking for, these may help... IDF Shermans Decals for sale over on Hyperscale Scroll down on this page for your IDF F-15 decals. Hope you find what you're looking for, Kevin
  11. As the title says, I'd like to trade for some Wingnut Wings kits... Preferably the Hansa-Brandenburg W.29, W.12, Felixstow, RE.8 'HARRY TATE', Gotha G.IV..but would like about any you have that you would trade / sell. If you have any and prefer not to trade, shoot me a price and maybe we can work something out. Thanks, Kevin
  12. Updated with a few additions and expanded trade wants. Thanks!!
  13. It is 1/48 and all yours.. I have several if you need more than one.

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