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  1. All older releases are on sale. Some really good deals to be had. Come by and check it out. www.impacthobbydecals.com Thanks to all, Kevin
  2. As the title says... can buy or trade. TIA, Kevin
  3. Now available to order!! http:// http:// Enough decals to complete all 6 subjects!!
  4. Are you still interestd in the kits?

  5. Total shipped will be $28. I can take Paypal at kbtaylor1204@comcast.net or cash/money order to;

    Kevin Taylor

    13307 N. Etna Green Dr.

    Camby, IN 46113

  6. Just sent you a PM....

  7. Hi Steve,

    Which EA-6B? Monogram (loose or sealed) or Kinetic?



    1. BastianD


      I built a Monogram EA-6b Prowler, but the fit is not always very good. With some aftermarket products you can correct a lot.

  8. PM's reponded to and updated list with additions. Thanks, Kevin
  9. Hey Gents, I need your help!! Have to replenish savings due to some recent home upgrades so once again the stash must be slashed! Prices do not include shipping so please include your zip code with requests. All kits are complete unless otherwise stated. I take Paypal, money orders or cash at your own risk. My e-mail is kbtaylor1204@comcast.net 1/24 Trumpeter Spitfire on floats - $60 PENDING 1/32 4D Vision F-14A VF-84 - $70 Trumpeter F4U-1D - $40 1/48 Trumpeter F9F-2 - $18 Trumpeter T-38A Talon - $20 PENDING Kinetic EA-6B (original, have several)- $32 ea. Kinetic F-16A/B N
  10. We finally have a new sheet!! This sheet will cover 6 USMC a/c wearing Bicentennial paint schemes. Hope you all like... Should be available next week. Thank you for your support, S/Fi, Kevin
  11. Hi, I have the Academy 1/32 SUFA and it is missing a few items. Here is a list of parts I would like to get if anyone has them spare. 1) Parts for the Litening pod 2) Parts for the 370 gal. fuel tanks 3) CFT parts 4) Pitot & AOA probes I also have a 1/32 hasegawa F-16C Thunderbirds kit that is missing the decals if anyone has those. I have other spare items from the SUFA I can trade for these or will pay if you have what I need. TIA for your help, Kevin
  12. Hey Ken, I have the Singapre Air Force boxing sealed and I have the Black Knights boxing open/complete except one decal for landing gear missing. Thanks, Kevin
  13. Hi, Like the title says, I have a sealed 1/48 Hasegawa A-4SU "Singapore Air Force" that I would like to trade for a 1/48 Hasegawa TA-4J/F. Would prefer the IDF, BA or FAC boxings. I also have the "Black Knights" version and some other A-4E's if you're not interested in the A-4SU. If you have a TA-4 that you don't need, let me know, we may be able to work something out. Thanks, Kevin
  14. Hi, I have a Hasegawa 1/48 A-4SU Black Knights kit complete except for one decal (landing gear placard) missing. I would like to trade for a 1/48 Hasegawa TA-4, preferably the IDF or Blue Angles. Would like to keep trade in US / Canada for now. Thanks, Kevin
  15. I bought some resin and a couple decals and received the items within a few days after payment. No problems here. Kevin
  16. List updated with a few new items added. Thanks to all
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