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  1. Not ironic at all. That's all I'm saying. And once again, I owned up, admitted it, and you're all still going on with it. Whatever. I'm done. Enjoy yourselves.
  2. Nice try. One of your own lackies outed you very early. It's you. We all know it's you. As if the writing style didn't give it away, or the fact that you did the same with Britmodeler twice wasn't enough...I have unequivocal proof it's you. From one of your own "friends."
  3. And Dan here is behind this one, but keep telling me I am the one with the problem...youre not too g to find me running hate groups targeting individuals. https://facebook.com/groups/600146130174194
  4. For the record Drewe is behind this page on FB. So please tell me after a year of enduring this how im out of line for attacking him. No depths to the irony here. https://www.facebook.com/The-Scale-Modelers-Critique-Group-Critique-Group-Modeling-Cabal-1711468102473450/
  5. Lol. Yeah. That perfectly sums up why you and your sycophants were thrown out, why you've been on a year+ long crusade with your spoof pages, blogs, secret groups, and whatever else. Because I and our members didn't bow to your authority on a topic as silly as Tamiya decals. Do I really need to bring out my screenshots?
  6. Oh I clearly said above i have made it personal in respect to a few individuals and you know full well why you're one, Drewe.
  7. Why continue to allow this thread that is nothing more than a personal attack? It's a little ironic isn't it?
  8. Thank you, and as I've said the post that you highlighted was well beyond the scope of my vision for the group, and for that I'm sorry. The group has driven way too much drama and personal attacks toward me and again I certain deserve it but I have to move on now, and would ask that others do the same.
  9. For the love of god, I get it. I've done and said a lot of shoot. I've been a jerk and an not nice person, and I deserve it all. Fine. But I'm just asking you to leave me alone now, and you can't. You're doing exactly what you're so pissed at me about. I'm done, and I'm just asking all of you to be done too. I don't want to do this anymore. So for the love of god can't you just stop?
  10. I came here trying to clear up what happened on our page with the share if this thread despite it being a hostile environment, and the personal attacks still continue. I'm telling you I am tired of it. I'm done with the group, with FB, and the whole modeling community in general. For close to two years I've been the target of multiple groups dedicated solely to mocking and bullying, and I just want to be done with it. You've won, you've run me off and embarrassed me and called me out. So congrats, please just move on. I'm done, I'm asking you to be done. I'm out. Take
  11. I don't share anything. Our members do. But I've left the group, so from here out there's not much I can do about any of it, sorry
  12. The thread was mocking. That's why it was removed. And again, the rules don't need to be edited. They are in the video you clearly didn't watch as well as the group description.
  13. There's a difference between criticizing a company and their products and business practices and groups like the one you're a member of and the other one which exist solely to mock me. There is a very real legal difference here between a corporation And an individual. And this is something people are going to be finding out.
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