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  1. Thanks Paul. Looks like a pretty straight forward and easy process.
  2. Thanks to all for advice. I ordered the Rg2 .6mm (most my compressor can handle). Can't wait to get it! i've never cleaned a spray gun before. Assuming it's similar to an airbrush. Will look it up.
  3. One last question. Leaning towards the RG3. Looking to get a moisture trap and regulater at the gun as well. Also looks like I'll need an Iwata connector from 1/4 to 1/8 to work with my Iwata hoses. Based on videos and reviews.... seems like it's a good line of defense even if you have a regulator and moisture trap at the tank.... which I do on my Soarmax. Also.... I'd go with the .6mm. Paul, you had mentioned the 1mm is the least redundant.... bit I fear my tc620.... while great, may struggle. I think there will be zero issues with a .6mm. Hoping that still will spray a broad enough pattern for me. If anyone has an RG3 with a 1mm needle and a airbrush compressor with a small tank.... and it works, let me know. thanks for everyone's help!!!
  4. He only reason I would go with the G5 would be to have the option of both the fan and round.
  5. Sorry Paul. I meant to say the G5. Typo. I've seen your videos and they are amazing and a big help. That's how I realized I needed a spray gun to really fulfill what I was missing. I have an Eclipse HO-CS which I use for most of my work. Also have a Badger patriot and anthem. I started with Badger but have grown to love my Iwata. In any case.... I've been looking for something to provide my base layers, generalnfinishing and something to give me more consistent broad coverage. After doing research and looking at your videos it became clear to me that I needed a Sparta gun like the RG3. After watching them and getting all the advice on this thread.... I've definitely narrowed it down to the G5 or the RG3. The RG3 is also a more economical choice. My only hold back is wether or not I will need the fan pattern or not. I've never really used one so not sure what I would be missing out on. But a proper fan this seems to get strong reviews.
  6. Great feedback!! Ultimately based on all of this info I think the idea of sticking with one of these two sprayguns is the way to go. The broad spray is really the reason I need them so I should focus on the specific tools geared towards that. Ultimately the price/value equation on the RG3 is substantially stronger than the Eclipse G3. My only concern is I have heard from many of you that the fan spray component is really beneficial. Both have this as an option but based on Paul's videos it feels like the RG3 may be inconsistent/underwhelming in this mode as opposed to its excellent performance on the round pattern mode. The Eclipse can do both very well due to its additional adjustments (for a lot more money through).
  7. I looked at the LPH-50 as well. I've got a Sparmax 620. It's got a 2 liter tank.... Basically 1.2CFM. I think the LPH-50 is too much gun. Based on reviews and manufacturer info I only think the G series and RG3 (.6mm) will work wth my compressor. All that said.... Considering the HP-TH as well given all the above correspondence. I have been able to now find some direct Japanese models. Still not sure what sprayer to get though.
  8. Sounds like ordering from Japan on Iwatas is the way to go if getting an Iwata. Are there any,specific web sites that would help,accomplish this. I'm landing on all domestic options when I search.
  9. Wow. Great link and video. First of all.... a majority of what I paint is approx the size of the models they used in the video. More than ever it seems having a broader spraying tool is a huge benefit. That said..... I was definitely leaning towards the .5mm models in whatever I chose (as opposed to a smaller room size which would be somewhat duplicative to my normal airbrushed). It was interesting to see the video and have then recommend the .3mm for those projects. That has me a bit confused.
  10. Thanks for all of the input so far. I mainly have Iwata and Badger products.... have never used a Grex but will definitely look that up. I also had not considered the HP-TH.... will have to look into that. I'm still fairly new to this but really love what I can accomplish as I get the hand of airbrushing. My modeling projects and small crafts are definitely coming alive. I had landed on Those two spray gums based predominantly on Paul's videos and overall customer reviews. Sounds like there may be other options. I'm also surprised to see how much more expensive the G5 seems to be I comlarison to the RG3. All that said.... is hate to "miss" a fan pattern if that is important in general. I had never considered buying Iwata direct so I will have to look into that as well.
  11. I've seen a ton of great material here about spray guns and brushes.... And have watched Paul's videos. I mostly airbrush models and smallish crafts.... But do find myself using the brushes on several kid's projects as well (two boys). I want to add a spray gun to my air brush arsenal to lay down base coats, finishes and just have a more consistent larger area coverage spray. Based on all that I've read I have narrowed down the choice to the Iwata RG3 and the Eclipse G5. I have a Sparmax 620 so I believe I can handle either (but not the 1mm RG3... Would have to stay with the 6mm). Wondering if anyone has experience with one or both of these. I do know that the G5 can shoot a round or fan pattern.... The RG3 does best mainly in round. Not really sure how important the fan pattern would be .
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