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  1. Thanks Danilo - very fast service and the shipment of the F-104 sheet took less than 3 days!! Many thanks! RipVW54
  2. No problem - its: w_van_winkle@msn.com Looking forward to hearing from you.
  3. Hi Dann - I'm interested in purchasing the Victory Productions Luftwaffe F-104 sheet if it is still available as copied from your list, below: victory productions 48003 F-104 Luftwaffe $50 Please PM me and we can work out the terms for payment (Paypal??) and shipment. Many thanks! RipVW54
  4. By the way - Here's the TF-104 I'm planning to reproduce in 1/48th Scale. August 1980 - Davis-Monthan AFB (just before a major monsoon storm).
  5. Hi Jeem - I checked the Daco site and unfortunately Danny is out of the reprints (again), even the stencil only sheet is sold out - however, thanks for the tip on the VP48003 sheet, I'll be checking in with Dann to see what we may be able to arrange. Rip VW
  6. Actually - only part of the sheet. I am completing a TF-104G model of an actual Starfighter (63-8454) that I shot at DMAFB in August 1980. It was bare metal, obviously a Luftwaffe jet based at Luke which stopped by DM for some fuel (and lunch). The jet was covered with stencils and the closest decal set I've seen with that many stencil decals is Victory Sheet VPD48003. The sheet contained two complete sets of stencil decals and I'm hoping someone may have at least one full set of the stencils available (and a copy of the instruction sheet). I realize the sheets been OOP for well over a decade and I've seen some absurd prices requested ($150 to $239) for a single sheet - that's a wee bit extreme. If able to help - PM me and I'll gladly cover reasonable costs - and send you an 8x10 color photo of the jet (no, not the model - the real aircraft). Many thanks to anyone that may be able to help! Rip VW
  7. Hi Peter - First of all - Many thanks for replying to my request. The short answer is no thanks - I managed a work around. I was attempting to make the ejection triangle look torn as in one of the photos I have of SCAT XXVII by tearing the decal after application - dumb idea. I ended up trashing the decal. After searching through the old spare decals box I came up with a set of overlays that nearly matched the kit decal and went with the complex trim and overlay process; then over-painting the decal with the background color to simulate the torn decal on the original aircraft. That worked. The Phantom was just finished this past weekend and here's a close-up photo of the front of the finished kit - you can see the over-painted triangle just under the windscreen. BTW - this is the ZM kit with the old Fox One Decals and not the Academy kit. I bought the Academy F-4C kit and I had it just underway when the ZM kit came out - a much nicer kit (not without a few issues here and there). I photographed 64-0829 at Langley in 1983 when it was the 482nd TFW Flag Ship assigned to the Fighting Macos and well before it was sent to the Air Force Museum. I also met General Olds in 2006 at the DM Heritage Conference - so this build was kinda' special for me and I'm rather pleased with the results. Again - Many thanks and Happy Modeling!! PS - Where in Mass are you? I'm originally from Upstate New York, Graduated from Norwich University in Vermont and now living near Tucson AZ - Multiple times retired. . . . Been from one end of Massachusetts to the other.
  8. Yeah - I pooched one of the Ejection Seat Triangles from the Scat XXVII decal sheet, just a wee bit overly aggressive after setting solution was applied. So . . . Sigh - I'm hoping someone may have this kit and used an aftermarket decal set instead of the kit decals and can bail me at least one of the red ejection seat triangles (if not all four). These are unique in that they are red with the White Ejection Seat inside the triangle and Danger in black outside the triangle. Please reply or PM me and I'll be happy to work up an exchange or payment. Rip VW
  9. Actually - All I really need is the Red Letter A (Decal 12). I photographed 58-0306 at Bangor in July 1974 and the "A Flight" red letter is on both left and right main landing gear doors. Unfortunately, the sheet only has one A and I need two in order to correctly complete my F-101B build. Many thanks to anyone that can help - Again, I don't need the entire sheet - only the Red letter A. Rip -
  10. Actually had to go back and check my original input. Since I really suck at typing - I normally prepare inputs in MS Word first then paste the item up after spell and content check. My only guess is that Shane's input is the most likely cause for -m-a-r-u- being censored . . . . . (Let's see what happens now). For Byron - Pudgy IV markings are from Super Scale sheet 48-415, released sometime around 1993. Be aware that the aircraft is incorrectly identified as a P-38L. It is in fact a P-38J based upon the timing of aircraft transitions for Major McGuire at 22 victories in his biography and photographic evidence contained on page 317, Appendix E of Possum, Clover & Hades (Schiffer Military History, 1993) captioned "Full view of PUDGY IV with 22 victories in Biak". Note that the left wing does not have the leading edge landing light which is a distinction between J and L model P-38s. In fact, on Page 318 of the same book is an excellent photo of Pudgy V clearly showing the leading edge landing light, a hallmark of the J Model Lightning. (I hope this long-winded explanation is helpful.) And . . . . I think I Finally found a way to really down-size the photos - I just hope you can see them!
  11. Many thanks guys - However, I completed PPM over the summer with the decals provided by ReccePhreak. I was also working on McGuire's Pudgy IV at the same time - both are now complete - photos attached (I hope). No fooling - these two project kits were started in 1995 and banked for 20 years - what a difference in product availability and references for us modeler's in the past 20 years - Enjoy the photos!! - Rip VW - (Well . . . . I would have attached a few photos of the completed models but the 0.1MB restriction prevents me from down sizing the photos small enough to add to this post, Anyway . . Thanks again guys!)
  12. Wow - that was a 2013 release and from what I see on the decal set above - they got the majority of the markings right for both PPM3 and PPM5. Thanks Larry!! I started the Jt-2 kit in 1994 and completed the majority of the assemblies by1995. Then for a various number of "Life" reasons, it sat in an uncompleted state for over two decades. I started it back up over Christmas 2016 (I'm recently retired - now I have time) and was completely unaware of the limited edition kit in 2013. My father was at Tacloban and remembers Colonel MacDonald as well as Putt Putt ****. Although dad arrived at the 475th a week after McGuire was killed - he remembered seeing Pudgy V sitting out at the end of the airfield all by itself. I wish he had a camera back then - the photos he could have gotten would have been awesome. I've completed detailed photographic studies of each of McGuire's and MacDonald's aircraft with the biggest problem being that most of the photos were taken with Orthochromatic film - greatly distorting the colors and resulting in many mis-interpretations of the markings on those aircraft over the intervening years. The biggest sniggle I see with this sheet is that PPM5 actually had olive drab anti-glare panels with only the black side panels ahead of the cockpit with outlines in yellow. So much for the verbose reply - do you happen to have this kit available - or even just part of the decal sheet? The model is complete - with the exception of the Putt Putt **** decal for the right side of the nose. (I even noted that Hasegawa got the bare-metal propeller tip color right (Decal 74) - they were red and not yellow after they stripped the front faces of PPM5's blades! Anyway - I guess it's back to e-bay as I suspect you do not have this kit in your stash. Many thanks for highlighting this one for me!! - Rip -
  13. I'm looking for the "Putt Putt ****" decal from the Hasegawa 1/48th Scale P-38L, "Geronimo II" Kit Number Jt-2 (circa 1993). The kit only has one however, photos of the actual aircraft shows the same marking on both sides of the aircraft. I have several other decal sheets with PPM - however, the Hasegawa kit markings are correct for the version of PPM I have completed - just need to get the same markings on the right side . . . Thanks to anyone that is able to assist! Willing to pay for shipping, trade other decal sheets (go fish) or send detail photos of P-38s in exchange. Rip VW
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