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    I love air shows! I love to take photos of the aircraft on static display and to watch the featured performers. I try to attend the air shows and open houses at Ellsworth AFB, SD so i can see the B-1B "BONE" in action and up close.<br /><br />I use to build models but due to work commitments and home projects I have put it on hold.
  1. All the money that was spent to transfer from F-16's to F-15's and get the pilots and crews ready is wasted on 4 ugly trash hauling C-27's. Very disappointed. :) Joel
  2. Saw a B-One loitering over Billings today. Nice to see and hear! Never came down for any touch and goes though. Joel
  3. Picked up a Revell 144 scale C-17 at Hobby Lobby. Joel
  4. Yesterday I saw a UH-60. Later I saw a B-52 fly over the airport here. Finally I saw a T-2 Buckeye fly in and land. Aren't the T-2's retired or am I thinking of some other Navy trainer? Joel
  5. The reason I ask if anyone else has pictures of the MT ANG "Deuces" is because I am looking for reference pics for my build. The ones I posted were taken by me. In the Wings of Fame Journal, Volume 17, I found one picture of a TF-102A with different markings. It also states in the journal that some units used "tactical code letters". The MT ANG used an "alpha-numeric system" that they used on their F-89's. I just want to make a correct representation of the Deuce that they flew. Not sure if there was more than one way to portray the MT ANG Deuces. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Joel
  6. Here are some pics of a F-102 on sticks for the Montana ANG. These are in Great Falls at Lions Park. * By the way, does anyone else have any pictures of the Montana ANG 102's????? Joel
  7. Just a shout out to Stuart Rubin for his sale of a F-102 to me. The sale went well. Thanks Stu. Joel
  8. I got my 72nd B-1 decals from Twobobs and a 48th Monogram F-102. I wish someone would do up some ANG decals for the F-102, specifically the MT ANG. Joel
  9. Ken, Again, you have put out another outstanding display. Nice...very nice. I enjoy all of your work (photos and models). Thanks for sharing. Joel
  10. Nice build Vladimir. I am currenly working on one. So far it is a quick fun build. Thanks for posting your pics. Joel
  11. Look good Bill. Thanks for sharing. Joel
  12. Julien, I love it! :D I think I have those decals in my stash somewhere. I hope to get back to building models in near future. Thanks for sharing. Joel
  13. I like the looks of that. Joel
  14. If it is Phoenix in 2010 I might try and make my first Nats. Joel
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