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  1. Mostly buildability. Problem areas, and secondly will it require aftermarket or does it build into an accurate kit out of the box
  2. Ok I have figured out which 1/48 Flanker I am purchasing (1/48 Kinetic SU-33), but I also am looking at the Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-29A. Even on here I am finding a lack of reviews for this kit. Has anyone built one, what are your opinions? Thank you in advance!
  3. The SU-33 Sounds Fine to me. BY the reviews found it looks awesome
  4. Thank you, The Hobby boss followed by kinetic sounds perfect. Thank you all!
  5. I am looking to start a Flanker build, torn between the Kinetic SU-33 and Kittyhawk SU-35, love the look of both. Based on those who have built one or both, I am looking for opinions on which kit provides an accurate and fun build. I am making a return to the hobby after a 6 year hiatus. Thank you for any advice.
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