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  1. Hi This year is the first year that Panserfest is arranged at Trandum in Norway. This is will hopefully be a yearly show of modern and historic military vehicles of all types, incl. some modern from the Norwegian Army. You can see almost 500 photos on ModellNorge.no in high rez. Panserfest 2015 photos Enjoy Kjell Arne
  2. Hi You can watch over 240 photos from Norwegian Skala 2013 held during the weekend March 9-10th. Skala 2013 photos Kjell Arne
  3. Forgot that I have 22 photos of ZK-Z as it is today in the galleries: ZK-Z today
  4. Since the MustHave! F-86K Sabre now are available here in Norway, I have uploaded almost 30 photos of Norwegian F-86K's. You can view by clicking here I also made an album on "DigitalMuesum" which is a web site where you can search the collection of many Norwegian museums. Here you can see 67 photos of Norwegian F-86K's including photo of "Ludvig", probably the fastest crow in the world!, the mascot to 339 Sq. who got a supersonic ride in an F-86K click her to watch.
  5. If you look at this official web page you'll see the logo text, not the same as on the plane, but the text is the same. http://mil.no/organisation/news/currentaffairs/Pages/NMA-100-years.aspx Here is also a video from the C-130:
  6. Here are some more photos: http://forum.flyprat.no/showthread.php?t=103463 http://forum.flyprat.no/showthread.php?t=103450 http://forum.flyprat.no/showthread.php?t=103480
  7. Only one I have, dos not seem to be that many photos of 305.
  8. Hello I have uploaded 20 unique color scans from slides of the "Handover" of the C-130H to RNoAF 335 sq in 1969. This took place at Gardermoen air station. Photos at this link: C-130H gallery Sorry, no information on people in the photos. If you know any of the, please let me know.
  9. In September 1999 issue of AirForces Monthly there is an story named "Norwegian Vipers Reborn". In this story, there are several photos of F-16AM No.297 (with the "Check Six" flag markings on its tail) with Penguin missile. So there are at least one F-16AM that have flown with Penguin missiles, but if they work or not, I don't know. I have heard/read that the MLU upgrade did not contain software for penguin missiles. Probably to expensive for Norway to have this in the MLU software package, since Norway is the only one using this missile of the MLU upgraders.
  10. It was Army and Navy before they where joined into Air Force in 1944.
  11. Scanned some photos I took in 1984 from the air show celebrating the 40th anniversary for the Norwegian Air Force at Gardermoen air station. Not that many "good" photos, but it was also my first time taking pics of aircraft in the air Also the first, and only time I've seen a B-17 in the air! Enjoy! RNoAF 40 years gallery
  12. The Norwegian 335 sq. celebrated 60 years today, Saturday August 26th with open station and airshow. Among Norwegian aircraft, there where on display 2 from USAF, 1 from France and 1 from Hellenic AF. Flying was 3 Norwegian F-16AM, 1 C-130, 1 P-3C, 1 Falcon 20B, and some vintage aircraft. You can see over 400 photos in 12 albums on ModellNorge.no Hope you will enjoy them
  13. I also think they are Norwegian, and one of them is 285
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