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  1. Hi John, I do have this set (see picture). Email me off-list at c177guy (at) comcast (dot) net and we can work out the details. Rod.
  2. Hi John, I might be able to help you out. Let me look through my decal library. Rod.
  3. Another round up for sale. Models shipped from New Hampshire, ZIP 03079. Will ship worldwide. Email me through here or directly at c177guy (at) comcast (dot) net AVIATION AND MILITARY – ALL ARE 1/48 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED Manufacturer Type Price $USD Notes Accurate Miniatures B25B Mitchell Doolittle Raider 60 Sealed insid
  4. Blue Angels A4 Skyhawk and Revell (Monogram) OS2U Kingfisher sold.
  5. The Venom just sold but I have the rest. Contact me off list at c177guy (at) comcast (dot) net to work out the details, your ZIP, etc. List updated. Thanks, Rod.
  6. Bump. Removed sold kits and updated some prices (pics not current). Thanks to those who have purchased....Enjoy!
  7. I am thinning my collection as I have just too many kits for my available space and time. List being posted on several different websites. Shipping is from New Hampshire, USA, and will ship worldwide. Prices listed do not include postage. Email me at c177guy (at) comcast (dot) net. Paypal only. List is fully current, pictures may be outdated slightly as I am not always posting a new picture when items are sold. Open to reasonable offers. Thank you, Rod. (Note: FS = Factory Sealed, SI = Sealed Inside but box has been opened) AVIATION AND MILITARY – ALL ARE 1/4
  8. I have many more FB-111A decal sets than I have models . . . . But still, this set is on my wanted list!!
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