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  1. Hi Kursad, I am wondering if, since you were recently selling a 1/144 F-111 research kit, you may be considering designing a sheet or sheets for F-111s in this scale? The Revell/Arii F-111s are pretty nice, good shape and proportions. The current Academy F111 is a real piece of junk (I believe a repop of the Minicraft kit, which was a repop of the early 80's Revell kit) Thanks, Rod.
  2. Thanks for bringing this sheet to fruition, Kursad. Just ordered mine (plus some others!) Now, can't wait for 48204 'USAF Rescue Helicopters' to be produced. Rod.
  3. There's also zero availability on a 1/72 F101B as well. Often releases of decals are timed with releases of the underlying kit. Rod.
  4. Agree, the initial RDT+E F-111 series offers a good variety of schemes....Most in light gull gray over white, one or two in natural finish, and the FB-111A prototype. The NASA TACT/ATFI F-111s were interesting as well. PLUS, it would help to round out your series of F-111 decals. After all, you do make or have made decals for most US schemes the F-111 had. Rod.
  5. Love the gloss white over gull gray. Such a nice break from the ghost grays seen on just about everything.
  6. I love how a simple comment on a post produces such wonderful results. I've never seen many of these pictures before. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Maybe it was. I don't know. It was from an old Microscale sheet, and the Detail and Scale PBY Catalina book has a lone color picture of a similar bird labeled as an OA10.
  8. Thank you! It's actually the very old Revell Black Cat PBY-5A.
  9. I did an OA10 a while back and used Tamiya Intermediate Blue.
  10. I was fortunate enough to visit the museum a few years back. Excellent museum, very well curated. I choked up when I went inside thinking of all those heroes who fought for our freedom. Rod.
  11. Just got my 2nd Revell CH53 to make an Air Force HH53. Looking forward to making that bird in 1/48.
  12. Excellent work on this kit. I just picked one up myself, and am planning on using the GMM Hornet set. How did you paint the island, after all PE was installed? Paintbrush? I really can't see paint strokes, and I'd be afraid to mask off the island with all those details. Again, Excellent job on this kit! Rod.
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