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  1. Pacmin 1/100 Boeing C-17 Globemaster Desk Model. $175.00 Model is made out of wood, painted in AMC (Air Mobility Command) grey. It is in very good condition except that one nacelle has come off and needs to be reattached and repaired. A second nacelle has a crack at the support and also needs to be repaired. 21" wingspan, 19"+ fuselage. Decals are used for panel lines, and they are a little yellowed from age. I didn't want to try to clean them too much, as it could risk damaging them. You could always refinish the entire model and re-decal it, as there are no mark
  2. Thanks for clarifying, Andy. I wasn't thinking of USAF or RAF assets, but it all makes perfect sense. Rod.
  3. Just as the title reads: Why does the US Navy still paint the Hawkeye (and C-1 Trader) light gull gray, when the rest of the combat airwing is painted in the tactical paint scheme of darker grays? Wondering if it's because the Hawkeye is generally deployed far enough away from direct combat, that visibility isn't an issue? Rod.
  4. That's nice of you to split the shipping. Don't see that too often...It's either full shipping, or free shipping (but at a higher sales price). Rod.
  5. I tend to vacillate between 1/48 and 1/72 aircraft. I like consistency among my builds.....I won't display different scales in the same display shelf. Typically I'll build a bunch of 1/72, then get tired of the tedious bits, so I move to 1/48. But, as the display starts growing, I realize I am running out of space, so go back to 1/72. I do have a few 1/32 interspersed here and there, as well as smaller scales...1/100, 1/144, etc. Been working this way for years! Some would say it's a sickness!!! 🙂 Rod
  6. It is 20-B Deck Blue. Model Master used to make it, White Ensign/Colourcoats too. Chip below is from WEM. Rod
  7. I looked and I'm sorry, I don't have that set. I think I sold it when I started paring down my 1/48 decal stash. Best of luck in your search. Rod
  8. I might have an Experts Choice set in my decal stash. I will look. I know I have the Caracal set, but I want to do a Mass ANG bird someday. Rod.
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