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  1. I stumbled upon this post by accident, but am very interested in a 737-400. Looks like you are making progress. When is your anticipated rollout of these? Thanks, Rod.
  2. Yes, Kursad mentioned that in his opening post.
  3. In my opinion, the Jeep that came with this kit is junk.....Too toy-like, lousy wheels, simplified body, very little detail. The howitzer is pretty nice, but I've never kept the Jeeps. (I have 2 of these CH53's in my stash right now.) That said, if you do decide to add some USAF Jeep markings, I would keep them yellow to go with the USAF standard vehicle scheme of navy blue with yellow lettering. Just a thought. Rod.
  4. Yes, from what I've read Eagle Claw RH53's were stripped of all markings prior to the mission and repainted overall desert sand. Only a small 4" or 6" number appears below the pilots front window, next to the avionics access panel. It is visible in many photos online. Seems like any digit from any decal number sheet would work.....No great need to have that scheme designed.
  5. Knowing the worldwide situation and respecting the pressures many of us are under . . . I have to ask only if these have been shipped yet? Received my Paypal Shipping Details on 3/15, but no tracking number yet. Again, I know these are unusual times. Thanks, Rod.
  6. Which is why we keep coming back for more!!!
  7. That scheme is nice, but it's available already on the Italeri UH1N, and maybe even from another decal manufacturer.
  8. That's awesome! Thanks Whiskey!!
  9. Thanks Whiskey!!


  10. UH1N / HH1N NAS Lemoore. Early ships in Engine Gray, later in Dark Sea Blue. Rod. And, some photos from the movie "The Towering Inferno". I read somewhere this was a fictional paint scheme, with the white belly and tail. The tail almost looks to have a US Air Force "Rescue" black and gold band.
  11. I'm looking for the horizontal stabilizer/ tail to the old Monogram B-26 Invader kit. This is the 1960s kit with the nose gear molded in place, and the markings molded into the fuselage and wings. Also looking for the nose gear doors, drop tanks and any other spare parts to this kit. Will buy or trade. Thank you, Rod
  12. Well, isn't that interesting. Note the differences in the schemes on 15500 . . . . The ramps scene shows it with tip tanks, fuselage lightning stripe, shark mouth and aft MASS ANG markings. The book photos shows the plane a little differently. Thanks for clarifying!!
  13. That first plane, 15500, is an RF94. Yes, Logan was quite a different place back then!
  14. By any chance, will this sheet have markings for the Massachusetts ANG?
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