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  1. Is there any way for users to delete posts altogether? I have sold some stuff through the 'Buy and Sell' forum here, but I hate just leaving my old posts up, edited to read "Delete". Thanks in advance, Rod.
  3. 3/14/23 update: Removed sold, added a bunch of new ones.
  4. I was the guy with the listing......Had 2, both sold. Rod
  5. 3/3/23 update: Removed sold, added a few new ones.
  6. 2/28/23 update: Removed sold, added some new ones.
  7. PM sent Cancel that...Misread the number. I have the 1/48 version of this set.
  8. I just got one recently for a song, and bought the Caracal Decal set to dress it up. As CatBarf said, it looks like an RF84, and you're not a stickler for state-of-the-art kit engineering, you'll like it. I appreciate the low part count, and the simplicity of the kit. Rod
  9. If you have Microscale 72-119, early F-14A Tomcats, they have rudimentary tips on converting the Monogram F-14 to a more accurate Tomcat.
  10. May not specifically help, but I have a whole Monogram Panther I am trying to sell. Rod
  11. Nice to see some local (to me) folks on here. My earliest memories were also of Eric Fuchs in the Northshore Mall (Peabody, Mass.). I distinctly remember seeing the Wiking HO scale vehicle display, the detail of which was astonishing to me as my world was limited to Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars on my train layout. There used to be a shop in Lawrence Mass called Modelers Haven. I barely remember it, but I still have the secondhand building my dad bought me during a visit. Fun thread. Rod.
  12. I would love to see you produce "theme" sets, such as the CAG/CVW-8 Nimitz you reference. Microscale used to do special sets, such as aircraft of a certain CVW or squadron, but from different eras. Rod.
  13. They are still available. Email sent. Rod.
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