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  1. 1/9/2022 updated for new models added, other price reductions.
  2. Hi Don, Do you have all 3 parts (windscreen, forward canopy, aft canopy)? Might be worthy trying. PM me off list with price, shipping, etc. Thanks, Rod.
  3. Honestly, lets just go back to getting USPS money orders and sending payments via the mail. A long time ago when this "selling online" concept sounded really good, I knew someday the government would find a way to get their hands into it.
  4. That little discoloration on the starboard intake warning is from my camera, not the decals.
  5. Hi Gabe, Here's the sheet. I do note the whites have turned more of an off-white, typical for Hasegawa decals. PM me directly if interested and we can work out a price. Thanks, Rod.
  6. Wow, this is a really nice set. I'm queuing up to pre-order! Rod.
  7. OR if anybody knows of an aftermarket solution, I'd be most appreciative! I haven't been able to find anything aftermarket. Thanks, Rod.
  8. If you are looking for VF-2, tail code NE, USS Ranger, I think I have a whole sheet from the Hasegawa kit. Available to you if all else fails. Rod.
  9. Removed sold models. CH46 Pending at this time. Thanks guys!!
  10. What about using actual latex? I would try going to the local Home Depot or Lowe's, and buying a very small (8 oz??) jar of gloss white latex paint? Seems to me that might obscure the details enough (like Spraylat), but still level itself off as it cures. Rod.
  11. Another update, all kits $10 each, reasonable offers for multiple kits.
  12. Thanks Greg, I appreciate the feedback! Hope you enjoy the NASA kits! Rod.
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