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  1. 该项目早在2016年就已完成,已在Facebook上发布。 https://www.facebook.com/PereGrine76
  2. I am very sorry, maybe because I have less free time, I still feel that FB is more convenient,and I 'm not good at English, I am struggling to organize my language,so more time, I 'm a viewer.
  3. Thank you very much for your attention. This project was completed as early as 2016, because the pageview is too low, so it was posted on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/PereGrine76/media_set?set=a.444877472527866&type=3
  4. The air intake cone improve Add counterweight Nozzle to add adjustment ring and other details.
  5. The ejection seat comes from Eduard, and a joystick .
  6. I have only this resin I re-etched the dashboard,and made the film.....So I get a new dashboard,Looks reluctantly..... Assemble the resin cockpit,and coloring.
  7. At that time, there was no cockpit product for this kit, I only have a resin cockpit for KP's su-7, looks not very good, in addition to dashboard, su7 and su9 cockpit there are many similarities, so to transform. Cockpit photos are hard to find, as well as RedStar resin products 3D pictures, these are the only reference
  8. Thank you for your affirmation,but I'm sorry,my English is poor,so didn't understand your last sentence....
  9. At first, I tried to make a nozzle with a thin styrene sheet, but the above sliding structure made me very difficult. Is this pile of things...... I tried to make one, but the lack of Casting conditions, to make a lot of it is a very difficult thing But I can make PE,haha... So the nozzle was made with PE. The problem of the exhaust nozzle is solved
  10. I cut a piece of aluminum skin,make it flat and polished smooth. Fold along the line In order to make ripples, I used a styrene sheet and a copper bar to make a simple aids The finished ripple board, and the poor test pieces above. Additional rivet details. Stack them up Place it in the exhaust nozzle
  11. Thanks for the encouragement,I usually work very busy,so the update is slower, sorry... These are the exhaust nozzle parts provided in the kit,it is wrong,so I try to make it again. First make the inner ripple board, RedStar resin parts of the nozzle details are good, but the ripple density is not right, and I can't buy,so give up RedStar resin part.
  12. I made a template,used to re-create the line here. The details of the all-moving tailplane of the trumpeter are wrong In fact, the su-9 all-moving tailplane is exactly the same, rather than symmetrical, So the all-moving tailplane upper left corresponds to the lower right,and lower left corresponds to the upper right. Static discharger
  13. According to my study found that different periods of SU-9 in the details of some minor changes.In fact, in addition to the su-9U interception / trainer, the single-seat model su-9 is divided into early, medium and late production. The most obvious detail feature is the "wing in front of the root" on both sides. As the su-9 early and mid-term production continued T-3 the beginning of the design——left and right wing root installed two NR-30 30mm gun,so the "wing in front of the root" keep the hole in the gun and covered the round skin,and keep the body corresponding to the location of the
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