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  1. yes. for avoidance of doubt, "order placed" means payment received.
  2. either way, doesn't really matter to me now. good to see you are still kicking, Hoops!
  3. Rebell buys their sets from me, which were mastered by Hoops. looks like they may have just re-casted the casts that i sold them. not sure how i can enforce copyrights on those... but then again, each time you make a mold out of a previous cast and then recast it, you're gonna get about a 2-5% shrinkage. so for parts that are designed to fit closely, especially in 1/72, you might get some mis-fits and steps. we deliberately master our parts slightly oversize to take into account the shrinkage, but that still is no guarantee for success..
  4. apologies. i don't check my junk/spam folders at all.. the amount of spam delivered to your email is just amazing
  5. 11th June 2014: Notice of Temporary(maybe) Closure Guys, your support for drpepperresins has been great. Come to think of it, i've now operated this small business for almost 10 years! how time flies. during that 10 years, we had constantly resisted the "price increase" monster and tried our best to stick to our principle of delivering you cheap and good resin accessories for your models. This was even despite the local currency depreciating against the USD by almost 30% (started out around 1 USD: 1.8, now it's 1USD : 1.25) , thanks to Uncle Ben. in that same period, prices of postage also
  6. this is probably my first post in 200 days on this forum. please do shoot me an email again or a PM. i have been traveling a lot lately due to my work and not all the time i have had internet, and even less time at home to spend with the family or cast. that means that it takes about 3 to 5 days on average for reply from me. as you all know, each only has 24 hours a day and different priorities in life, especially with a one-man-operation that this is. service will be slower but i promise i will deliver (i hope all my customers are like me, who just buy off the web and keep it in storage for
  7. dude, it's FY10/11.. my first post was in april!
  8. Back to more releases: 1/32: Python IV Missiles, 8.99 per set of 2 AMRAAM AIM-120C Fins (Thin ones), 6.99 per set of 2 1/72: F-15 seamless intakes for hasegawa kits, 13.99 per set some upcoming releases: 1/72 sniper, BAE Hawk wheel wheels, F-111 wheels
  9. good idea, the static grass is "always with you, always with me"
  10. mine's in shipping and i plan to build it up once it gets here
  11. well, since we're all reviewing, drpepperresins has one-piece GBU-31V3 JDAMs mastered by Jared Hooper.
  12. looks like i >just< noticed something that has actually been going on for sometime. sorry all. move on.
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