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  1. I actually did both of those things. I think I just sprayed heavy too soon after the tack coat. Lessons learned.
  2. I use Alclad gloss black base as my base for their chrome. Generally it works quite well for me. This time I got an interesting phenomenom I am unfamilair with. I sprayed pretty heavily and while the gloss came out, it did create a channel in some of the parts/panel lines (see photos attached): The obvious spots are in the vent areas (lower portion of part, red color). My question is whether I can spray a light coat over these parts (there are... many) to fill in those gaps and ensure full chrome coverage? Or do I spray the chrome and deal with the tiny gaps as is
  3. Well a pretty major setback has struck: Whilst in the final stage of polishing my canopy with polishing compound, I applied too much pressure to the inside with my finger, causing a noticable split/crack right down the center of the whole rear section. Im gutted. It was so pretty and then I pull a bull in a china shop move like this. Question for the crew here.... Can I fill in the gap with this? Also, Eduard sent me the SU-27UB canopy masks, not the SU-33 one. So now... well... im not too sure where to go from here....
  4. Update: Intakes installed: Wings installed (sort of): One wing had a split section up front for some reason. So I had to fill it in with putty. Fixed: I have sanded/polished and futured the canopy and will post final pics of that tonight. Next steps are masking the canopy, installing it, and beginning the prshading process. Bit nervous about that, but I recently bought a Badger Krome that sprays Tamiya flat black really nicely. Just need to really refine my technique and air pressure
  5. Update: Cockpit is done and main fuselage assembled: Ref pic with foot pedals shown Display installed Cockpit tub in: Fuselage halves glued together and wings also glued together. Going with the flaps down for takeoff. Next up is installing the nose and horizontal stabs, and then preshading!
  6. The Coffey Malt is my #1 favorite all around, aside from the Fukano Sherry cask. Sorry for the tangent, but I love my whiskies.
  7. Tonight was less productive: I did get the intake sections built: I managed to get the seatbelts on there, man was that a pain. Still have the lower ones to install and a myriad of other PE bits. Really tough to work with in this scale. All my time was devoted to the PE so very little other progress was made.... Till next time.
  8. Spent a lot of time acquiring it. But now doc says I gotta go dry for 2 months! on the plus side, gonna get me one of these once i end the 2 months!
  9. Update: Began the PE process. First I cut off bits of the tub and scraped down the detail inside (not shown): Next I placed the PE bits in: Color does not match unfortunately. Not sure what I can do about this now..... Then the pedals were inserted (terribly difficult to bend and work with these): The display came out really nicely: I am now working on the HUD, ejector seat (adding seatbelts and armrests) and working on all other major detail bits in the cockpit. It is definitely already looking a whole lot b
  10. Question: Before gluing in my PE set into the cockpit, do I need to scrap down the existing buttons/ display monitors/guages to fit the PE in a realistic looking manner? Or should i just glue it directly on top of the features as the exist now?
  11. Should be as easy as attaching a small strip of string to the ejector seat and canopy interior. Good way to make my model a bit more detailed! Thanks!
  12. Yeah the heat staining is really tricky to do right. Easy to overdo them, but then its not realistic without them. I think I have a plan, but I will do that after i paint the rest of the plane. Let me know what your process is and we can swap strategies!
  13. I appreciate the interest and your advice! I'd love to see some of what you're doing with yours too! A lot of me wishes I went 1/48th scale. My shakey hands make small models.... difficult.
  14. I see! Thanks for the ref pic. I was combing google and couldnt find rear facing views of the cockpit. I plan to have canopy down, so maybe not worth scraping the raised bits off and repainting.
  15. Thanks for the heads up on that! For the rear of the tub, wont that section be covered up by that other bit i painted in flanker blue (not sure what its called, but it goes inside the cockpit under the glass)?
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