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  1. Update: The postshading came out really bad, at second glance, so I went back over it and covered it all up (on the top). Looks uneven, but not ridiculous like with the squiggly lines. Landing gear bay doors are complete as well Next is cockpit masking, nose painting, and curing.
  2. Update: Postshading Took my first stab at postshading today. Did not come out clean or orderly, but I am not concerned due to this F18 being a very dirty bird. Also have all the AMRAAMs white tips painted as well. Next: Curing, landing bays, and random bits.
  3. Update: Topside base coat is down: Note the blotchiness all over the top. This was done purposefully to add some weathering effect, like salty air eroding at the paint unevenly. It came out ok, but once I add the postshading effects, and addition weathering, I think it will end up looking at bit better at the end. Next: Postshading top and bottom, and additional weathering effect (maybe salt crystals). Landing gear bays, doors and the gear itself also need to be coated in White and LG Grey. Stay Tuned.....
  4. Zvezda SU-33 Yellow 13 build

    Update: Finally just about ready to lay down a topcoat and begin decaling. Fixed the mistakes with the wingtips and added the light grey bit on the rightside vertical stab (you'll see what I mean). Overall pretty decent, but there was, somehow, some paint bleed under the masking tape! And also some peeling from the masking tape on my precious CAMO! Beginning to feel like every step forward I take, another step back occurs. Likely going to just finish this build up as is and call the damaged bits "weathering". Not giving up, but really want to move past this guy and put it on display. It does still look really good overall, but the minor mess ups screw with my head. Next: touch ups and top coat, then decals. Stay Tuned....
  5. Update: Bird is primed and half painted: Primed in Alclad grey primer. Looks extremely close to if not identical to the Light Ghost Gray MM enamel I used on the bottom half. Light Ghost Gray MM Enamel: Coat came out pretty smooth and adhered well to the primer. 2 AIM-120s are done: 2 others are mostly finished (paint wise) but need a second coat as the acrylic MM I used was runny and the coat is uneven. Next: Topside of the airframe, Canopy masking and painting (gloss black), a second coat on the remaining missiles, landing gear, vertical stabs, and LG bay doors. Stay Tuned....
  6. Update: Puttying was complete, then I noticed that the nose was unsecured on the lower section, so it would come apart slightly and the putty had not properly adhered to the plastic, so I applied more putty, and cemented the inside of the LG bay to hold the nose on. Weapons (mostly) painted. Most won't be used, aside from 2 AIM-9x and 6-7 AIM-120s. LAUs in there for good measure. Will update with those pictures, as well as the bird fully primed and ready for paint.
  7. Update 1: Cockpit tub and displays are painted and in. Almost done with final assembly Fitment issues with the nose section, very uncharacteristic of these new tooling Academy snapfit kits So I used plastic cement to get it attached evenly, and slapped putty on to fill in the gap: Weapon Mounts! Decided to use the resin dual LAU launchers from Attack Squadron, and attach them to the pylon meant for the 500lb JDAM: And here it is after gluing the resin to the plastic pylon: Once dry, I will fill in the gaps with some putty and repaint all of it together in LG Grey. Next up: sanding the putty fix on the nose section, priming, and final prep for paint. Stay Tuned
  8. Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    Quick question so I don't have to start another thread. Do planes fly combat missions with fancy paintjobs like the Jolly Rogers below?
  9. Decided to go with Academy's new FA-18F Super Hornet (new tooling). Going to build this as an air to air specific interceptor with all air to air missiles (6-8 Aim-120C/D and 2x AIM-9X). Weapons spread will be 2x Sidewinders on wingtips, 2x AMRAAMS each on two underwing dual LAU 115 launchers, and two AMRAAMS on single LAU 127 launchers. May put another 2x AMRAAMS on additional single LAU 127s on each wing for 8 AMRAAMS total (less realistic build). Using the Hasegawa Weapons 5 kit for most of the AIM-120s and the LAUs. I do have the option of using the Attack Squadron ones I purchased, but I have a huge mess of CA glue to clean to make them look halfway decent. Also doing this SuperBug in Jolly Rogers livery as included on the box. Initial bits: Top and bottom connected with intakes (masked internally). Sensor Pod also attached. Wondering if I should use a razor saw to cut the Flaps apart for a bit of added realism. Turbines painted in a mix of Alclad Pale Burnt Metal and Steel. Exhaust bits also painted in Alclad Pale Burnt Metal and Steel mixed (not sure of ratio). Cockpit tub is painted in Dark Gull Gray as well as all the instrument panels and the inside of the upper airframe structure. All the LAUs, missiles and drop tanks are painted. 2 underwing tanks in Light Ghost Gray, underbelly in MM gloss black. Up Next: Cockpit tub detailing, installation, and completing assembly. Then primer, preshading, and base coat(s).
  10. F-15E Strike Eagle color issue

    Another quick query. How would I modify this kit (for future ref.) to have the flaps down. I have seen others do so with this kit, but do not want to cut into it without at least a little know how.
  11. 1/72 F-15E Seymour Johnson 333rd FS

    Thanks Falcon! And thanks again for your advise and help through the build. It is much appreciated!
  12. 1/72 F-15E Seymour Johnson 333rd FS

    Yeah a bit too wet. I am going to shoot a light layer of semi gloss over this. It shines unrealistically and will not photograph right! Thanks for the props. Feels good to be done and looks pretty good to boot.
  13. This is my first build. Had lots and lots of issues throughout the process, but finally was able to finish it and am pretty happy with the overall results! If you'd like the full backstory on the journey, check out the in progress thread: Enjoy!
  14. What did you just finish building?

    Just finished my 1/72 F-15E from Academy.
  15. Academy F15E Strike Eagle ( 333rd FS)

    It is done! I took some pics but they are a bit dark and have too much reflection. I will link to the display case thread once I get some decent pics in my photo tent done. But here is one for reference: