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  1. Will do, but now, with Photobucket not allowing 3rd party hosting, what do you recommend using? Also, I am using MM Enamels on this build. How long must i wait before painting over the curing(or fully cured) enamel paints. For example, the cokcpit. I sprayed my base color, dark gull gray, and want to handpaint the controls with a flat black, then some white/silver on buttons. How long must i wait do do this? Does the paint need to fully cure before I go over it with another enamel color? Or can I paint over it in say, 24 hours instead of 48?
  2. I have begun the build of the new tool Academy F-15E. Pretty easy to snap together thus far. I began by painting some of the internal bits, namely the air intakes, and cockpit. Will be putting the rest of the main body together tonight and tomorrow, then priming, preshading and painting the external and engine areas.
  3. So i just built a spray booth, with a vent fan and tube to send the fumes outside. i tested it a few days ago and it worked well when I was consciously shooting the paint towards the fan. Otherwise, it would fume up fairly bad. I wear a respirator as well, for added protection. I guess at $3 a bottle, trying both isn't such a cost prohibitive move. Thanks for the heads up on the true color. Any other tips on the Strike Eagle?
  4. Quick question on paints for an Academy F-15E new tool. I am thinking I will use Testors Gunship grey or their F15 grey. I know the gunship grey comes in Acrylic and enamel. I am fairly new to Airbrushing, but feel confident in my ability to thin paints properly. My question is, which should I use? I know enamel is harder and more durable, but takes longer to cure fully. I can wait, so that's no issue. Are there any massive advantages to using Acrylics in this scenario?
  5. Thanks for the tip Mark, I look forward to this build!
  6. Need some help identifying the right paints to do a Yellow 13 Replica. So far, I have identified some Tamiya Acrylics, namely XF3 Yellow, XF25/XF54 light/dark sea grey, and some others. But I want to make sure the dual grey camp scheme is distinct enough to make it pop. Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. Gunpla refers to a Japanese series about massive robot suits, popular during my childhood some 15 years ago. They are also a series of plastic/resin models as well. I have no issue starting with an F-16. Work my way up to the SU series. Would the Academy F15E Strike Eagle be a good starter kit? I would rather build one of those than an FA18.
  8. Anyone have an opinion on the Trumpeter Su33 in 1/72?
  9. Thanks for the welcome! I am mostly into Gunpla, being a childhood fan of the series(s). That said, my passion is aircraft. i am thinking due to limited shelf space, i am mostly interested in 1/72 scale. I am given to understand that the Hasegawa SU-35 is around a foot long, and thats pretty much the limit of my space currently.
  10. Hi all, New to scale aircraft modelling, but not modelling overall. Want to get a couple kits and wonder if y'all have suggestions on good kits. i really like the SU-27 family, and also the 5th gen. American fighters. Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated!
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