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  1. You do understand that "being manufactured in the UK" makes the issue "UK-source specific", regardless of other nations regulations that may also cause problems, right? Please, post the very sound evidence related to aviation safety that ounces of bottled enamel paint have resulted in an aircraft catching fire in flight and crashing. They allow liters of ALCOHOL to be shipped via aircraft, yet even water-based acrylic paints are banned. If the aircraft is at risk from ounces of bottled enamel paint, then that aircraft likely has more serious issues that will already lead to the loss of the aircraft, paint notwithstanding. If it's that big a concern, design an insulated, solvent proof, fire retardant packing crate to carry paint.
  2. How is Vallejo compared to Tamiya or Gunze Sangyo acrylics?
  3. Problem is, sadly, Rust-Oleum will likely be phasing-out the Model Master line (they've already started this), so Alclad II has the opportunity to fill the void. Personally, I'd like to see more White Ensign paints marketed, but being manufactured in the UK results in bureaucratic challenges to shipping enamel paints that complicates and impedes availability. Alclad II at least has manufacturing in the US and a penchant for fidelity and quality.
  4. Hope this is an indication they'll be taking over the Model Master niche. http://imodeler.com/2015/11/product-news-alclad-ii/
  5. From the other side (some NSFW English/Russian subtitiles, have NO idea on the spoken Arabic):
  6. Did any of the bushings, bearings, or seals give up the ghost? Is the valve/flow adjust assembly in proper position and order? Also, how do you tend to clean your airbrush; did a chunk of old paint get lodged somewhere it shouldn't?
  7. Depending on the vintage of the cement and the seal of the cap, it may have vented-off enough of a volatile component to cause issues. Historically speaking, though, I've found the joins created by tube glue became brittle over time, which is why use some form of liquid weld.
  8. Funky Chinese Fullback: http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/image-emerges-of-what-could-be-a-chinese-knock-off-of-r-1739214469 Dig those crazy canards.
  9. Probably the best example of Scandinavian PWNAGE I've run across to date: http://imgur.com/gallery/SVBcRi0
  10. Jar Jar Binks -- The Truth Revealed: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWars/comments/3qvj6w/theory_jar_jar_binks_was_a_trained_force_user/
  11. Too bad Lucas gave up the rights, he really could have edited this in (it also spins back to Trigger's post regarding drama-queen Anakin):
  12. Anybody been following since the Russians parked the Moskva off the Syrian coast? http://www.businessinsider.com/it-looks-like-russian-warships-may-be-shutting-out-israels-air-force-access-to-syria-2015-10 And is the Moskva out there alone, or is it part of a larger battle group including what ships?
  13. I'm having New Zealand flashbacks.
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