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  1. Thanks John, that really helped! JP, It would be awesome if your friend makes and extra copy for yours truly. I'll pay whatever if necessary. Also more pictures are welcome. Thank you P.S. I'll be open a new thread on the "on progress" forum with some pictures of my work. Thanx Rick
  2. Almost forgot, does anyone knows the FS numbers for all this colors? thank ya all
  3. Fellas, where can i get decals for this bird? http://www.airliners.net/open.file/0607109/M/
  4. Geeeezz! so I guess it would be a royal pain to make it on 1/32, I wanted convert the trumpeteer 1/32 into a Navy bird, now I am having second thoughts, lol. Would see, I might just go ahead and do it. Thanks for the links fellas, save me hours of research. I'll keep ya updated if i descided to go with it. rick
  5. Fellas: Whats the difference between the two, I know about the canards. Actually the question would be, how much of work would it take to modify a "b' model kit to a "k" navy model?
  6. F16CJ all the way, best kit ever, had a blast building mine www.freewebs.com/qsscaleshop/ rick
  7. Hi: My name is Jose R Quimbiulco, or "Q", I had the great honor to serve in Kandahar with the "flying boys" in camp Samek. We started the kandahar club at the Air Force Camp, but not sure if everyone on base got the word. I am really happy to hear that now the project has grown not only with the US forces but also with the allies serving there. It is great to hear stories of supporters, and also for those who don't. We are about to deploy again to the sand box and it would bring some joy to my heart to go back and do time at Kandahar, at least now I have something to look forward to. To all t
  8. Those ribets look awesome, how did you do that? Thanks rick
  9. More updates on the seat.... This sucker is almost done!
  10. MORE UPDATE FELLAS!!! Let the pictures speak for themselves.... scratch made seat you can read more about it HERE
  11. Interesting, but your picture tells it right there!, now I am 100% sure. Also since you know all this good stuff, could you tell me the big difference between the c2, and c7? seem from the outside they both look the same. Thank you
  12. Such an interesting subject.... The kfir is such an interesting aircraft, very few is know about it. So I guess I should go with the MK-6 seat, or did the Ecuadorian Air Force upgraded to the MK-10 model? I guess that is the question? When I was 12 I had the chance to seat in the cockpit of the very same airplane I am modeling, and I don't recall the looks of the Mk-6. But then I was 12 :D Thank you anyways, you are all awesome, mandrake you seen to know your s^&*(& very well Rick
  13. Fellas... really quick question... what's the specific ejection seat for the Kfir c2? I have several reports, the MK-6, MK-4? please advise Rick
  14. Thanks for the help fellas.... I am not sure whats the biggest difference, but I am going to go with the basic MK-6. Thank you all Rick
  15. Already been there bro no luck..... they name it, but there is no pictures...... I wonder if the c2 uses the same as the c1? that would make my life a lot easier rick
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