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  1. Habu2 (and all) You guys are simply amazing.. taking the time to answer newbie questions like this.. I am sure I joined the right forum!! Thank you very much Habu2 for the information and the time you took to gather it.. It will help me greatly! Daj
  2. I have a total of 4 cabinets.. all the same.. and all full :( :)
  3. I use Klingsbo from Ikea.. Cannot hold 1/48 bombers but fine for 1/72 bombers and 1/48 fighters
  4. Don Thank you very much for your time, the photos will help greatly and will simplify the process.. Daj
  5. Thank you Winnie, I did look at the web site you provided and I guess personal preferences will play a major role in the painting of this model, or in depth web research to have the color scheme as accurate as possible. In any event, 100% accuracy is definitely not what I am looking for, somewhat accurate is more of my liking.. Thank you again
  6. Hi all, brand new user here and at 60 years old and forced retirement around the corner, I want to get back in the hobby. I got the Academy Minicraft B-29A Enola Gay and I am utterly confused by the paint numbers on the instruction sheet. I have looked at some of the paint conversion web sites but without much help.. Can someone guide me in the right direction on coverting paint numbers to Tamiya or other well known paint manufacturers? Thank you very much..
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